J is for Jenn…

no image available…

Oops… I am very late for a very important J date!!  =)

well… since it runs all week technically… I think I am ok, right?  =)

sorry folks…

busy week!  (ugh)  

The Alphabet Letter Challenge ~ featuring the Letter J.

ain’t she pretty?!!  She brings me JOY!

It doesn’t look like it was raining in this picture…

the sun poked out for a minute in the midst of a rainy cloudy day…

Can you find the J??  =)

anyway… I love my new umbrella …

so does Abby…

I will probably let her keep it!  =)

Java ~

Sweet yummy Java!

Oh how I love my morning Java!

Just a little excited!!  =)

Just Jack!

have you seen that Will and Grace episode?

SO funny!



I love playing cards with just about anyone who will play with me!!

Lucky Me my little girl loves playing cards with her mommy!!!  =)

oh speaking of Jacks….

Did you ever notice there is a one eyed Jack

and the two eyed Jacks?  =)

he plays with the Queen of Hearts.

even though he knows it isn’t really smart.

(sorry… feeling Sassy)

J is for Jonah…

he tried to run from the Lord.

God had plans for Jonah…

and sometimes when we are stubborn…

we end up in the belly of a whale ourselves…

ya know?   =)

I love these Story Bibles we found for our littles…

I will have to do a post on them one day soon…

They are Fabulous!

only we have outgrown them I think.

*sigh*  =)

Speaking of the Bible…

Sometimes my life feels a LOT like Job’s life ~

full of hard stuff man.

aka Charlie Brown.

You know… Murphy’s Law-ish.

Take heart…

I also  have Joy!!  =)

Joy is a gift… we have to choose to take it…

and we can have it … in the midst of anything!

Don’t get me wrong…

usually I um … react to my circumstances first…

that part is not usually very pretty!!  =)

then I stop and breathe… and I take in the things I know about God… how much He loves me… that He has a plan for my life… I remember the things God is doing or has done… I remember His Words and His Truth… then I start to feel that peace and understanding take over… and then I can grasp the Joy.   the Joy in the midst.  the Joy of knowing.  the Joy of believing.  the Joy of Trusting.  the Joy of  being loved.  the Joy of loving.  the Joy I am blessed with.  It is IN those  simple things that allow my Joy to take over.  it is a beautiful thing.

J is for Joy.  Joy that comes from the Lord.  Joy that comes from the loved ones we are blessed with.  Joy is a beautiful thing!

Do you find Joy even in the midst?   =)

Hope You Find Joy in Mysterious places this  week!



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