Simple, Gluten Free and YUMMY!

If you visited my blog on March7th you might remember

the Creamy Taste of Italy  Soup I made

with these Trader Joe’s Sausages

the package did not say Gluten Free …

but there was nothing in the ingredients that lead me to believe otherwise!

anyway…I only used three of the four for my soup…

I had one left… what is a girl to do with one sausage you ask?

Make a yummy Chicken/Sausage Pasta Dish!!

First I cubed and cooked the organic chicken breast on medium

I am funny that way… I prefer organic meats…

but it doesn’t have to be organic!

when the chicken was nearly done

I added herbs and the sausages…

oregano, basil, sage, thyme… rosemary… what ever flips your skirt!

or Marilyn’s skirt… you know the red one?  never mind…

saute for a few more minutes

don’t forget to add LOTS of garlic!

that is a big spoon… don’t let it fool ya!!

yep still using the giant jar I bought after one too many moldy garlic cloves!!


next up veggies  and pasta

have your veggies cut and oiled and in the pan ready to turn on before you cook the chicken… it will make your life much easier!!  much.  much easier!

I used asparagus in my Italian Soup the night before… perfect!

half the bunch went into the soup and half into this pasta dish!

I also used Orange peppers and onion… tasty!

You could add any favorite veggies really…

OH…  and have a couple pots of boiling water handy too!  =)

Here is my stove top at this point!

I turned down the chicken/sausage… and really should have covered it…

but the veggies cook in less than 5 minutes!

OH… which means you should toss the pasta in the boiling water BEFORE you saute the veggies!  it will make your life easier.  much easier!  =)

I used Brown Rice Penne… this brand is my favorite gluten free brand SO far

when it comes to pasta that is!  =)

This rice pasta is less gooey …  no thick film in the water…

I like it.  so drain it and put it back in the pot.

then toss the veggies (oil and all) right on top the pasta

flip it around if you just can’t wait

looking good… not gooey… some rice pastas I have found gooey… (ick)

Next add the chicken (oil and all)

flip it, toss it… mix it up… the extra oil adds flavor/moisture to the pasta

The next step is the MOST critical step

You can’t live without it!!

Do not be caught without it… you will be sad… there will be regret!

Feta Cheese AND Fresh Parmesan Cheese

I only had Feta that day…

*sigh*   … SAD… tragic… awful…

I kid… it tasted lovely…


if you shop for this recipe… get the Fresh Parmesan… you won’t regret it!!

Your taste buds will thank you!  They will be happier.  Much Happier! =)

Toss it again, flip it … mix it … whatever…

This meal is delicious hot or cold… warm or not warm…

it is my new favorite pasta dish.  maybe.   I LOVE pasta!  =)


That whole process only took about 15 minutes TOPS!

well… if you don’t include the chopping time!

Want a cut and paste version?  =)

Yummy Gluten Free Pasta Dish

2-3  Chicken Breasts cubed

1-2 Sausages Gluten Free Trader Joes Spinach Flontina & garlic

1/2 Orange Pepper chopped

1/2  Onion or 1-2 Shallots chopped small

1/2 bunch asparagus washed & cut into 1 inch pieces

2-3 Tbsp Garlic chopped

1/4 cup Feta cheese

1/4 cup Fresh Parmesan Cheese

Herbs:  Oregano, Basil, Thyme, Rosemary, Sage … whatever… Italian herbs.

Brown Rice Pasta

Olive oil

Directions:   Saute Chicken on Medium until meat is white about 5 minutes….  Add trader joes sausage and saute another 3-5 minutes.   Be generous on the olive oil b/c you want some to marinate the pasta later.  Turn heat down and cover.    Boil Water for Pasta.  Put the pasta in the water and follow directions on the box.  (I gave my kids regular pasta so I had two pots!)    Saute the veggies for 5-7 minutes.   Drain your pasta.  Put the pasta back in the pot, add veggies & oil,  add chicken and oil, toss it… flip it … mix it up!   Serve.

Put Feta and Fresh Parmesan on top… toss it and eat!   Enjoy!

Serves 4-6.

I made this the day after my Creamy Taste of Italy Soup… so I saved the leftovers (not much)  and the 3rd day… I reheated the soup and the pasta dishes… poured the soup over the pasta and it added to the soup!   Both the soup and the pasta were accepted and enjoyed by at least one of my picky eaters!!  =)  and my hubby of course!  He eats anything! Really… he loved it!

We have eaten it 2-3 times since my gluten free adventure started 2 months ago!!  =)

We have some out of town family visiting this weekend…not sure I will manage to post again until Sunday… not that I post every day anyway!!… ha ha ha!  Maybe I will get a short one in on Friday??   =)  I like to keep you all guessing!… (I kid… I fly by the seat of my pants… what does that mean anyway??!!  )   *sigh*

Hope you all have a LOVELY weekend!!  I need to clean…   and bake… and shop… you know… get ready for guests!!  and my little girl has a band concert and her first soccer game of the season!!  busy busy!  =)

Do you all have plans for the weekend??

Hope we all get a little pre-Spring Sun!!



PS   Wintogreen is the Life savor that sparks!!   =)  I think I will get some more to play with this weekend when our guests are here!!  =)

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