8/365 and a Sunday Scavenger Hunt

1. This is Me

with a treasured  friend from the 80’s

we missed a few years between the 80’s and now

but we are the same as we always were

natural friends

soon we will live close enough to see each other a lot more!!



This Is Me ~  Saturday  1/365

on New Years Day

just before midnight when I decided to do the 365 photo challenge

My first photo of 2011 featuring … My feet with shiny toes.  =)

don’t look too close

I did my own pedicure~

2.  Resolutions    ~    Sunday 2/365

what can I say?

Rather than setting resolutions

I am SeizingMyDays


How cool is that …

to find a little daily calendar

with the same idea as my blog!!


3.  Innocence   ~ Monday 3/365


I am innocent!

I have NEVER seen that brand new puzzle piece before.

are you sure it is a puzzle piece?


you can not take a sample of my saliva!

I would like to talk to my lawyer now.


(imagine the voice you hear on Alvin and the chipmunks)

naughty dog

4.  Treasured       ~ Tuesday    4/365

Time with God ~

not just in His House

but in His Beautiful Creation

the sun nearly finished rising at this point

too bad I didn’t get there 5 minutes earlier!



time with my little family

don’t they look excited about being in the freezing cold??

with the sun in their eyes!!

5.  Primitive   ~   Saturday     8/365

my husband is out trappin creatures these days

Can you get any more primitive?

I feel like we are in an episode of Little House on the Prairie!

he is optimistic that this primitive measure

will be successful

and save our yard

from the evil moles

it is getting ugly folks!!


the rest of my 8/365

Wednesday 5/365

a little mischief in the kitchen

Thursday 6/365

have I ever mentioned how hard it is to capture Merlin’s eyes?!!

with all that black fur around his eyes…

and poor indoor lighting

they are really hard to photograph!

therefore …. I love this pic!  =)

Friday 7/365

My little girl made this cheerful snow girl in 2nd grade

I love her!!

I mean seriously… Don’t ya LOVE her hair??!   =)

May your week be filled with Good Hair Days!!



ps  the church above is not the church I attend…

it is one of many lovely little white churches I see all the time

and I love it…

that morning we drove hubby to work

(he usually takes the bus)

there was a beautiful beautiful sunrise !!

so in a moving car I just kept clicking away

the entire drive to his work that morning was stunning!

I snapped away at quick stops at corners & lights

want another peek at the sunrise that day?

taken in a moving car… cool!!

I am still learning to play with my fancy little snap and shoot

do y’all know I traded my birthday pressie…the Nikon P100

for  a Cannon Power shoot SX210 IS

I was uncomfortable with the crazy zoom on it!!

anyway… the little Cannon captures some nice shots

but I have many things to learn about it!!


I rarely see the sunrise

usually only in winter

what can I say

NOT a morning person!

It was a lovely way to start our day!!  =)


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