Sleepy Sunday

Our super duper ali ooper busy Spring is finally winding down and slowly slipping into an anticipated slower paced Summer…today… Father’s Day…. just a few days before summer…We are happily ending our busy Spring with a Sleepy Relaxing Sunday! (never mind my allergy induced cold)

A restful Fathers Day is a Happy Fathers Day right??

I sure hope my hubby thinks so…

especially after a month or two of total chaos!!  =)

Sunday    162/365 Letters

4 Letters ~ Two Simple Words ~ TEA TAX ~

Started an uprising ~ A Revolution ~ that lead to our independence ~    =)

This week my little girl was in the 5th grade class play

about the Boston Tea Party!

she was a British Governor’s daughter

a snob…. (which she played well…hm… should I be worried?)


It was a  busy.. but.. fun 3 weeks helping with costumes, painting (tea boxes included) and props… I even took in a Real British Tea Party when it was over… =)  Ty-phoo Tea, homemade Scottish Shortbread and McVitties Digestive Biscuits…  the kids got a kick out of trying British Tea & biscuits … after spending weeks practicing a play…. with a lot of fuss about Tea!

Monday   163/365 BLISS (is just a few days away …)

Monday was uneventful…

other than waiting at home for our car to get a new radiator!!  =)

I was dreaming of spending time here…

my photo of the Oregon coast from last year!

Beach = Bliss for this chick… I am so so so so so very excited that I can count the days on my two hands until I set my feet in sand again….(praying the weather forecast changes… right now it is not in our favor !!!)… I love that my family finds the beach blissful too!!

I think they are sticking their rumps at the ocean waves…

neener neener you can’t catch me??  😉

Tuesday         164/365 From a Flowers Perspective

serving  small creatures that land on its blossoms

Just Beautiful!

Thank you little butterfly for visiting this week!

OH… Speaking of lovely and blissful things…

remember this HUGE paw?


Wednesday  165/365 *just because**

Big difference, eh?!!  =)

another blissful thing ~ lower maintenance dog with less fur!!

ha ha ha

Thursday  166/365 Emotion

Abby my historically SHY, anxious, SHY, studious, SHY, smart, SHY, funny, SHY child… for the first time in her 10 years of  life actually tried out for a speaking part in the class play .. and got one… and played it WELL… with perfect EMOTION!!

A British Governor’s daughter… “molly hutchensen” in action… =)

I think she is a little less shy after the final performance…

feeling PROUD of herself!!

she took to the stage with perfect emotion for her part!!

*tear…proud mommy!!*

Friday   167/365 *just because*

**Happy 2nd Birthday Merlin**  =)

handsome boy with a new hair cut!!

Speaking of Birthdays

my little boy turned 9 this week!!

how can my BABY be 9 years old??!


Saturday     168/365 Naturally Framed

my kiddos are naturally framed…

just like their daddy!!

Don’t they look a lot alike??  😉

long and lean…

even their hands look a like!!

Sammy REALLY wanted a laser tag birthday party this year…

since life seems to be so busy with his sisters activities …

we decided to splurge and do it..

the dollar ratio per minute is obscene!!  lol  =)

One Special Day for Our Special Boy…

it was worth every penny!  😉

I love that my little man has grown into a sweet spirited, smart, funny, kind, generous, curious, hard working, silly, loving little man!!  (most of the time!) ha!!

Happy Birthday Little Man!

(my camera did not appreciate the dark room!)  blurry blurry 😉

it was fun shooting little people with laser guns…

I almost feel guilty for enjoying it…

I felt like Becket and Castle…

or Trinity and Neo…

or Princess Lea and Hans Solo…

only we were shooting at “sweet” little people…

Maybe I should seek therapy??

Have you ever played Laser Tag??

Do tell… how did you like it??

If you have not… Go… take your little people and shoot at them…

it is surprisingly therapeutic!!!  ha ha ha

Hope you had a lovely Fathers Day Weekend!!



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15 Responses | Add your Own

  • 1 Sarah yazmış:

    Great photos. I love your bliss shot and your doggies new hair cut. Those butterfly photos are great too. Glad things are slowing down for you. Thanks for linking up. Have a great week.

  • 2 Beka yazmış:

    ahhh oregon. i want to go there someday!!!

    hah, isn’t it great seeing children/siblings act in plays? i think it’s awesome:)

    hope your cold gets better. :\

    lovely post!

  • 3 Cedar yazmış:

    We had a fifth grade play this week, also! Fifth grade graduation, too 🙁 Love your butterflies! (Castle doesn’t get a gun…but maybe next season!)

  • 4 Rosie@leavesnbloom yazmış:

    That beach scene is lovely – I hope you have a great time away. I think that butterfly is so beautiful along with your daughter in costume. There’s nothing like a cuppa tea 🙂 I hope you brought them Mc Vities digestives with chocolate on the top!

  • 5 Linda R yazmış:

    So many wonderful shots here.. See your shots of the Oregon coast makes me want to go back to the ocean..

  • 6 deb yazmış:

    I love the beach shots. The butterfly photos are gorgeous too! Funny that you don’t have crepe myrtles wherever you live, but I took pictures of that same butterfly last weekend so we do have the same butterflies! I live in Baton Rouge, where it extra hot and humid!

  • 7 Dina @ 4 Lettre Words yazmış:

    What a cool play! Love the butterfly shots.

    Have a great week, Jenn!

  • 8 Lori@ Teacher Turned Mommy yazmış:

    looks like a great week. glad the play went well. enjoy your week

  • 9 Ashley Sisk yazmış:

    You always seem to have a lot going on – love that. My favorite is your bliss shots. How fun!

  • 10 naomig yazmış:

    Lazer tag is SO fun! It’s best of all in a blow-up building that’s all soft so you can run amok and bounce off walls without hurting yourself. That’s how I played it the first time at a fair, on an outing with my husband and a bunch of friends before we were even dating–it was so fun.

    Your butterfly pictures are beautiful!

  • 11 LeAnna yazmış:

    I think the West coast is SO gorgeous! My Momma grew up in Oregon and has such wonderful things to say about it. One day I’ll go there.
    Never played lazer tag, but I totally cracked up at your enjoyment of shooting sweet little people, LOL!
    LOVE the butterfly pictures, where were they when I was scouring the interwebs for pics to (first asking permission nicely, of course) print for Sprigs room!? Have a great weekend!

  • 12 bluecottonmemory yazmış:

    I LOVED it all! It has been way to long since I stopped by (life has been going way to fast – but it’s slowing down). I am so jealous you have a red-headed child! I wanted one!!!! My husband tricked me! He had red hair and just refused to pass those genes down! I LOVED the tea-part – and that your daughter had such an awesome part and BLOSSOMED in it! And, your dog! LOL – for a minute there I thought your foot was beside a little dog! OMG(Gosh) – You are a brave woman! I need to get rid of one more child before I get a dog!!! LOL

    Have an awesome time at the beach:) Enjoy your time developing the Art of Relaxation – it is an art form you know!

  • 13 Pennie at Mom Thoughts yazmış:

    Love the butterfly pic! Hope your vacay was fabulous! I’ve got another week and we’re off on another one ourselves…fun, fun, fun! (Such a busy summer! I’ve been gone more than I’ve been home, I think!)

  • 14 He & me + 3 yazmış:

    i have never been able to capture a butterfly…so jealous. I love watching my kids perform on stage. Yeah for your girl! Happy late bday to your big boy. What a fun party. We love laser tag.

  • 15 Buckeroomama yazmış:

    Those butterfly shots are beautiful!

    Hope you had a wonderful vacation at the beach! 🙂