Just another picture perfect Sunday

Sunday = a day of rest  58/365

snicker snicker

it was the only picture I took last Sunday!

sorry honey!  ha ha!  =)

Monday  Book    59/365

My little man read in front of an audience

for the first time Ever!!

**proud mommy**

Sammy read the part of  Saturn…

from the play in that BOOK the teacher his holding behind him!

I made a large print copy for him to read from…

and he still held it really close to his face!!

Its ok…  for his first part in a  play… he did a GREAT job!   =)

Tuesday ~   60/365

Merlin Cracks me up

he looks like a statue!

I think he knew where we were headed…

so he was sitting extra straight

to get a better view of the lake

(where everyone walks their dogs!!)  =)

Wednesday~ Fill in the blank  61/365

When I think about how the weed

is (growing) in the Grass

I just have to hope for Spring to arrive!

Weeds + silky flowers =   SPRING!!

I will take it!

even if we do still have REMINDERS

of Winter in our front lawn!

Thursday  ~ Reminders  62/365

Double reminders.

1.  Snow on the ground = winter is still lurking

2.  Fresh Mole hills in the Front and Back =  Evil critter destroying our lawn!!

I swear we have about 50 plus holes from that darn critter

it is turning my husband into Elmer Fudd…

“kill the wabbit, kill the wabbit”…

never mind our yard is looking awful as a result..

and it is creating sink holes everywhere…


Stupid Moles!!!!


Friday   63/365

was a very very busy day…it was a  no school day… filled with doctors, grocery shopping,  play dates, girl scout booth sales in the rain!!  and a sleepover … this is the only picture I took Friday… and my subjects were not cooperating at 10:30 pm… I needed one picture for the day!  Notice the little hand puppet … she was shaking her head “no”… that would be my little girl… funny thing is … her daddy and I used to use the hand puppet with each other … ha ha… not sure Abby ever saw the hand puppets… it was before her time…  genetics??  =)

Saturday ~  Diptych ~ sort of??? =)

This was my view outside my kitchen window tonight

I ran outside and took two shots.. within seconds of each other…

funny how the colors picked up so differently!!??

I saw this lovely sky when I was making a delicious soup

I call it “A Taste of Italy” … ha ha… just kidding…

but it IS  my take on 

A Taste of Italy!     64/365

I have been dying to make this Italian Sausage Zucchini soup

I made it once or twice a VERY long time ago

but my recipe was tomato based…

I can’t do tomatoes anymore…

I also love the Tuscan Soup at Olive Garden…

(not sure what they call it exactly… but it is Tuscan like… =)… )

so I combined the two ideas… and created this soup today!!

It was Amazing!!  I will share the recipe tomorrow …

Pioneer Woman Style… with step by step pictures… its how I roll too!!  =)

It is very late… I must say Good Night…

Good Night!



Hope you have a lovely Sunday!!


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