When Sparks Fly

Have you ever sparked one of these?

in your teeth?  =)

Many moons ago I learned this Science Experiment trick

It is fantastic entertainment for kids, teenagers, sleepovers, bible study groups, grown up dinner parties, family gatherings… you get the idea!

Here is what you need.

and Total DARKNESS!!  =)

oh… you only need ONE of those flavors…

but if you are calling it a Science Experiment

or a joke, test, mythbuster… etc etc… you want both!

You simply sit in the dark across from another person

and pop one of those babies in your mouth

and chomp away on it, in the dark, with your mouth OPEN!!  =)

it is hysterical!

Oh and the point is … little sparks light up in your mouth!!

I wish I could tell you the scientific method behind the sparks…

I will google it and get back to you!!  =)

The question is:

Which flavor sparks??

Pep O mint??

or Wint O Green??  =)

What is your guess?!!

if you know the answer for sure…

Please don’t mention that you do in my comments today…

please just pretend like you are guessing!!  =)

One of my children does NOT like mint  AT ALL…

so I bought him these So he would not feel left out!

Butter Rum…. YUM!!

They don’t spark… I bought them

because my mama used to carry them in her purse

and I have a weird attachment to the yummy childhood flavor

and because well… I like them

and my children like them

I really should carry them in my purse …

like my mama did

and give them to my littles

every time they beg me for them!

ha ha!

This is an important tradition

I should pass down through the generations!!


Who knew a simple little circle shaped candy could bring such JOY!?!!

What is your favorite Life Savor Flavor ??!

and Which Mint flavor do you think Sparks??

Wint o green or Pep O mint??

(shhh…. please don’t tell anyone facts… just guessing today!!)

Hope you find a joyful spark in your day!!



ps  this is probably NOT good for your teeth… and could even break your teeth I suppose??   so try this at your own risk … ok?!!  =)  I have never broken a tooth… but you never know?!!  =)  just sayin…  I have insecurities with dental issues… maybe it is the hundreds of visits I have endured??  =) **shudder**   =)

12 Responses | Add your Own

  • 1 blueviolet yazmış:

    I can’t believe I have never tried that. I think it’s Wintogreen, right?

    I always loved their butter rum flavor of Lifesavers!

  • 2 Kimberly yazmış:

    I haven’t a clue. Please let us know if/when you find out, k? 🙂

  • 3 Robyn yazmış:

    Thanks Jenn, now I have to go to the store… Ha! I looked up the answer, so won’t put in a vote. But now I really want to test it out. 🙂

  • 4 Dina @ 4 Lettre Words yazmış:

    I want to do this now…right now! So, so cool. Thanks, Jenn!

  • 5 Lori@ Teacher Turned Mommy yazmış:

    very cool might have to try it out. I too looked up the answer.

    This effect is called triboluminescence, which is similar to the electrical charge build-up that produces lightning, only much less grand. Triboluminescence is the emission of light resulting from something being smashed or torn. When you rip a piece of tape off the roll, it will produce a slight glow for the same reason.

    my favorite flavor life saver is cherry

  • 6 Jen yazmış:

    Hmmm…I would have to go with Pep O Mint?! I love the butter rum too…for some reason it also brings back memories of childhood. I used to love the multi-coloured packs of lifesavers. I think I’ll follow your tradition and carry some in my purse for those times I need the kids to suck on something and be QUIET!

  • 7 AJ Kreations yazmış:

    Looks like fun to try, but we don’t have them in Holland…

  • 8 hershey's moma yazmış:

    🙂 My children will LOVE this; you’re a great mom! My favorite flavor would be cherry. My kids haven’t grown up on lifesavers but starbursts/skittles. I think I may have to introduce them to lifesavers now.
    P.S. I know you have an eye for jars! The jars in my picture are my favorite coming from Almond Butter. (salsa was a good guess though!)

  • 9 AlyGatr yazmış:

    Wow, I always thought that was an urban legend! I never tried it and it’s been ages, but I think it’s the Wint-O-Green that does it. Butter Rum is still my favorite, followed closely by the pineapple flavored one in the muticolor roll. I’ll totally date myself, but I remember when I was little and the biggest thrill was getting a Lifesaver storybook in my stocking. They still make them but they aren’t the same. I don’t think they put all the flavors in like they used to.

  • 10 Aundrea yazmış:

    While I have never heard of the sparking, I will say that I had a major flashback to my childhood when you brought up Butter Rum!!! Yummy!! I will have to look for some next time I am out! I will certainly be buying both the peppermint and winter green to let my kids figure out which one sparks! I am really not worried about dental issues- all four of my kids have to have braces anyway. Lucky me.

  • 11 Julie yazmış:

    Hmmm..is it the wintergreen??? I really have no idea but I want to try it NOW!!! ANd butter rum….MY ALL TIME FAVORITE lifesaver!!!

  • 12 Pennie at Mom Thoughts yazmış:

    You need actual pics of chewing the life savers in the dark, with no flash, and the sparks going off…there’s your picture challenge!