3-19 Sunday Post

This week was a BUSY one

so I did not spend time capturing quality photos

Honestly I did not even write down the scavenger hunt list …

I did remember cell phone & chair – but I didn’t intentionally snap a chair…

between soccer practices and a game, home schoolin, volunteering at school, girl scouts, a wee band concert, an Irish artist, a dog, a cat, 2 kids, out of town guests, grocery shopping, cleaning, baking, cooking,  … a busy week …  I managed to capture something for each item … but they are far from perfect shots… hm… good thing imperfect was one category!  snicker, snicker!  =)    Without further ado  …

Sunday          72/365       cell phone

2 cool cats on our way to church last Sunday  …

silly cats  =)

Monday    73/365     Camera

my  assistant little boy ran around with my camera Monday morning

when he should have been doing school work…

giggling away as he snapped pictures…thinking I could not hear him…

he happened to snap a picture of  my cell phone …

can you see the reflection of the camera?

it is not the best picture… but he really thought he was clever!   =)

Tuesday   74/365   Imperfect

just like no human is perfect

(except Mary Poppins of course.. practically perfect in every way) =)

Merlin… well… he isn’t perfect either…

I came up the stairs the other day to find him doing this

I tried to get  him “leave it”…

thinking he was after Sammy’s school work

we keep Science and Math worksheets in that desk right now

but that is NOT what Merlin was after

OH…. Hello Nana…. Poor Kitty!!

Merlin’s top two weaknesses

the kitty and toilet paper!!!  =)

( I wonder if I will ever make it a week without Merlin my posts? ha ha ha ha)

oh… those pics were taken with my cell phone as well

Wednesday          75/365

Wednesday I baked homemade gluten free cinnamon bread

well… it was a box mix… does that count as homemade??

baking anything with yeast is very intimidating to me…

no bread machine, no kitchen aid mixer (sniff) with a glass bowl (sob)…

just me and my hands…scary!!

it is the best Gluten Free bread I have tried in 2 months

and I made it!!  =)

I have never really managed to write the post about why I went gluten free  a couple months ago… let’s just say I have been dependent on digestive aids for WAY too many years… and way too often each week.. I finally had enough testing in my diet & testing with probiotics …. so I decided to try what everyone was raving about… and let me tell you folks… Going Gluten Free was my MIRACLE!!  within a couple weeks… Digestive issues gone… GONE!!  No more Pepto.. no more Imodium… no more worrying about weather or not I could go out into public without needing to find the nearest bathroom… Gluten Free is the way I NEED to be!!  and I am thankful for the growing gluten free market !!  =)  OH SO THANKFUL!!   =)

I will post the bread mix later in the week… if you are interested in which box mix it is!!  =)

Thursday   76/365 Imperfect (take two)

this gave me a good laugh!!

I am FAR from a perfect housekeeper!!  =)

the cork came from my Mad Housewife wine bottle!!

ha ha ha

yep… it is actually called Mad Housewife  …

it is a red wine I buy from Top Foods … mostly for cooking…

I really don’t like wine all that much…

(I know, I know… sorry… don’t like beer either!!)   =)


Friday 77/365 Chair

Abby is one of two flute players in her 5th grade band class

on Friday afternoon they had a mini band concert

the 2  flute players were set off to the side

with a huge stack of Chairs sitting behind them!!  =)

how convenient!!  ha ha ha ha

Her band teacher said the flute is hard to learn because it requires

really strong cheek muscles and good wind pressure (or something like that)

and Abby is really little … skinny… scrawny… slimmer than slim….

she doesn’t look like she has  much wind or muscle…

but she has done VERY well with the flute!

when that little girl of mine is determined…. she is there 110%!!

I love that about her!  =)

Saturday 78/365    Shoes  (and/or cleats!)

Speaking of a skinny, scrawny, slimmer than slim child …

who is determined… =)

Abby really wanted to score a goal in the first soccer game of the season

her cousins and uncle were visiting from Canada…

sitting on the side lines cheering her on…

her daddy coaching….

she really really wanted to score in the first game…

and she did!!   just after I snapped this shot!!

**proud mommy**   =)

(and can I say for the record… her jersey is #77… and this was the 78th picture out of my 365 day challenge… oooooooooh that bugs me!!  ha ha ha… I am such a number nerd!!   now I need to go back and count… to make sure I am not off… ha ha ha… well… if you count that I missed ONE day this year… then maybe it is 77??   yep… I am that nerdy!)


Saturday night we took the cousins to play Glow in the Dark putt putt golf

and I captured this  Shoe Shot of my own feet…

I rolled up my Levi’s and pretended I was in Grease!!

my socks and shoe laces were about the only glow I had goin on  =)

oh .. and it was also taken with my cell phone!!

PS… Just a little ditty about my $40 a month, pay as you go, no contract… pretty darn cool android phone…  20 hours of talk time, unlimited texting, web and camera!!   We love our no contract smart phones… Target baby!!  If you all are wishing you had an i phone and can’t afford it…(wink, wink Ashley!)  or if you don’t want the contract…  Virgin mobile has fantastic prices/packages for pay as you go phones… !!  =)  You can’t beat it … really!  The only thing I wish it had was a flash on the camera… I can live without it… although my glow in the dark golf pictures would have turned out with flash!!


Spring officially arrives this week… March 21st… right?  =)

the flowers and the blossoms on the trees are appearing right on que!

Here’s hoping we all see a little sunshine this week as we welcome Spring!!

You know what I love most about Spring?

We are that much closer to Summer arriving!!  =)

I miss the Summer Sunshine & warmer temps!!



( I am not in denial… it IS likely to snow again in the PNW… it almost always does!!   **sigh**  I hate snow after March 21st!!  it shouldn’t be legal… ya know?!!)

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Me Time  and Things that make you go hm..

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