Summer is Slipping Away

Summer mornings are slipping away… sniff…

We have had a lovely week…

Monday was our anniversary *13 years!!* …

we went geocaching with the kids that day…

and came home without finding a single one!! *sigh*

the next day was my mans birthday

we celebrated by going Paddle boarding!!  *SO. Much. FUN!*

no pics.. Tragic!!  we didn’t want to drop a camera in the water!

anyway… now that we have been to a lesson we can rent boards..

which we intend to do before the summer is out (yikes!)

maybe we will get pics next time?!!

Have you ever been or seen Paddle boarding?  What a hoot!!

anyway… because it was a lovely week… and I love summer…

and I love extra time on summer mornings to make special breakfasts

sometimes for my kids and sometimes for me…

this week I was Inspired by PW’s Sour Cream Pancakes in her cook book

I had to make my own Gluten Free version this week

they turned out fabulous!!

(I love P-dub’s sour cream pancakes… I ate em before I went G~Free…sigh)


anyway… they were yummy…

I promise… I WILL post the recipe ..this week…

after I go to the beach again… ok?!!  =)

I am rambling today!!

… on with the Sunday Scavenger Hunt…

226/365 Geometry 1 (my little girls favorite)


227/365 Geometry 2

( I was going to use before Abby fell in love with the other one)


SO this week we finally did something bold… (ha ha)

Our kids are 10 and 9… and we have never had a zoo membership…

We signed… on the dotted line… 228/365

we had to… Abby was desperate!!

it was all because of the babies     229/365

my little animal loving girl HAD to see these babies…

I say these b/c there are two… only one pictured for y’all…

b/c it was my favorite!!

they were so small… for 2 mo. old clouded leopard cubs…

one day they will grow up to be big like this guy

*Brush strokes*   230/365 (doesn’t he look like a painting?)  I cheat.  I know.

powerful beast… yet so playful…

like this guy… kinda…   231/365

powerful … yet playful… crazy … he is 3000 lbs… yikes!

since I am totally in the mood for cheating…

My *Collage* ... of animals… ?… =)

ok.. ok… I will quit…

I am such a cheater… I can’t help it…always cheating… sheesh!

I was going to go take a photo of a really cool bench downtown for the collage prompt…it has a collage of photographs… it sits right outside a photo shop… I mean a literal photo store… ha ha… anyway… I never made it down there…so my zoo animals are helping me make my collage…

oh… and one more…

Hanging by a Thread

sleepy little baby seahorse!

he could hardly hang on…

I love animals… almost as much as my daughter does (wink) … We had a  Perfectly Fabulous day at the zoo today… it was Sunny… we got there early.. to beat some of the crowd… and the animals were all frisky, playful, active and hysterical!  =)  It was wonderful!  …Tomorrow… We are headed to the beach … trying to soak up every last minute of summer …

how about you… what are you doing with your last days of summer? OR…  is summer over where y’all are?  I can’t imagine school starting in Aug… my sympathies to those of you who had to start school already!!

I will be around to see your pics later in the week~pinky swear!

The beach is callin…wink!




9 Responses | Add your Own

  • 1 Desirae R yazmış:

    I love your hanging on my a thread picture. It’s perfect!

  • 2 Lori@ Teacher Turned Mommy yazmış:

    looks like fun. we talked about getting zoo passes this year, but never did, oh well maybe next summer we will. Blake starts school on Monday, so we are on our last day of summer. hope you have another great week

  • 3 Dina @ 4 Lettre Words yazmış:

    Oh, how I love otters! Great choices for this week, Jenn. Looks like a wonderful trip to the zoo.

  • 4 Jen @familyfoodfitnessandfun yazmış:

    We are trying to enjoy the last days of summer outdoors too! I can’t believe school starts in 2 weeks 🙁
    Great pictures!

  • 5 Ashley Sisk yazmış:

    All the animals in these photos are just gorgeous. That tiger really does look like a painting.

  • 6 Sarah yazmış:

    Awesome photos Jenn. Happy anniversary. How neat. Looks like you all had a lot of fun.

  • 7 Pennie at Mom Thoughts yazmış:

    our kids start school the 1st. i’m lamenting that summer is winding down, and fall is ramping up. i feel it. boo hoo. i love your zoo pics….oh, and the first one with the cups! great job!

    have a great week, jen! i look forward to the pancake recipe. i don’t have a real good one – just plain old, plain old…

  • 8 naomig yazmış:

    I don’t know where the summer has gone. Crazy! I love this post though. Paddle boarding sounds so fun, but then I think of the last time I tried to stand on a skateboard. Haha. That wasn’t pretty. At least I’d be falling in water!

    The zoo is always fun to go to-now that we’re going to be near one, I think I might have to see about getting a membership. My kids are dying to visit the aquarium too.

  • 9 He & me + 3 yazmış:

    Yeah for the babies at the zoo. What a cute little cub. Love the geometry pictures. Great job. Summer is officially over this weekend for us. Ugh. Bitter sweet for sure.