lake monster art

for Abby’s class that is…

I am a home school mama and a public school mama

I home school my little man with really low vision….

he gets more personal attention that way!!  =)

but my little girl is in public school.

This crazy arrangement works for us … right now  =)

SO… Every year I spend a few hours each week in Abby’s class.

This year Abby’s teacher has me helping with art (and correcting papers!)

Once a month or so I create an art project and help teach it…yikes!

February’s art was supposed to be focused on speculated creatures…

I went with Lake Monsters… The Loch Ness Monster!!  =)

Here is the Lake Monster Art inspiration I found on the internet…

gotta love the internet… and give it full credit!

The above pictures are illustrators, authors and / or from blogs…

I did not make any of the above art on my own!  =)

I was asked to create an art project involving said speculated creatures

I went with watercolor as suggested by Abby’s teacher…

I used my inspiration pictures from above and started drawing…

this Loch Ness monster made me laugh!!

the artist was from a link I found on google images…??

The Loch Ness dude is kinda cool… looks like he has a sense of humor!

mischievous like Merlin, no??  =)

I changed the lake monster a bit as I drew him…

giving him a different look…

that is legal art, right??

This character I found …illustrated by James Mayhew

is more on the cute friendly side…

James Mayhew is an author/illustrator from The United Kingdom.

He has written and illustrated many wonderful books for children

One of his many wonderful  books is about a little girl named Katie

who goes on adventures in the art displayed in an art gallery

Katie happens to meet the Loch Ness Monster on one of her adventures =)

James Mayhew’s illustration of the Loch Ness was Perfect!!

Cute and Friendly!!  I was thrilled to stumble upon his work!

After investigating James Mayhew’s books a bit further

I discovered we even owned one of his books when the kids were smaller…

Who Wants A Dragon?

(image from amazon)

Sammy really liked that story when he was younger!!

I wonder what happened to it??  =)

I think my kiddos will enjoy the Katie books…

the age level might be a bit young for them?

but I think they will enjoy them anyway…. no…  I am sure they will!!

I believe the Katie series are for ages 4-8.

We plan to check out his books here in our library!


Back to lake monster art

I made this guy as an example of how to start simple…

I painted it and then gave the kids ideas how to add simple details (in pencil)

All of my drawings & paintings are me practicing

so I can inspire the kids and give them tips when they do theirs!!

with that in mind….

I also  made a viking ship for background scenes

it is NOT my best work

please don’t laugh!  =)

alright… fine… laugh!!

my inspiration came from a book about Scotland by Richard Brassey.

Great little book about Scotland!!  for kids or adults!!  =)

His illustrator had a great picture of the Loch Ness with Viking ships.

I need a little LOT more practice with ships and vikings!!  ha ha

I can swallow my pride for the kids

it is worth it….if it encourages them to draw a viking and or a ship!!

I am SURE the kids ships and vikings will be better than mine!!

Now I am really going to gulp my pride…

don’t laugh!!

I can’t even believe I am going to show you this one

because …well…. I don’t like it…

Sammy LOVED it…

Hoping it will provide some inspiration to the kids in Abby’s class!!

This one may inspire those who are overwhelmed painting the whole scene…

my clouds and water did NOT turn out… *ugh* not happy with it…  =)

moving on…

This one is Abby’s Favorite

I drew & painted the lake monster (inspired by James Mayhew’s books)

and then cut her out…  its a girl… can’t you tell!

I drew & painted the background separately

I pasted my girl lake monster onto it

again… giving the kids another option for creating a whole scene

I personally don’t find water color easy to work with AT.ALL.

maybe piecing together will help kids who struggle with watercolor like I do!

This one was the last one I painted…

it ended up being my favorite…

the inspiration for this one was from a blog…

but I can not find it again?!!

the gal said she was dreaming about the the Loch Ness and needed to paint it out of her head!!  =)  it is on my inspiration poster in my first photo… the one in the far right corner… the castle came out of my own head (don’t laugh!) =)

I was going to trace all the watercolors with black marker as well

to pop the art

I like that look.

but I chickened out in the end.

fear of ruining my fabulous kid art (ha ha ha)  =)

I was scheduled to take all this “practice” art into Abby’s class last week

and help the kids create their own Lake Monster Art…

It snowed.   School was canceled.  Mom volunteer art was canceled!

The next few weeks are busy.  Science Fair.  Plays.  Conferences. etc.etc.

Not sure Abby’s class will end up doing the art project…    bummer!

or if I will make it in the day they manage to squeeze it in!

If my play with Lake Monster Art doesn’t get to inspire Abby’s class…

maybe it will inspire you to do Loch Ness Monster art with your kiddos!??

Maybe I should have gone with a Leprechaun!!??  =)

Naomi… that is all the art  I have today!!   =)

Next I plan on painting a  Chicken!!

to inspire myself to stop being such a chicken with my art!  =)

The sun is trying to shine today…

the snow is melting…

Apparently that makes this chicken want to cluck!

=)  Jenn~

What is making you cluck today?!!

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