Goin with the flow

Some days you just wake up and realize

you just hafta STOP

and go with the flow   =)

you have to change gears

cancel appointments

set down the dirty dishes

put away the broom

and the mop  (ha ha ha)

suit up

put your smile on


my kids usually DON’T do well

when “LIFE” gets in the way

and they have to switch gears

They don’t do well when they need to

“go with the flow”

Today was a different story!

I mean really who wouldn’t mind giving up school work

grocery shopping and the flu shot

for this!!




This thing is moving really fast !!

Wipe out!!

I’m sorry…


I was distracted!!  =)

didn’t mean to miss that wipe out!!

You ok sweetie??


go sled some more down the big hill…

Oh no…

another wipe out…

this time the visually challenged one

hit the neighbors dog!!  oops!!

nothing too serious!


I should be paying more attention!

and well I looked up from my camera

(this time shooting kids)

ok that sounded wrong…

and I realized

I need to make sure we were… um…

not throwing snow balls at other children


head sized snow balls

could take an eye out!

especially when the kid throwing them has a vision problem!!

Oh Sammy!  I love you honey!  =)

Luckily he was throwing them down the hill…

but still…

if a kid ran in front of him from the side…

I don’t even want to think about it!!  ha ha!

I paid a little more attention after that…


next time I guess I should leave my camera at home

but I wanted to play too!!!  =)

Its all good…

no injuries..

no serious wipeouts!

the dog walked away!

Mostly smiles!

Over all it was a

Blissful morning!

or um…

Blissful 1/2 hour?

After what seemed like no time at all

I looked at this face…

and his frozen toes…

his toes were spread apart from all the frozen

ice balls that formed inbetween them!!

I realized it was time to go home!!

Even though he was having fun too!!

Switch Gears guys…

the poor pooch is looking a little chilled!!

Hot chocolate anyone?!!

Gets em every time!!  =)

What is your weather like today?!

I am hoping I will be around later to wish y’all a Happy Thanksgiving!!

in between snow fun, wet clothes, house cleaning and Harry Potter movies!!

Hubby and I are gettin old… it is hard to stay up after the kids go to bed and watch an entire movie without falling asleep on the couch!!  We may not get through all the Harry movies before date night this Friday!  =)   *sigh*


Can I just take another  minute and say … I am Sorry to those of you who might have wanted to see how I cook my turkey bird!!  A month ago!!   I didn’t ever post the rest of the recipes for my turkey dinner…  from Canadian Thanksgiving in October!!   I know I said I would… forgive me??!

I have had a wild and wooly month of going with the flow!~

doctors, dentists, chiropractors, dogs, kids, school, weather!  =)

and I was distracted by a few photography blog challenges…

Photo fun!!  It is in my blood!  =)

Does anyone want me to try to post my Turkey dinner before Thanksgiving?!

uh… tomorrow?   =)

Enjoy your day ~

I really need to go clean!!

Seriously…NEED to clean!  Desperately!!


The end.


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