An April Sunday Post

Hi folks … I took a wee blogging break… er… a month long blogging break… I missed y’all so much… I couldn’t stay away much longer… Sunday’s Scavenger Hunt is one of my favorite things about blogging… blessings Ashley!!   and mustn’t forget I really enjoy doing the 365 day photo challenge (most days) and I am happy to join Sarah’s following for that challenge too!  =)   (I might manage to post my missing pics from the 365 … in a month at a glance… b/c I know ya all want 30 pics in one post right?!   no?  oh…. a couple collages maybe? ok… great… fabulous!!

anyway… I am late late late …

Easter Weekend was a busy one for us… our little church had a huge Easter Egg Dash for little ones in the community and volunteering for said event made an already busy weekend busier… but OH SO worth it!! =)  anyway… here are my takes… and  I threw in a couple of extra family pics at the bottom!!  =)

Sunday Reflections      107/365

Last Sunday I finally pulled out the Easter stuff

as I was playing with my camera and the eggs

I realized my little man’s reflection was in them

then we played a bit more… =)

Monday     Guess What This Is??    108/365

hm… let me give you another clue

or two…

or three…

Tuesday    more reflections or um… glares?  =)  109/365

the sun was reflecting… or glaring…

off of the hand washed dishes on my counter


our dishwasher broke this week

it has been threatening us for a few months now

just like our vacuum is threatening us too…

waiting for the 3rd household item to break…

they come in threes you know!

Wednesday     Lawn & Garden (x3)   110/365

do you ever have a hard time picking just one? =)

I love the reflection of Merlin (the dog) and our patio, house & lawn in this raindrop!!  =)  this could be lawn & garden, reflection and what is this!!  =)

we saw some glorious beautiful sunshine this week


I love Spring… new life on my plants.. fresh cut lawn…

Merlin chewing a ball in the sun…


speaking of new life…

any guesses as to what this is??

I can’t wait for them to bloom… early May… as always!!  =)

Thursday   Whats inside?

what do you put in your kids Easter Eggs?

this year we put in the coveted  Mothers Iced Animal cookies…

always begged for at the grocery store!  =)

Whats inside again??            111/365

and these mini eggs held the always desired never bought

“cookie crisp” cereal!

Our kids had to hunt for their sweet breakfast on Sunday morning…

ha ha ha

Friday   112/365

decorating for the Easter Egg Dash =)

the Sanctuary was transformed

behind this beautiful wall / hallway of crepe paper

were structures and tunnels

made of plastic pipping and dollar store table clothes…

and a huge tent like structure for a staff member to chuck out eggs from…

the decorating took many hands and hours and hours and hours

but the egg hunt only lasted about 15 minutes!!

sort of like preparing a wonderful meal…

to be devoured in minutes!!  *sigh*  =)

I helped mostly with the toddler room

I made two lovely boxes/tunnels for the little tiny ones to climb through…

it took me longer than I thought it would

the folks behind the planning created an Easter Wonderland!!  =)

Saturday… Playtime… at the Easter Egg Dash!!

ok I didn’t take this one… but I set it up and had someone click for me! =)

I did take these ones first!

Mr. Rabbit      (I heart Mr. Rabbit)     113/365

Baby Bunny one

We had a wonderful ~glorious Spring week leading into Easter Weekend…

Easter Weekend was full of love and fun with our new~ish church family…

We are grateful to have finally found a church family that we hope to call our church ‘home’ for a long time!!  =)

Well anyway…

Today greeted us Western Washingtonians with RAIN …


Rain makes the grass greener…

and helps the spring plants and the oxygen bearing trees to grow! =)

Hope you enjoy your week – Rain or shine!




NapTime MomTog Project 365

I have some serious blog hopping to do now… =) late late late!! =)

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  • 1 Lori@ Teacher Turned Mommy yazmış:

    great pictures. very cool egg pictures. I use the eggs to have the kids hunt for their baskets, so my sons find clues in their eggs, but I’m sure they’d rather find cookies.

  • 2 Jen yazmış:

    Wonderful pics! Love the reflections. And I love the blooms….everything is still so brown here, but we did get a little spring shower today and I just love the smell of fresh rain 🙂

  • 3 Kerri yazmış:

    What cute bunny pictures of the family!!
    Looks like you have been busy!
    I cannot guess what’s in the cup?! I need more clues!!

