Week 3 ~ January

Week 3 of 2011

(last week I posted 1 & 2 together) =)

Ashley Sisk’s Sunday Scavenger Hunt items for the week…

inspiring my choices for my 365 days as well!! Thanks Ashely!

1. Different View  2. Looking Up 3.  Abstract 4.  Hair and 5.  Half

Sunday Breakfast 9/365 Abstract ?

or you could call it Half

or even a different view

I certainly hope you can’t call this one Hair

I mean it could happen

but I am 99.9 % sure it did not


moving on…

Monday   10/365 A Different View

of the hill

on the beautiful road

that I travel each day

I love this road

I have traveled many many miles on this little road

up and down this hill

in my early 20’s…

when I was single

and now as a mommy

and a wife

I love how roads can trigger memories

do you find that?

funny how this road also represents life

traveling up and down the hill

up and down

up and down


Tuesday   11/365 Looking Up

at the beautiful  light shining

brightening the cold snowy dark night

Peaceful bliss

Wednesday 12/365 Half

half of Mr. McSneaky

Otherwise known as THE POSTER BOY…

half of my husband  =)

You can read all about Mr. McSneaky’s famous poster

on yesterday’s post

just scroll down after this one!!  =)

it is so FUNNY!!

Thursday 13/365 Hair

Thursday I told my little girl

it is TIME

Time to cut those beautiful golden locks

I tell her it will grow back

it always does   =)

Friday    14/365 A Different View

I am thinkin that was definitely a Different View

for that little birdie!!  =)

This picture is taken behind a window

up on my second floor

on a rainy day

behind wet glass

CRAZY how well it turned out!

oh… on maximum zoom!!!


Saturday   15/365 Half of a Window Display




Want to see the other half?

of the window that is…

more marshmallows

hundreds and hundreds of Marshmallows!!


each to his own.

It didn’t make me want to go in the store

but it DID make me laugh!!  =)

and I love love LOVE to laugh!


Jenn ~ The Poster Boy’s Wife

I am just going to milk that for a bout a week, k?!!

and the hosts of the 365 day project =)

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NapTime MomTog Project 365

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Just one photo a week on this one!! =)
Sorry I am late Trina!! =)

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