Hello Sunshine!? =)



Tuesday… oops…

the sun made an appearance in Washington this week!

Classic Still Shot ~   141/365

ok… not classic at all… but STILL…=)

and these little hummers don’t stay still for long!!

it  is a blurry picture I know…

I shot it from 300 plus feet away

behind a second story window!!

and a dirty window at that!   ha ha ha

not bad considering I was using a point and shoot on a 35x zoom!

but … it gives me hope that maybe I will be able to capture a little hummer

while I am outside… from 100 feet away??!

see productive photography right? 😉

Wednesday ~   Self    ~   142/365

Cheating here… BIG time… I did not manage to capture an artistic shot of myself… but… these Gluten Free Pancakes are a fabulous representation of me taking care of SELF… =)  right??  no?  maybe?  a little?  well anyway… they were yummy!!

I have tried many kinds of Gluten Free Pancake Mixes… GF Bisquick.. is by far my favorite !!  They taste the most like classic gluten pancakes!!  =)  and well… I am not a huge fan of syrup…if I use maple suryp its the real stuff baby!!   but when I realized that Nutella is actually lower in sugar AND adds 3 grams of protein to my morning!  I will take it!
Thursday… oops…

Friday ~ Fresh ~  143/365

80 Fresh Clean ~ Cozy ~ New PJ’s for kids in hard circumstances….

My little girl really wanted to earn the Bronze Award in Girl Scouts this year…for the last two years we came up with ideas…and not many of them were just right for her….she is really shy and needed a project that would stretch her a bit… but not push her over the edge when it comes to interacting with strangers!!  😉

and then I read about the Pajama Program…

and I knew Abby would love it… and she did!

They are a fabulous organization that raises PJ’s for kids who are either in emergency situations or orphaned… waiting to be adopted… kids who don’t have much… in some cases no one to tuck them in at night… kids who need a cozy pair of PJ’s and a story … something we might take for granted in our own homes…

anyway… my sweet girl loves quietly helping other kids… we have done a few other kids helping kids kind of community service things before… but nothing this big!!

Abby and I planned for weeks … a fun little PJ Party for little girls to come and enjoy a party in their PJ’s… admission to the party was a new book and or a new pair of PJ’s for kids up to the age of 12~  Abby had to step out of her comfort zone many times in planning and hosting this PJ extravaganza!  It was so good for her!  and… Our Wonderful Church embraced Abby and her project and helped her raise PJ’s before the party!! They even let her host the party in the church building… AND… They even held a PJ Sunday… where they encouraged folks to wear PJ’s and bring in donations for my sweet little girls project!  =)  The Pastor preached in his PJs!!  Words can not describe how blessed we are to have found such a loving family of God!  Such a blessing to my little girl to be supported and embraced by a church family like that… she was blessed while blessing others… I LOVE it!!

anyway… go and check out The Pajama Program online if you want to host a PJ Party and raise PJ’s for little ones in need!


OH… Abby’s goal was 100 PJ’s and Books… in all she collected 120 Books and PJ’s!!  =)  Next stop… deliver to an organization helping these kiddos that take regular donations from the Pajama Program!

Saturday ~ Lines ~ Beautiful New Lines ~  145/365

Charming, classic new lines = fun zone for Merlin and his kids!

God Bless Lowes!!  We LOVE this new little fence!

CUTE…. EASY to install… sturdy… and it keeps the dog IN!!  =)

Saturday again ~ On the floor  ~ 146/365

I LOVE this shot… the cup compliments his collar… and is in mid air…

very cool!  My little girl took this shot!!  so technically I shouldn’t count it

in my 365… =)  oh well… I am making up my own rules as I go!!  lol!

I will not have taken less than 1000 pics by the end of the year…

so I am cool with a little cheating! 

Saturday ~ AGAIN ~   147/365

Happy prisoners!!

Happy Mama!

It was a busy week with all the PJ and fence fun…

This week we have good friends from Alberta Canada coming to visit

and then I am helping a friend with her wedding on the weekend…

life is never ever dull that is for sure!!

I am going to try to get that Kitty vs. Mole/ Man vs. Mole post up!!

I am sorry to keep any interested parties waiting!!  ha ha!!  =)

I hope y’all have a lovely week!!

Many blessings!


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  • 1 Dina @ 4 Lettre Words yazmış:

    Way to go, Abby! Such a wonderful project.

    And, that 1st shot is amazing, Jenn. Wow!

  • 2 Sarah yazmış:

    That is so awesome about Abby and the PJ’s and books. Very cool! Yay for the new Fence. Looks great!! Thanks so much for linking up. Hope you have a wonderful week.

  • 3 Ashley Sisk yazmış:

    You are always up to the neatest things – those pancakes look delicious.

  • 4 jules yazmış:

    That’s not a bad shot of that hummer with a point and shoot. That’s all I have too, except I borrow my daughter’s D90 once in a while. Someday I will have a big girl camera.

    (My hummingbird pic is through my window too)

    ….so nice to hear from you again….

  • 5 Shannon yazmış:

    I’m drooling over those pancakes. Oh.my.goodness!

  • 6 Lori@ Teacher Turned Mommy yazmış:

    the pajama program is such a good cause. I applaud your daughter for taking on the challenge. I love the picture of merlin. I bet all the kids (merlin included) are enjoying the new fenced in backyard

  • 7 deb yazmış:

    Great job capturing the hummingbird. I haven’t had any luck with that yet! I like your lines shot too. Very pretty fence!

  • 8 Pennie at Mom Thoughts yazmış:

    Okay…you ARE impressive, Jenn! The pajama party and the fence are both very impressive! I am really loving that fence!!!! It looks great. Congrats!

    I wish we would put up an invisible fence. Every time I take out Angel I have to either hook a leash to my belt loop and then to her, or hold a leash. (She doesn’t tug at all, but she will run if she sees another dog or an animal. Sigh. She won’t stay put no matter how much I try to train her. She jumps over fences. She can jump as high as my head, even though she’s only about a foot tall, including her ears. It’s like she’s on springs!)

  • 9 Mrs. Dunbar yazmış:

    Hmmm. I just read another blogger who participated in this Scavenger Hunt. Maybe I’ll try it.

    That bird shot is cool. And good for your lil girl to do the PJ collection- that too is a great idea.

  • 10 He & Me + 3 yazmış:

    I love that you do the scavenger hunt as well with the 365 way to kill 2 birds with on stone 🙂 so to speak. What a great idea with the PJ party idea. I am going to let my girls know about this. Sounds like a wonderful idea.
    Great shot by your daughter too and those pancakes do look amazing. Yum to nutella.
    Your kids are so cute in that last picture.