A Blustery Week =)

Washington receives its fair share of  blustery days in November.

our week started off with strong winds

leaving behind a flurry of fall leaves and branches


Huge branches were fallin off our Evergreen trees.

this branch has yet to be removed a few days later

maybe Sammy and I will venture out tomorrow

and find a new home for it!??

smaller deciduous trees were snapping like twigs in the gusts.

all over our Capital City.

I found many trees like this little one.

Over the years

We have lost some beautiful OLD trees

Heart breaking.

I love trees.


and we had a wee Earthquake Monday morning?!!

no images for that one sorry!!

I even felt it…

and figured it was the wind rattling the house… HELLO?!

until my man called to set me straight!

ha ha!

He called and said

“did you feel the earth quake?!!”

and I was like this:

“um.. yeah… except I thought it was the wind”

smart.  S M R T .  thats me.

the wind was stirring up the leaves all over town.

It was the coolest thing to watch the leaves fluttering about…

dancing on the streets

and running in the grass…

blowing off rooftops and flipping around in the air

swirling about the town without a care in the world!

Free fallin in the Wind

I was aching to have a fabulous camera to capture the magical fun!

That picture of concrete above…

is a sad pathetic attempt at capturing the swirling leaves.  :0)

Really … it was So magical!

Tuesday night the dark clouds rolled in

and the next day heavy rain dumped from the dark sky

all day long

offering more magical fun!

Sammy and I had a blast driving through town on Wednesday (windsday)

we had a few places to go that day

and there were huge puddles across the roadways

All   Over    Town!!

So   Much   Fun!!

*ahem*  cough  *  cough *

yes I   WAS driving with my camera in my hand!!

look what else I was able to capture at 20 miles an hour!!

that is the splash from inside my car …

at 20 miles an hour…

I swear!!

looking over the right side of the hood… lol!!

Seriously WET day!!

Blissfully fun!!

Next time I am going to plant myself in front of a huge huge puddle on the road way and wait for the cars to drive by… in a wet suit… with a water proof camera… a HUGE umbrella… and a boat!!   =)

It has been a wild and wooly week here in the Capital City of Washington…

Today I think I will stay indoors…

and maybe attempt to drink WAY too much coffee and bake.

while schoolin my boy of course!!

I don’t really have to be anywhere today.   love those days!!

it is a good day to listen to the rain, ponder life, bake, drink coffee and hope I don’t loose power whilst baking me some Moist Pumpkin Bread and chocolate cookies with peanut butter chips!  and Pecan Scones!!  YUM.

baking is science right?

Saturday we are supposed to have more Heavy rains.

Praying that there will not be any serious flooding!

A few years ago November rains caused serious flooding

devastating  families in a smaller town near by…

we helped clean up a couple houses in the aftermath…

at Christmas time.

it was heart wrenching!!

Praying that our November rains do not repeat recent history …

and that it will remain harmless blissful fun!!  😉

Have you splashed in any puddles lately?!

Satisfyingly Fun!!!

Seize the Day ~ put on your boots and enjoy the rain!!



Today I am joining in on another photography Linky called Foto Friday hosted by Ann Marie ~ Hi Ann! ~ a linky I found on my blog friend Dina’s Blog! I am enjoying playing along with a few photography linkys… =) If you are interested or curious about this one… Click on the link below!

Happy Friday!

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15 Responses | Add your Own

  • 1 Cindy yazmış:

    Wow you have had some crazy weather!
    We get quite windy here too. But I actually don’t mind the wind (within reason) and I love an afternoon filled with good swirling leaves!!
    Enjoy the day,

  • 2 Lori@ Teacher Turned Mommy yazmış:

    wow crazy weather. hope today is a bit calmer in the weather department for you

  • 3 He & Me + 3 yazmış:

    OmGosh such weather. Although…minus the earth quake…I would take your weather over snow and ice anyday. I hate driving in snow and ice. The other drivers are crazy. LOL
    Stay safe in all that wind. 🙂

  • 4 Dina @ 4 Lettre Words yazmış:

    Wow! It’s been crazy over there.

    Hope you guys have a fabulous (and calm) weekend!

  • 5 Kristy Life n Reflection Photography yazmış:

    Wow, an earthquake! I haven’t felt one of those since grade school. I weather is up and down here too. It goes from freezing to 80 degrees!

  • 6 Laura yazmış:

    An earthquake!? Oh my gosh, that’s crazy! (Or maybe you had them before??) You definitely had some wild weather, glad you are all okay! Have a wonderful weekend girlie! 🙂

  • 7 Colleen yazmış:

    Visiting from Foto Friday.

    Washington weather is incredible especially in November. It takes an attitude like yours to make it through all those wet and windy days. I can’t wait to get back to the PNW next year. YAY!

    Love the pictures especially all the splashes. 🙂

  • 8 Life with Kaishon yazmış:

    I can hardly believe there was an earth quake this week. That is just pure craziness. I know what you mean about the rain. It was insane. It seemed like it would never end. I am so glad the sun came out again : ) and I am ultra glad it wasn’t snow! : ) Hope your weekend is magnificent.

  • 9 naomig yazmış:

    Yeah… you make it sound so fun. 🙂 Ha! I’m not by nature a rain loving girl, and living on the west side for most my life made me really really hate it… but this year is the first year where I have really enjoyed the couple of stormy days we’ve had here… I guess I’m a rainy day in moderation type of girl, haha! 🙂 Love your pictures, and it’s true, a great storm can be a lovely lovely thing.

  • 10 SarahinSC yazmış:

    You must be in Olympia (I catch on really quickly ;)! I would give anything to move back to WA! Even though I do love the SC weather, the beauty of WA is just the best. I’m one of the rare people that actually like rain and clouds. Here, I’m surrounded by sun and blue skies 97.3% of the time. Dang, I really should move back!

  • 11 Lisa@Advent's Adventures yazmış:

    HOLY MOLY! That’s a LOT of wind! “Windsday” your not kidding!

    Wind like that and Earth Quakes??? You guys okay up and over there? We have some cold days, a few windy days but normal winds and just a wee bit of snow in South Carolina. You want to come? There is plenty of room 🙂 and we would love to have “Yall”

    I am so sorry about your mother…this cancer thing is not for the weak no matter how you slice it! It STINKS and then some.

    Thank you for your beautiful comment! and by the way…LOVE the mop in your profile picture. That cracked me up!

  • 12 Adrienne yazmış:

    Oh WASHINGTON?! I am from Oregon!! 🙂 Thanks for stopping by my blog, sorry WA is having such turdy weather!! Glad the earthquake wasn’t worse!!

  • 13 Courtney Walsh yazmış:

    I have never been to the Pacific Northwest and I SOOO want to…but maybe when the skies are a little clearer! lol 🙂 Just kidding…I love a rainy day every now and then. You got some great shots!

  • 14 The Daily Wyatt yazmış:

    wow what crazy weather! (ps I am in utah thats where I took my pictures hehe…)

  • 15 Rosie@leavesnbloom yazmış:

    It must be such a weird and scary feeling having the ground shake beneath your feet like that.