Something to do with the Moon?

I am feeling a little crazy today

I am not sure if it has something to do with the fact that

my hubby and I  have been burning the midnight oil

one too many nights!!

You see …

we have been staying up into the wee hours to watch

disc after disc after disc

of this hysterical tv series…

Have you ever seen it?!!

each disc has 5 episodes

2 seasons

5-6 discs each season

AFTER the kids went to bed by 8:30-9:00

40 minutes an episode

times 5

in 2 months?

you do the math!!

what is wrong with us?? =)


We LOVE to laugh…  and

We love the humor in this show!!

Simon Bakers character is SOO stinkin funny…

and he’s cute too…     =)    (sh…….)


all those STUPID late nights are starting to make US mental!!

maybe it has nothing to do with the late nights

maybe it is something to do with the full moon approaching

I love the moon….

hello moon.

Are you making me a little crazy?

actually it isn’t just me…

look at Sammy

reading like a little mad man…

he is reading one to two books a day?!!

where did this glorious change in him come from??!

mr. moon??

and why is my little girl sitting like this

when she plays video games?

she is going to wreck her knees!!

hello.  naughty moon?

seriously who sits like that???  =)

and what on earth has come over me

that I allowed video games to come into my house in the first place!!?


I am cooking lots o  green foods lately

and LOVING it…

slightly sauteed spinach and garlic in olive oil

maybe add some asparagus

and tossing it with rice pasta

fresh Parmesan  (oops dairy!)

a little lemon juice… YUM.

You see …

I am going gluten free

for a little while…

unless it works…

then it will be permanent!

I told ya…

the Moon is making me crazy!


my body has been a mess for far too long

I am at the point that I am crazy enough to try anything!!

Have any of you gone gluten free??

Do share!!

I feel Crazy I tell you…

It has to be the moon

hello beautiful.

Are you messing with my brain!?!

me giving up gluten and  most dairy products

and get this…

I am Cutting out the COFFEE


I can’t give it all up at once!!!

I might thank the moon later.

maybe.   =)

I’ll get back to you on that!

So what is a girl to do when she is functioning on very little caffeine…

no  gluten and no dairy products?


Yep.  Clean.

Drink lots and lots of water and clean!

See.  Crazy.

Why on earth do I want to clean??!

and never mind I paid an arm and a leg for those natural cleaners

what is wrong with me??

I thought they were on sale… forgot to check the receipt …

used em… now they are mine… for full price.. ouch.

speaking of soap

I like to put my dish soap in olive oil bottles

it is fun!!

it does come out slow…

I don’t mind…

I NEVER use too much now!!

ha ha!

only … I hope I never accidentally use it as olive oil…

b/c I have the same shape olive oil bottle!

and they are both yellow  =)

Maybe my cleaning frenzy has nothing to do with the moon

or me eating gluten free foods for 2 days straight

or the lack of sleep

maybe it has something to do with this

Can you see all that dust???

why did I let the dust get that bad on my dining room lights??


I noticed that dust in SEPTEMBER

while decorating for my little girls birthday

and LEFT it there…

until today…



Wrong on SO many levels!!

So my point is…

Moon or no moon…

Apparently ~

I am going to clean and purge my house in the next couple days..

and my body… of gluten, caffeine and dairy!

don’t feel too bad for me…

these are really quite yummy!

and gluten free!

I had to start with something sweet!!

I will explain my gluten free  madness in another post!

right now I need to put my gloves back on…

Maybe I should buy a pink feather duster

and a matching ruffly apron

and those purple gloves with zebra striped ruffles on the end

have you seen those in stores?!  Cute!!

and a zebra striped broom to match!

Cleaning would be colorful and fun… ( ha ha ha )

I think I need to buy  a shark steam mop too

I think that will make me WANT to mop every day….

*insert evil laugh**

Do any of you have one of those??!!

I want one … something fierce!!

I told ya… feeling a little crazy today!!

back to my gloves.

=)    Jenn~

Is the moon making you feel crazy today??  or is it just me?  =)

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  • 1 Lori@ Teacher Turned Mommy yazmış:

    gluten, dairy and caffeine free in one shot… you are better than me. I thought I was doing good counting calories.

    Enjoy the full moon, hope it doesn’t bring about major craziness for you

  • 2 blueviolet yazmış:

    Your daughter is making MY knees hurt! I’ll bet you I can match your dining room dust and raise it some!

  • 3 Julie yazmış: really are walking on the wild side…giving up gluten, dairy and caffeine all at once would put me in the grave!! You crack me up!! finished the Mentalist?! WOw…I’m impressed. Let me know if you find season three on the internet. I haven’t been able to find it!