Just another Manic Monday…

I wish it were Sunday…
oops… late again… seriously Manic Month!!~ life… week…day…
will it ever slow down? =)
somebody please say yes!!
and I think I am cheating again Ashley…(yikes)

I will do better this week ..

pinky swear!!  =)

Allrightygoodthen… my weekly addictions: the Scavenger Hunt and the 365 which help me remember a little “me” in my week!! (I am cheating on my 365 now too… lately my 365 have been my 7 favorite photos of the week… not necessarily the actual day of the week… lol!!) =)

Sunday 155/365 Green

lilacs were my mama’s favorite flowering shrub

so they are also a childhood memory for me

she planted them each time we moved to a new home

in memory of her… I will carry on that tradition…

only I hope I live in less houses than we did … =)

I originally took this as my childhood memory pic…

but I have a better one later in the week!!  (oh JOY)

Monday 156/365 *just because*

Merlin is Bigfoot these days…

he needs groomin…

the fur on his feet get SOOOO long its crazy how big his feet get!!

I am a size 9… just sayin…

I will try to sneak in a groomed foot next week for comparison!!  ha ha!

Tuesday 157/365 Long…. (not so much exposure! sorry! failed again!?)

Long waves… ??  =)

my little shy girl there is in the 5th grade play this week

she tried out for a much bigger role than she ever has before!

her confidence and “voice” is really blossoming!!  =)  *beam*  =)

I am one of a few mom’s helping the teachers pull off the 60 kid production

Painting, costumes, props… it has been a VERY busy week!

Abby painted the white caps on the waves…

while I helped paint a little on the mural and the base coat on tea boxes…

I don’t want to see another paint brush for at least …


I love painting…

who am I kidding!  ha ha ha

Wednesday   158/365 *just because*

Sammy and I saw this birdie building her nest…

with her mate…

they would fly away one at a time

pick up a piece of dead grass

fly back up and put it in the nest…

working together

taking turns

“nesting” before they have their babies…

*sigh*  =) I miss those nesting days!

Thursday   159/365 Fruit

The play is basically the Boston Tea Party… “American Revolution”

I was settling in to paint the details on my “tea crates”

and decided to have some Pike Place Market ORANGE spice tea

in my favorite Blackberry Mug…

made in Britain!!

I forgot all about the library like I told my old man now…

I mean… I forgot all about painting and lost myself in my yummy tea!

with my favorite TEA cup…

you see we used to live in Port Moody BC Canada

my hubby worked for the City… who sold those mugs… =)

b/c they had A LOT of blackberries in Port Moody??  =)

they did… every August I would strap my babies into a back pack

and pick HUGE Blackberries in Bear Country!!  =)

yep we saw bears there… A LOT!!  =)

I love wildlife sightings… glad to always be safe when they appeared!

There you have it… Fruit spice tea in a fruit mug with fruit memories attached to it!!  =)


nothing folks… I got nothing… my week was such a blurr

I am not even sure what I did all day…

well… other than help with the play, costumes, props etc.  for 3 hours??!

I am glad to be the mom helper and not the teacher…

plays are A LOT of work!!  Oh My!!

not to worry Saturday was eventful!!  =)

Saturday 160/365 Shape

after half a day of running around…

just an hour before my hubby and daughter were supposed to be on their way to Seattle (an hour away) for a Sounders Game (*tickets compliments of Uncle Brett!!  Thanks Uncle Brett!)

… yep…

the car started rattling… OH DEAR!

off to the Honda dealer…QUICKLY!

hoping for a quick tightening of something??  hoping!!

it was the heat shield rattling…

quick metal zip tie to temporarily fix that…

but…there was another problem

they “smelled”while zip tying the rattling shield

(thank goodness!)

