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Today is late Mother’s Day… for me it is just another day to spend with my littles.. those sweet littles that I brought into this world… and enjoy being a mama!!  It is a bitter sweet day .for me…. for those of us who lost our mama’s way too early.. or not… but anyway… just want to say… y’all spend as much time with your mama’s as you can… love them with all your heart! … life is precious and sometimes shorter than we expect it to be….

Allrightygoodthen… moving on… quickly…

Here’s the list for the Sunday Scavenger Hunt many of us love:

Straight Out Of the Camera SOOC, Lazy, Isn’t It Ironic, Sprouting and Smells Like Spring

Sunday    Straight Out of the Camera (by Sammy) 121/365

hello Mr. Worm… Big Giant Night Crawler… sorry that your life will end up as  Fish food… or Bird food?  crazy the circle of life… anyway… in all honesty My Son took this picture (last Saturday … but since I didn’t take any pics on Sunday)… he he he…  My son and his little friend were SO excited to find a Giant worm!!  it was probably about 9 inches… =)

Monday   Straight Out of the Camera (by me)   122/365

Hello Mr. Mushroom…

isn’t that the shiny-est mushroom you ever did see??

too bad my camera kept focusing on the grass instead of the mushroom…

oh well…

I can just see a wee little fairy sitting on this “toad stool” talking to his friend the snail or something… can’t you?

Tuesday   Lazy 123/365

I was feeling a little lazy (or busy might be a better word)

so I threw on a pot of water and make a quick pot of Pasta for the fam…

and for my gluten free self… I ate leftover rice with Spaghetti sauce on it.

Dinner in 5-7 Minutes!  Bless You  Ragu!!  =)

Wednesday  A little girl scout adventure 124/365

alright… I confess … I didn’t pull out my camera every day this week…this picture was taken Thursday when my little girl helped lead her troop on a geocaching adventure!  Abby is looking at the exact location where the geocache is hidden… wondering if the girls will find it… lol!!   😉

Here’s the deal… I kinda sort of decided that my 365 pics for the year would be my favorite 365 pics .. I will happily choose 7 pics from my week instead of beating myself up if I miss a day… (and of course my pics will sometimes fit into Ashley’s scavenger hunts… since I love taking pictures of things I would not have otherwise thought to capture that week!)  =)

Thursday Sprouting 125/365

any guesses as to what is sprouting here in the woods??

I really wanted to stay and capture better pics of those lovely sprouting FERNS… but … the 10 little Girl Scouts and the 4 little siblings were um… a little much in the woods…. so I snapped a quick shot and was on my way! =)

Friday   Smells Like Spring 126/365

Beautiful colors

Sweet Smells

The Intern Pastor did the sermon at church today…

he talked about Renewal …

Renewing our hearts and minds…setting them on things that are of the Lord.

Seeking God’s will, seeking God’s heart, His word, His Spirit…

just as God designed our body’s to renew its cells…

He also designed our life with Him to be continually renewed…


just like the blossoms of Spring renew the life of the trees…

so God wants us to blossom every year…  renewing our  spirits …


Saturday   Isn’t It Ironic 127/365

Merlin rarely choose Sammy as “his person”… Sammy is constantly discouraged that Merlin greets him last when we arrive home… and Merlin doesn’t choose to curl up next to Sammy when we are home… or seek a game of fetch with him… at home Merlin’s “person” is usually myself or Abby… and sometimes even my hubby… However…. when he is in the car (which is often!!)… Merlin’s chosen “person” is Sammy… the car is the one place Merlin chooses Sammy over everyone else!!  Ironic, eh?   =)

OH… and this shot… well… it is just for fun…

ha ha ha I loved this!!  =)

it was the license plate of the car in front of us yesterday at Starbucks…

I quickly pulled out the camera and took a shot… (hope they don’t mind)

it made me giggle!!

only I think I would get one that says


one of my favorite things to say in the evening

after a long day … is… I feel woozzee!!  =)

it is 8:30 pm … and I am actually feeling a little woozzee!!  ha ha!

I had good intentions of getting more than one post out a week… sorry my track record isn’t that great since I returned from my bloggy break!  Life is super duper busy sometimes… and is not proving to slow down with end of the year stuff approaching… alas… it is all fun stuff… just keeps me in the real world instead of the cyber world!  I will do my best to catch up with you all and maybe even post again mid week!  I really do enjoy all you lovely folks whom I have gotten to know in the land of blog!!  Hope you find sunshine in your week and time to stop and smell the roses… even if it is only a quick moment!!



and Sarah hosting the 365 of course!!

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