Corn Meal Mush that is   =)

When you hear that you think

orphanage food right?

if you grew up in the 70’s you might think about

Shirley Temple eating mush

or in the 80’s?

Annie singing a song about the sun coming up right after she ate mush?


I love the stuff!!

It is like Tamale Pie only easier I think?!!

and it is gluten free.  Bonus!

I keep meaning to talk about that switch in my life!!

Maybe tomorrow.

today I want to show you my 15 minute dinner from last night!!

Corn Meal Mush!

Here is the finished product… yummy!

I can’t wait for lunch today… leftovers!  yummy!


Want to know how to make it?

Pull out the Corn meal box and read how to make the mush!

it takes 5 minutes.   (don’t start with it… just read it for now)

*chop veggies at this point ~  ahead of time too*   see below  =)

Then pull out ground turkey.

put it in a frying pan with olive oil, herbs and garlic…

fry it up…  about 8 minutes?

I used basil and oregano.

while that is frying

steam or fry up chopped veggies

any kind really ….here is what I had in my fridge

cauliflower, zucchini, garlic cloves… whole and carrots

I cried later b/c I found a pepper and onion under the spinach bag… *sigh*

saute them until they are kinda soft  but not too soft

then pull out any ole jar of spaghetti sauce

(I am new at the gluten free thing… but I think this sauce is GF?!!)

there was nothing suspicious on the label to indicate otherwise!  =)

my kids don’t do chunky…

slim pickins for NOT so chunky sauce these days!  =)

its ok… I like Ragu!

pour it over your ground turkey

don’t be shy … more than that!!

(oh ~I reserved 1/2 the turkey to freeze for another day.. our kids don’t eat much *sigh*)


Start boiling 2/3 of the water for the corn meal at this point

holding 1/3 of the water cold to stir in the cornmeal before it goes into the hot water…

trust me important step

or you will have lumpy cornmeal

Back to the turkey… stir it up and add the veggies

I love a good meat/veggie sauce… especially ground turkey!

you can use vegetarian “meat” too… Ground Round…

it is just as yummy!   =)  I use it sometimes!

Turn the meat down, cover and simmer while you make the corn meal.

2/3rds of your water should be boiling

pour the other 1/3 of the water over dry cornmeal

and stir it up before adding it to the boiling water

it keeps the cornmeal from going lumpy

works like a charm…if only I had REALLY read the box before last night…

all those years with lumpy cornmeal!!  *sigh*

I like mine a little thick…

and should have used a little less water…

it was too runny for my taste.

if your kids are picky eaters

you might want to boil pasta in the back there…


anyway… after it boils

turn it down

stir often…

it bubbles and when they pop they burn you

so really don’t stop stirring



in 5 minutes

YUMMY corn meal!

dish it onto your plate or bowl

put the meat sauce on it

add some feta and or fresh Parmesan

salt and pepper to taste


this is comfort food for me

Honestly I love it!

It is basically corn meal mush (direction on the box)

and a hearty meat sauce over the top!!

with cheese

MUST have cheese.

I love cheese.

I miss cheddar

I am ok. =)

this is what my kids meal looked like.

they complicate my life.

it is painful for my girl to have things touching

we are working on her

and the meat has no veggies … I pick through it for her…

PAINFUL I tell you… food sensory kids are painful


Little Rascals.   (also a 70’s thing)


it was delicious!!

even Nana was licking her lips!!

ha ha

no she did not get any

nor did Merlin!!

she was really just sitting there cleaning herself

and I happen to catch that… Last night after dinner…

too funny!

Don’t be Afraid of Mush… it is yummy!

even my sickly hubby ate it…and enjoyed it

after I woke him from this nap  at  5:30 pm

my “boys” spent the whole day like that…

and seriously… when my poor sick hubby wasn’t on the couch sleepin

he was outside checkin his mole traps…

3-4 weeks now

still no dead mole

hubby is turning into Chevy Chase in Caddy Shack…

even in his miserable state!!   LOL!!  =)

I should take pictures… the “bucket/trap” is moving ALL over the yard…

hysterical!!  =)

anyway… Moles have nothing to do with mush…

except maybe the Caddy Shack came out in the 70’s??  or 80’s??

Do tell…

Do you eat mush??  How do you fix it??

What is one of your favorite comfort foods??  =)

Hope y’all have a comfy day!!  =)

I am off to treat my sister to a “late” birthday latte!!  =)



9 Responses | Add your Own

  • 1 Lori@ Teacher Turned Mommy yazmış:

    I’ve never tried mush but the rest of the meal sounded really yummy

  • 2 naomig yazmış:

    I’ve had that before, it was surprisingly good, haha! 🙂 I went back for seconds, but I’ve never made it myself.

    A comfort food, one of my favorite things. Tonight I’m making chicken paprikash… that’s a childhood comfort food of mine. 🙂

  • 3 Genn yazmış:

    Looks pretty good!
    Hope your hubby is feeling better soon. Poor guy!
    Thanks for the nice comment today Jenn. And isn’t the saying so true? Carpe diem!

  • 4 Dina @ 4 Lettre Words yazmış:

    I’ve never had it, but that sauce really makes me want Italian right now. Pretty much any kinda pasta dish is comfort food to me. YUM!

    Hope hubby is feeling 100% very soon!

  • 5 Reading Allowed yazmış:

    Mmm that sounds really good and even better, really easy! I’ll have to give it a try.

  • 6 Becky @ Farmgirl Paints yazmış:

    i don’t eat mush. but i bet yours was good though. my favorite comfort food is probably mashed potatoes. your animals are soooo sweet:)

  • 7 Laura yazmış:

    I have never made corn meal anything, but that looks pretty good! (And I agree ANYTHING with cheese on it has to be good.) 🙂 You’re daughters bowl looks pretty much like mine used to (okay, it still does some days…I’m learning to eat new things with my kids) 🙂

  • 8 Julie yazmış:

    When I read the words CORN MEAL MUSH…I was immediatly beamed back to my childhood. We’d eat corn meal mush for breakfast with maple syrup. Hmm…I wonder if my kids would like now?? Now you got me wanting to try it again. I never would have considered eating it with the tomato sauce, though.

  • 9 hershey's moma yazmış:

    Yummy. I wish I had some. And I know all about the fixing pasta alongside the main meal as well as no food touching…
    Our dinner last night was pure comfort food for me. Russian Beef Stroganoff with mashed potatoes and green beans. Although I was *told* if it was really served Russian style I would have made noodles instead of mashed potatoes! Next time-