Saturday   161/365  Childhood Memories

I am very familiar with the parts under the hood of a car

my dad spent HOURS under the hood of our cars

A cracked Radiator!!



our faithful Honda did not go to Seattle Saturday night…

luckily we caught it the day the crack well… cracked… ha ha ha

*aaaaah*  we are a one car family … oh dear… the game!!

no worries…

Our AMAZING neighbors rescued Abby and the Hubs…

they loaned us their new car… yep.. NEW…

we tried to get their old one… but they wouldn’t let us have it…

They are good friends…

and this was above and beyond !!!

We are blessed to have them in our lives!

*their littlest is Sammy’s BFF*  =)

needless to say.. My little girl was not impressed with uh…

the NOT SO FAMILY friendly atmosphere at the soccer game…

(nor was the hubs on her behalf)

she is a quiet shy one… and there was  A LOT of swearing, yelling, etc… =)

BUT… my man enjoyed ‘the game’

he and I would like to go one day …

just us… on a grown up date…

no kids…

one day… =)

This week will prove to be as busy as last…

My facebook status says:  4 more sleeps to the play, 5 more sleeps to family from Canada arriving, 6 more sleeps to Sammy’s birthday and 12 more sleeps until school is out and there will be SAND BETWEEN MY TOES… Oh how I love thee Cannon Beach!!  =)

My week will be filled with *birthday shopping, props, costumes, painting, school, soccer practice, dog groomers,  cleaning, laundry, groceries, baking (laser cake pops… oh dear!)  and with no car today… hope it will return to our lives tonight??  Oh dear… and Fathers Day… etc. etc. etc… ** Amazing how much a mama/wife does in one week…

Thank goodness for Coffee!!  and TEA!!  This week might even require a latte!  ha ha!  =)

I hope you all have a little sunshine in your days this week…a spring in your step and a smile on your face… busy or not… here we come… right?!!!  =)



(successfully seizing many hours in my days… lol!!)


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  • 1 Ashley Sisk yazmış:

    Wow – you have some amazing neighbors. How sweet of them!

  • 2 hershey's moma {amy} yazmış:

    Lilacs smell so good, don’t they. I’ve had mine for 5 years now and they still hardly bloom. ;(
    Sorry about your car but yes, you have fantastic neighbors!!
    Have a great [busy] week-

  • 3 Pennie at Mom Thoughts yazmış:

    The countdown, huh??? Summer is upon us here…and it still hasn’t slowed down…won’t until…uh, does it ever??? Nope, I’m afraid not. Death. Then it slows down. 😉 That’s okay…I’m not good at boredom. Boredom=trouble for me.

    that pic of merlin’s foot looked like a puppy at first glance! that’s one big paw! lol!

    you seem very busy, my dear. fill up that beautiful mug and sit a spell…at least you have relaxation awaiting you at cannon beach! 😉

  • 4 Lori@ Teacher Turned Mommy yazmış:

    hope next week quiets down for you. I’m sure your help is much appreciated by the teachers. hope Abby enjoys the production

  • 5 Jen yazmış:

    Busy, busy, busy mom! What wonderful neighbors! Tell Abby she did an amazing job painting those white caps 🙂

  • 6 Sarah yazmış:

    WOW! What a busy week. Can’t believe they loaned you their new car. What a cute car it is. I hope things slow down for you soon. Thanks for linking up. Have a great week.

  • 7 deb yazmış:

    The lilacs are so pretty. We don’t have those where I live. Your son’s reaction to my old photo cracked me up!

  • 8 He & Me + 3 yazmış:

    Your children are great painters. Love those waves. Yeah for great neighbors boo for cracked radiators. Yuck. Car troubles this week. Me too.
    Love merlins fuzzy paw. CUTE.

  • 9 naomig yazmış:

    Wow–I’m exhausted reading all this, ha! Love the story of your teacup, and the sounds of your vacation. 🙂 So glad you’ve got such awesome neighbors!

  • 10 Buckeroomama yazmış:

    That shot of the bird in its nest is so sweet! 🙂

  • 11 Stasha yazmış:

    You really are seizing the day. Love hte shots of you and your friend on trampoline, pure joy 🙂