Memories, Dreams and Reflextions .. or something like that =)

A little photo walk through my year

inspired by



in my happy place with my little shadow

I love you

for ALL the little and Big things you do for me!!

well…okay… I love love laughing everyday with you too! =)

Still Laughing

about these little panthers asking for cigarettes

to go with their Pink Panther (and green panther) costumes!

I love listening to my babies giggle so much with each other!

Winter Wonderland

crazy snow doggy!


my baby turned 8 this year… how can that be?


are not always “real”  =)

I love love listening to my little man talk to his beloved Tiger!

I Was Inspired

to start this Fun Post Card Project LAST January *sigh*

by Family Fun Magazine…

if you see your State blank…

would you like to help us finish this fun home school geography project??!!  =)

Spring Fever

every year we hunt down spring blossoms

to take pictures of our littles in..

during our 2010 Spring Blossom photo shoot

my littles conquered their fear of climbing trees!!



they not only conquered their fear of climbing trees

they took tree climbing to a whole new level

on our vacation to The Redwood Forest!  =)

climbing on the former worlds tallest tree …

seriously… think about the height of those pics…

they are standing at least 15 feet off the ground in both pics!!

Way to conquer your fears little ones!

**proud mommy**

Summer Days

should always include sandy feet!

A Day In My Life

do you see Mr. MisChievous  sticking his tongue out at me…

enough said!

Don’t let that cuteness fool ya!!

All Smiles

after scoring 3 goals in one soccer game

proud little soccer player

proud coach/daddy… =)

Autumn Harvest


pumpkins are better left IN the field!

(sorry couldn’t resist!)

we laughed so hard…

I really could have used this one for still laughing…


I think this is the ONLY family photo we captured in 2010

by some random stranger


the little things in life

Every day is a beautiful NEW day!

Stop and Smell the roses!!

Let’s Do It Again

lets go fly a kite…

on the beach every Mothers Day…

it will break my heart when you are all grown up~!

this post is KILLING me!!  =)

I Miss You

oh no!!  seriously …

killing me!!

this sweet girl disappeared in April this year

broke my little girls heart

and mine…


no picture can every quite capture

the beauty of God’s creation

the real thing is always heart stopping …


Dress Up

just because

it is fun!



a little rain

is a beautiful thing

So much truth in that!

deep thoughts by Jenn.


must always include this

Frango Fudge

a new recipe I made this year





My Favorite

I am not sure why…. but…

I LOVE this photo of my little man SOOOO much

maybe it is because I think he looks like

Richie Cunningham

from the EARLY episodes of Happy Days??  =)

Don’t Ever Change

not the best picture

but they make me laugh

these littles of mine

wagging their bums at the ocean

singing neener neener…

and then running as the waves try to catch them!!

Just Because ~ So There!

who doesn’t love a good laugh!!

seriously… this sign was hanging outside a cafe

in Cannon Beach OR!!

We love Cannon Beach…

we visit a least 2 times a year!  =)

camping.  the cheap way to visit Cannon Beach!

Hopes and Dreams

that these little people continue to love one another

as much as they do now

for the rest of their lives!!


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he he

nerd. I know.

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