I am SO Spaced Out

OK… that came out wrong…

but it brought back high school memories…

not that I want those memories flooding back into my

somewhat well adjusted adult head… =)

for those of you who were teens in the 80’s…

did we use that term a lot or is it just in my imagination??

Dude, I am totally spaced out… (he he)  yes?  no?


Sammy and I have been working on a little Space Unit…

and I am SO spaced out!



over it!

I am done reading books and facts  about The Solar System

and the planets… all 9 of them!!  =)

we have covered some great materials

we have read and re-read the same facts about the planets

over and over and over again…

from many wonderful sources… Really…

I love these books… found them at Barnes and Nobel…

Love love!!  Chalk full of great science info. for different age levels…

we used 2-3 grade reading level.

these books go into so many science topics… I love them!

Sammy can read them by himself…

great illustrations, great facts and Sammy likes reading them… win win!!

but seriously folks…

I am Soooooooooooo Spaced OUT!

I don’t want to hear another joke word about gassy planets…

I am so done looking at these fabulous  little flash cards

and I am so done reading how many million miles away from the sun the planets are  =)

(who cares) …. KIDDING…. just kidding… (kinda)   Bwa ha ha ha ha

We have covered a lot of ground the last 2 months!!

Our Evan Moore Space Unit materials have been fabulous!

about the Sun and the moon, and the moon and the sun,

and the planets and their moons, and the asteroid belt in between,

and day and night, and night and day,

rotating and spinning, orbiting and traveling,

the stars and Mars, and…

I’m being followed by a moon shadow, moon shadow, moon shadow…

Aaaaah…. I think it has gone to my head!!

Calgon take me away!!

(yet another 80’s reference)

If you want to take a trip, climb aboard my rocket ship

zoom, zoom, zoom… we’re going to the moon…

(I sang that song to Sammy when he was a baby!)

oh… and don’t forget your space suit!!

This fun space suit/space station sticker poster came out of this book

that I found at Borders Books for like 3 bucks!!  =)

I gave it to Sammy for Christmas …

knowing we were going to do a Space Unit!

never mind we have a huge geography project to finish…

it will be useful for that too!!  =)

one of the first things Sammy did was the poster of course…

After reading a few pages in the Space section of the book

Sammy was inspired to make his own poster

all by himself …

he liked this picture of the solar system and wanted to make it himself

with some planet stickers we found for 50 cents at the dollar store (I know?)!

he used the leftover silver paint from his rocket ship

and went to town… or space that is…

proud little man   =)

I think he likes the whole space thing

Every time I turned around he was drawing space stuff

love love!

makes a home schoolin mama’s heart sing

to see her kids dive into school stuff in their “free time”   =)

he even read about Space in his spare time… =)

There were a few others from the library that I did not photograph!  =)

anyway… I am pretty sure that we turned over every stone …

or moonstone that we could get our hands on…

it was an exhausting exciting unit

We managed to work Science, reading, math, art, language arts, writing and spelling into…  gotta love a comprehensive unit, eh?!!  =)

even if it was exhausting for the teacher mama

at the end of the universe day…

we have a wall FULL of Space lessons, art, writing, etc. etc.

and one proud little man

who gained an amazing amount of  knowledge and an appreciation for the complex Solar System ,,,, God designed for us… to live in and to explore!!   Crazy …  crazy Giant Solar System … only God could have created it… ya know?!!   =)


if you are a home schoolin family

and you have yet to study space…

there are some fabulous materials out there!  =)

and it is amazing how comprehensive a unit like this can be!!

There is so much we did that I did not photograph…

or share… alas… what can I say?!

This Spaced out mama is blasting off…

10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2… 1.



I realize not all of my visitors are interested in home schoolin stuff…

I will come back to earth… just for you… simple… life… IN earth…

any guesses as to what plant is attempting to wake up for Spring?!!  =)

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