Do you naturally see the glass half full or half empty??

I am naturally a half empty kinda gal.
I hate that about myself.

always have.

I get tired of my own half empty attitude!!

So I work hard to keep my mind on the glass is half full side of life.
but it is hard work.
and Sometimes I get Tired of that. =)
Tired of Trying to keep my head in the half full space.
Trina’s theme for her 52 week photo challenge this week is tired.
I took a few sleepy pictures of Merlin (and my hubby as he was sick Sat-Wed)
but I just couldn’t bring myself to post another picture of Merlin.
(maybe it is because I am TIRED of his mischief!! =) Seriously ~ he got into our room and ripped open a cat food bag and proceeded to eat an obscene amount of cat food yesterday… after he ran off with one of the kids writing books, after he got into the TP because we left the bathroom door open… seriously dog you are killing me!!  I try to tell myself… it wasn’t his fault… we left the doors open… right? Somebody please tell me he will outgrow this stealing & chewing thing!!! anyone?? he is only 18 months… it just feels longer to me b/c we had Lewis before Merlin… ) anyway… NO tired pictures of that MUTT! not today. even though I AM tired of his mischief! =)

You are all probably tired of me posting Merlin pictures, right??   =)



I have been walking past this all week

dreading it

dreading going in there to help Sammy clean it


didn’t we just do this before Christmas??

My thoughts have been floating in the half empty glass…

“I am tired of cleaning that kids room”

“will he ever keep it clean??”

“one day he will be big enough to keep his room cleaner and I won’t have to…”

then it occurred to me…

A few times this week I have commented on some blog friends posts…

friends with little kids who are sharing how they know they will miss this time…

Sharing that they know their babies/toddlers will grow up so fast…

I was quick to comment and agree with them…

affirming that time playing with their babies/toddlers  is so precious

because it WILL go SO FAST…

and then this morning it REALLY hit me



is an opportunity

an opportunity to spend one on one TIME with my little boy

sure he is not a baby anymore

nor is he a toddler

but I should NOT be weary or tired of having an opportunity to spend time with him

Time for him to freely chat away with me

to show me his creations and how his imagination is unfolding in his play

Time for him and I to have the chance to giggle together

Time when we are not doing school work

Time when we can Goof off a bit while we are cleaning

Time Together  =)   Just he and I…

I don’t want to feel tired and weary of helping my kids do things

because one day they won’t need my help

one day they won’t want my help

*sigh*    =)

When I am feeling Tired of the everyday grind… I need to remember this!!.

here is a quote from my favorite little devotional book first published in 1904 =)

“Nothing is small or great in God’s sight;  whatever He wills, becomes great to us, however seemingly trifling, and if once the voice of conscience tells us that He requires anything of us, we have no right to measure its importance.  On the other hand, whatever He would not have us do, however important we may think it, is as nought to us.  how do you know what you may lose by neglecting this duty, which you think so trifling, or the blessing which is faithful performance may bring?  Be sure that if you do your very best in that which is laid upon you Daily, you will not be left without sufficient help when some weightier occasion arises.  Give Yourself to Him, Trust Him, Fix Your eye upon Him, Listen to His voice, and then go on bravely and cheerfully.”

Jean Nicolas Grou

it is written in old English style writing… when I first starting reading this devotional…. I had to read everything 2 or 3 times to make sure I was understanding it!!  =)

anyway… this quote is for January 24.   I read it today.

b/c I do that.  I read a few days at a time and catch up.  =)

It stirred my heart to remember to cherish those every day things I “get to do” with my littles… shaping their hearts and minds while we spend time together… offering them the chances to enjoy the daily things in life with love and support.   Offering them time to talk to me.  offering them myself!   God gave me an awesome job of raising little people … in His likeness… the same likeness  I must not be weary of surrendering myself to either…  even in the daily grind!  =)

Today I am grateful for this little Big reminder:

I shall not grow weary or tired of the precious TIME with my littles…

no matter what we are doing!   =)

Seize My Day right?!!

(*sheesh how do I forget that so easily??)



if you are interested in a fun 52 week photo challenge for 2011…

click here to join in and find out more!!  =)

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