  • 4 aleks yazmış:

    looks like you had a wonderful Easter. That is so awesome that your Church transformed into an Easter Wonderland for the Children. Amazing. I love your shots, they are amazing.

  • 5 naomig yazmış:

    Aw, fun! My eldest was sick this weekend, so no fun easter stuff for us. I’m gonna do resurrection cookies sometime this week with them so they don’t miss out on something celebratory… and I decided against doing easter candy, not only because I am a kill-joy, haha, but because they have had SO MUCH candy lately, and becuase I really wanted to focus on the death of Christ with them, and not have them be distracted by treats. So, ressurection cookies it is. And, I might buy some clearance easter candy next time I’m at the store, and hide it away to pull out in a few weeks when they’re detoxed from all the candy. 🙂

  • 6 Ashley Sisk yazmış:

    So glad to have you back but I do hope you had a nice break and by the pictures, it looks like you did. I love that water droplet shot and the playtime photos are pretty funny. 🙂

  • 7 Kimberly yazmış:

    Welcome back! Your pictures are all great! I would have had a hard time picking just one also (and I usually do). 🙂 Have a great week! Ours is supposed to be rainy 🙁 … with a nice weekend (yay!).

  • 8 Sarah yazmış:

    So glad you are back. Thank you so much for your sweet words. I will check out that song also. Wonderful photos. Love your 1st reflections shot and your play time photos. Love them all! Thanks again!

  • 9 Dina @ 4 Lettre Words yazmış:

    Love, love love that pyrex!! Did I ever tell you I have a huge collection?

    So glad y’all had a wonderful Easter!

  • 10 Pennie at Mom Thoughts yazmış:

    I am seriously jealous of the buds you are showing! Sigh. Yes, I’m done with chapter 2 and Tuesdays are great for me to take time to send off an email! I say a chapter every other Tuesday (nothing like under-achieving!). 😉

    Love your pics! I joined a 365 Project…mommytography…or mommyography (or something like that) or, I will at the end of the week. I’m not the greatest, but I just ordered my first thing off ebay ever…photoshop! Are you proud of me yet? I have no clue what I’m doing…don’t even know how to really use my camera yet. We’ll see what comes of it…

  • 11 Nancy yazmış:

    Thank you for stopping by and commenting today, Jenn.

    Looks like you had an eventful and fun Easter weekend. Great photos! 🙂

  • 12 Darcie yazmış:

    Cool, cool pictures!!! Glad your back from your blogging hiatus. 😉 You and your family make the cutest Easter bunnies out there!

    Good to have you and your sense of humor back.

  • 13 blueviolet @ A Nut in a Nutshell yazmış:

    I just love those tunnels that you made! How fun!!!!

    Sorry about your dishwasher breaking…that’s no fun, especially right before Easter and the extra cooking, etc. 🙁

  • 14 Gina yazmış:

    That water droplet is fantastic!

  • 15 Mom Photographer yazmış:

    Love your glare shot! and the lawn and garden – such a beautiful capture!

  • 16 He & Me + 3 yazmış:

    Wow girl you rocked it this week. I love the reflections that you captured. The water drop is awesome! That Egg dash looked so fun too. We missed so many fun things this Easter because of sporting events. Oh well…much soccer to be played 🙂 Tournament this weekend. Go Rush!
    So glad you had a great Easter with your new church.

  • 17 Nukke yazmış:

    Reflections and garden photos are my favourite but I like all your very sunny photos !!!!!!

  • 18 Laura yazmış:

    Oh my gosh girl, all these pictures are awesome! LOVE the reflection and the water drop, very cool. I am going to check out your other picture posts now. I’m trying to catch up, I have been SO MIA lately…my hands have been full. 🙂

  • 19 LeAnna yazmış:

    adorable pictures, as always! Love the reflection ones. (and loved the song in your other post! beautiful!)

  • 20 hershey's moma {amy} yazmış:

    I love these pictures! The reflections are really neat… glad you had a nice Easter and I’m glad you are back!