2011 Week 4 & Sunday Scavenger Hunt

Hello folks.

It is week 4 of my A picture a day for a year in 2011~

since I failed last year… I am a girl on a mission this year!!  =)

anyway… my weeks pictures are also inspired by

Ashley Sisk’s Sunday Photo Scavenger Hunt List!

This week’s items are:  Memories, Silhouettes, Doorways, Reflections and Silver.

I decided to highlight the pictures inspired by Ashley in Blue

and the days of the week pics will be in black.

and a picture a week for 52 weeks is hosted by Trina will be Pink

Looking forward to bouncing around and seeing all your weekly pics!

Have a beautiful, Blessed day!

Sunday         16/365

Monday       17/365


the lovely silver baking tools I can’t live without

nice and clean after baking my first batch of Gluten Free Cookies

I have successfully gone one week with no gluten…

no tears.  no frustration.  only one “icky” meal.

I am attempting to go gluten free and mostly dairy free

for a while… I will explain in another post soon!

Tuesday        18/365

it all started with a couple of beautiful birds

I snapped this first shot through my sliding door with my snap and shoot.  nice.

and then a whole flock showed up

they were flying between our yard and the neighbors yard

every three minutes they would lift off together

so I grabbed my camera and went upstairs to my bedroom window

and managed to snap a blurry… but kinda cool shot of them in lift off!

from my bedroom window… zoomed into the neighbors back yard

with my little snap and shoot!!   kinda neat!

We also had a couple different woodpeckers show up

and a bunch of robins too…

Tuesday was apparently WILD animal day

later that night is when we went to see the Reptile Guy at Abby’s school!  =)

My last post was about Lucy… The Alligator and all her reptile friends.

Wednesday       19/365


Wednesday I took a fuzzy photo of this photo

in memory of my mama

whose 62nd birthday would have been this last Wednesday

I posted a little ditty on my blog remembering her that day.

She passed away not long after that picture was taken

10 years ago this coming March.

Sometimes memories are what you have left of someone special.  =)


Though Wednesday was a hard day

it was a lovely day of making new memories too

Sammy and I took a walk with Merlin b/c it was so beautiful out that day

I was snapping a picture of the shadow (er Silhouette) of that three

when Sammy broke into this Michael Jackson looking pose

playing with his shadow!!

**make a mommy’s heart sing** er giggle**

and Reflections

down by the bay…where the watermelons grow…

(name that tune)  ha ha

this is really what Sammy and I had come to see downtown

a little boy has to see exactly what a giant crane was doing ON the water  =)

we drove past it an hour before

and went back for a closer look

I was in awe at the beauty of its reflection on the water!

while Sammy was in awe of the JOB it was doing!

this is a closer shot … my favorite of the week I think!

I LOVE that little boat … it is 101 years old…

an Olympia Classic ~  Mr. Sandman bring me a dream…

oops… Just… The Sandman  =)

** OH **  and get this   **  these pics were taken with my PHONE!! =)

they turned out SO nice for phone pics!!

Thursday      20/365


I am not having much luck with macro with my new snap and shoot

in time… I am just beginning…

patience is not a strong character trait I possess!

Last year I took a ton of water macro shots with my Nikon

before I broke it

so I am playing with my cannon to see if it can measure up!

it did ok.  the  photographer has a learning curve maybe?  =)

Friday      21/365

Silver again =)

Sammy acquired this rocket ship

at a white elephant gift exchange with our bible study group

he has been dying to paint it sliver ever since

I finally remembered to pick up SILVER paint this week!

I love his facial expression in this pic!!  hysterical!

Speaking of facial expressions and hysteria …

this picture totally cracks me up!!

=)   Oh Merlin!!

Saturday   22/365


some doors you would just like to close forever

and forget they ever existed

Sheesh… anyone else HATE laundry????

hate hate hate it!!  =)

but these… these are the keys… well … the holder of the keys…

Macro again =)

the ones that drive you to the spa for a 60 minute massage

b/c your LOVELY friend Susan spoiled you on your 40th Birthday!!

A little tiny slice of bliss.

Speaking of bliss… My Pillow is calling!!

G’Night Everybody!

(well G’mornin by the time y’all read this!)

Blessings~    Jenn

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