A Cold Sunday

Hosted by Ashley over at Ramblings and Photos.

This Weeks Scavenger Hunt List:

1.  The View Above

2.  Something Hot

3.  Something Cold

4.  Electronic

5.  Sparkle

My broken camera was not very nice this week…

I wasn’t very happy with this weeks pics…

and then it snowed!the quality still isn’t great

but I was happy with the theme

and the art of my shots I guess!

I cheated and put in a couple for some of the categories!

Hope y’all don’t mind!

1.  The View Above

Let it snow ~ Let it snow ~ Let it snow!!

The first snow fall of 2010

just enough to play in by 5 pm!!

2.  Something Hot

hot pumpkin muffins ~

oh so delish!!

especially on a snowy day!


Hot Choco~latte  =)

3.  Something Cold

Today was Merlin first snow

since we didn’t get any last year


Cold Snow = Bliss

Don’t ya think?

Snow is so magical!

I love how Snow Lights Up a Child!!


the kids weren’t the only ones

feeling crazy blissfulin the COLD snow

Merlin was running around like a crazy mad dog!!

he would run around and

then stop to bark at me

I am 99.9 percent sure

he was telling me how much he loved it!!

4.  Electronic

I love love love that we can listen to music on our Television!

Christian Music, Country Music, Classic 80’s tunes…

Can y’all do that?

We can even listen to  Christmas Music!!

Of course they call it Sounds of the Season.

Good Grief !  ~   it IS Christmas Music!!



This is What we are going to be doing


I realize that the newest movie is already playing right now

but we like to see it when the crowd dies down

We have until this Friday to finish the first 6! =)

Last year before the Half Blood Prince was released

we had a Harry Potter marathon week

My hubby and I were …..um….

repeating spells and…. uh…

waving our imaginary magic wands for Months!

*cough* cough*

moving on

5.  Sparkle

What mamma doesn’t love this

the sparkle in her eyes

anticipating the steamy hot choco~latte

I made a candle light hot chocolate party

while they were out building Miss Frosty

Because everyone knows

you Have to drink hot chocolate

after you play in the snow!!

(or hot cider!!)

What lights up your eyes??  =)

Hope you find a little bliss in your week too!

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