It’s a Flower Rummy Day…

Someone has been home sick today
I am not naming any names

you can decide on your own why I posted this picture

of my little girl (no names)

she may or may not have woken up at 5 something AM


and coughing

and coughing

and her little cheeks were warm enough

for me to keep her home with me for the day


She is drinking Lots of Hot Tang and Reading because she LOVES reading,

She is laying around and Resting on the couch and

we may or may not have played many many rounds

of one of our favorite little games

this is not the kind of card game you can find just anywhere

it is a special little game  =)

We found ours when Abby was about 5 years old (5 yrs ago)

in our favorite place in the PNW

Cannon Beach, Oregon!

There is a sweet little Gift & Pottery Shop called The Potters Clay    (I think!?)

anyway… we bought it there.

It is a wonderful game!

The box says for 3 and up…

you can use it as a memory game or Rummy.   =)

There are 2 of Every card.

A to Z

Each Letter is a Flower Name.

With Beautiful Illustrations!

Most are common flower names like Zinnia for Z.

or Tulip for T.   Honeysuckle for H.

Daffodil for D.

Though I have never heard of the flower Jack-in-the-pulpit  =)

or the flower Ranunculus.   nor have I heard of Xanthium flowers either.

So as a bonus … Your little girl will learn 26 flowers names!

knowledge she may or may not use

later in life when she plants her own flower garden!

you never know?!   =)

I am assuming not many boys will be interested in this game!

(no worries keep reading… there is a link for boy friendly card games)

For Flower Rummy ~ Each Player is dealt 7  cards.

Oh ~ they are BIG cards too.

you start with a classic draw pile and a discard pile.

It is played just like regular Rummy.  Gin Rummy.  Long hand Rummy.

its Rummy.    ABC Flower Rummy.

So the object is to get pairs and/or runs of three or more

like this

It is played just like Rummy.  Rules are in the box.

Easy Sneezy, Lemony Squeezy!!

each turn you draw and you play pairs as shown

or runs like A, B, C   or  X, Y, Z….

OH… and there is a wild card!

a Garden Gnome of course!!

each card has little fairies on them too!

Abby LOVED fairies when she was little

I loved the fairy phase

so sweet and magical!

Remember this post about Fairy Books I wrote?  =)


the Gnome can be used in place of any letter

in this case a Y.

We even used it as a G today!!  =)

keep drawing, playing and discarding until someone discards their last card.

who ever has the most cards down wins that hand.

The box says your child :

Plus they will Learn Lovely Flower Names

each card has a Sweet Fairy to find

if the child is little they begin by learning letters

then learn the matching game and later work into Rummy!  =)

hm… I might even use them as inspiration for the kids to draw or paint flowers!!

not copying exactly… just for inspiration!!!   =)

You can find this Wonderful little card game on the eeBoo Corporation Website!

and if you don’t have a little girl to buy for

don’t worry ~

they have many other fun card games and toys to choose from for boys!

This is not a game I will ever LET my little girl out grow!!  ha  ha

er… well…   I will keep these cards forever and ever!  =)

Abby can have them one day if she gives birth to a little girl..

WAY WAY WAY in the future

b/c my brain just CAN’T go there.

I can’t believe I even said that out loud!

nope. not going there.

My little girl is home sick and wants to snuggle

and play cards with her mama!

Right where I want to keep her forever!

the snuggle and play cards part anyway!  =)

I was going to write My post about jars today.

Maybe tomorrow I will get more blog time.

For now I must make some more Hot Tang, snuggle and play cards.

snicker snicker


The Flower Rummy Mama

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