Lazy Summer Days

This week was full of relaxing, lazy summer days

218/365 Abby hanging out in the back yard …practicing soccer ” juggling ”

she can juggle it 25 times without dropping it…

bouncing it from knee to knee without hands

(I can’t even get 2 in a row!!)

219/365 Sammy enjoyed playing Frisbee with Merlin

it was really funny to see him run around with that huge Frisbee

220/365 he was cute as a button!!  =)

speaking of buttons…

Shall we move on to the Sunday Scavenger Hunt items for the week?

We have been animal sitting for a few of our neighbors this summer

one at a time…

this week we had Pal

he and Merlin are Pals… (snicker snicker)

221/365 Pal loved to push Merlin’s Buttons

the funny thing is Pal is the old guy …

pushing the young one…

usually it goes the other way…

the “puppy” pushing the old guys buttons…

222/365 Best Part of My Day

Lazy Summer Mornings … offering extra time to make special breakfasts…

What can I say… I love to cook!

(after my coffee of course!)

Gluten free blueberry crepes…

they were ok…

I think I’ll try coconut flour next time…

223/365 Frame within a Frame

evening shadow fun in my kitchen again….

frames   =)

224/365 Ink… er… Paint?

yeah… I know… not even stretching it…no ink this week… just paint!

Fail!  =) but I did finally re-paint my half bath…success!

I LOVE it now…still need to get the mirror up, etc. etc.

it is all green now… the white is just primer…

next up… redo the living/dining/kitchen area… *sigh*

picking color does not come easy to me

third time is a charm??  *sigh*

good thing I LOVE to paint!


Against the Light

at the beach of course!

I love evening pictures on the beach…

these photos were taken a few weeks ago… in Cannon Beach…

we are going back very soon…. *blissful sigh*

and I am SO excited…

the beach is where I belong… it’s my happy place!!!

This one made me laugh… look at her feet… =)

I think the beach is their happy place too…

I love that!

Do you have a place where your whole being feels so peaceful and content…

you just can’t handle the blissful happy feeling??   =)

Alrightygoodthen… more summer fun to be had… and we have a little celebrating to do this week… our wedding anniversary… my man’s birthday…

Until next week…  =)



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