Jenn’s Sunday Post

Ashley’s Sunday Scavenger Hunt Items for the week were:

Inspiration from Page 25 in a magazine, Water, Quote, Window and Activity

Sunday    30/365 Page 25 in a Magazine (source of inspiration)

I am curious to see what inspiration y’all found on Page 25…

I figured this one would be easy

um… Not so much!

Page 25 had mostly prescription ads …

you know the kind where they use 2-3 pages telling you the risks…

there was ONE  magazine with a bra ad on page 25 … uh… no thanks!

I couldn’t believe it… magazine after magazine… it was so funny!!

I give up!!  … so I am counting this one…

Page 24  Family Fun magazine… features a craft we will  do soon! =)

I even thought… well fine… I will look in the Pioneer Woman Cooks cookbook

maybe it will be Inspiration for something I can cook for dinner this week

uh… NOT so much!!

The Above picture is what I found on Page 25 of the The Pioneer Woman Cooks cookbook…

in case you were wondering  =)

I took a photo of her photo on page 25… b/c well… it was funny that even her cookbook

did not offer me inspiration for cooking …

what is it with page 25?    =)

Monday      31/365 Quote

I had good intentions of photographing a favorite quote or bible verse

but come Monday morning… This made me laugh out loud!

and It really does have some truth in it!!

It reminds me of a quote I say to my kids ALL the time

Suck it up Buttercup!  =) ( Let it go…  Be Happy… Don’t sweat the small stuff!)

Tuesday     32/365 Window

Or in this case a classic Vase in a Window painting

my sister painted  it in 1985 … her senior year of high school

she went to throw it away in 1989 ….my se1nior year of high school

I rescued it … and  I have been carrying it around with me ever since

it is funky… I like it…

I had Many many roommates over the years….

They… um… well… grew to like it… I think…

My sister is probably horrified I am showing her painting!!

I really do have a weird attachment to it!!

it has been displayed in my homes for 20 plus years   =)

it is currently acting as a DOG gate to keep Merlin out of Abby’s room

when I realized it was the perfect fit for the door jam

the same door jam we have tried many baby gates  on… that didn’t seem to work right

I was very pleased the canvas fit… and it actually keeps Merlin OUT!!

Inspired by the idea of Functional Art in our doorways like that

I went in search of 30 inch canvases…. for the kids to paint as gates for their doors!

I could only find one 30 inch canvas “gallery style”  … for $50 bucks!!

*sheesh*  I think that project will have to wait for a little while!!

unless my friend Amazon comes through for me!?  =)

Wednesday        33/365

A Coke and a smile  anyone?

I drove past this delivery truck add

with the old glass coke bottles on it

I love soda pop in a glass bottle!!

Thursday        34/365 Water

I think clouds are 98 percent water??

aren’t they??  =)

Thursday we had this amazing sky of clouds

AMAZING  clouds

They looked even more Amazing as edited clouds

with the click of the “I’m Feeling Lucky” button in Picasa

it turns my pictures into this

it looks like a painting doesn’t it?  =)

Friday       36/365

I admit it…

I like this picture of carrots for some reason

I cooked carrots… and reserved them in a bowl

while I prepared a pot roast on Friday night

Pioneer Woman style ~ modified ~ it was SSSoooooooo Yummy!

always a huge hit with the Whole family!!

Roasts were half off this week… $6.00  for the $12 roast!!

I think I will go back and get a few for my freezer!

Saturday  37/365 Activity

Sew Fun!!   =)

Just a little sewing project I started Saturday ~ yesterday that is!!  =)

Can’t wait to finish it Sunday after church …

it is the first time I have sewed something like this…

and it is turning out Beautifully!!

It is a baby bag tote an overnight tote for Abby!!

She is excited to use it!!

Alright… speaking of church… Gotta run!

See you all later this afternoon… when I am NOT watching the Superbowl!!

Are you watching??   =)


Mrs. Unsporty  =)

Hope y’all have a lovely day!



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