Them, Those … the ones that I Love!

Inspired by

All for Love Photo Challenge :  Loved Deeply

hosted by Jeanne Oliver and Courtney Walsh


Trina’s 52 week Photo challenge :   Sleep

Let me tell you folks…

I LOVE my children deeply …

especially when they are sleeping deeply!  snicker snicker…

and They sleep on my bedroom floor

when I let them watch a Percy Jackson movie the night before

safe and cozy near the mommy and daddy!!  =)

I would not recommend Percy Jackson for littles…

Medusa about gave me nightmares!!!  =)

oops ….These loves of mine …they weren’t sleeping so deeply..

I think my Loves told me to Go away!

they tried to go back to sleep

but mama begged for a sleepy pose


they love me enough to give me one

or they were just too sleepy to care

Be still my heart I love these little peeps!

I love that they still  sleep with their blankies

and the sea of stuffed animals that they love deeply!  =)

My littles get SOOOOOOOOOO attached to their stuffed animals

like they were REAL or something!!!

I Can’t Handle the thought of my little boy NOT snuggling or talking to his Tiger!!

or my sweet girl not snuggling with her white bear that she has loved since birth!!

These sweet little peeps entered the depths of my heart

from the moment they entered my world

Be Still My heart!!

I love how smart, sweet, funny and loving these little off spring of mine are

I could never have imagined the love that fills a mommy’s heart

and … Oh how they make me laugh

when I should probably be crying or screaming…

Little Monster face!!

this was 2 days ago!!

Drawing on is face at age 8?!!  seriously?!    =)

My heart is full!!

Can you hear my heart beating?  =)

It all started with this guy…

don’t let him fool ya

he is not rockin out

he is probably listening to the news on his android phone

Yep… This funny guy  stole my heart first

He’s My man… I like to call him The Poster Boy now…

b/c  my silly husband was being a goof at work…

and landed himself on a POSTER… printed for reals…

A poster promoting Safety for Washington State Transportation workers…

He not only stops my heart …

he makes me laugh so hard it hurts!!

The only thing greater than the love of my sweet little family

is A Loving God who granted me these amazing peeps in my life~

what more does a girl need?

(which makes me wonder …why do I whine so much?!! ha ha)

Oh right…

You love them deeply as well…

They fill your heart too… just like your real babies…

however….sometimes they are  a pain in your… *cough* cough*  tooshie!

Oh Merlin how I love thee … let me count thy ways…

MERLIN!!!!    why?  why do I love you?!!  =)

ha ha… Another Blessing that fill my heart!!


It is still early in the day… feel free to Join in one of these photography challenges!

I love photography challenges ~ they encourage me to capture more of my day!!

and hopefully build my photography skills along the way!

Hope your Weekend is filled with Love and Sleep!!


The Poster Boy’s Wife

All For Love:  Loved Deeply

and Courtney Walsh!!

52 Weeks: Sleep

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