Mini Turkey Burgers (and Septembers 365’s)

Yum… right? =)   256/365

even my very picky eaters will eat these little babys!

they aren’t  my  kids “favorite” meal… but they eat em!

here is what you need    257/365

a couple cloves of garlic (I puree it on that fun little garlic plate)

a few fresh basil leaves

dried Italian herbs (for lack of fresh ones in my pretend garden)

1 lb of ground turkey

1/2 cup (or one cup) of fresh Parmesan (a MUST in my house …YUM)

oh.. and one egg white (or the whole thing…whose watching!?!)

I love sauteed onions too… but I was out!

puree garlic, chop basil really really really small, whip it up with the egg white & dried herbs (oregano is my fav) & a little salt and pepper for fun…

then put the Parmesan in your hand like so…

and rub your hands together over the bowl to make a finer grind…

then mix in the ground turkey and get your hands really really groody!

and then form little burgers with the meat mix 


because my littles eat so very little…

I freeze a few little ones for another day

then fry up what you need for the night in your mini cast iron pan!

they are really savory by themselves…

or you can put BBQ sauce on them, or Thai peanut sauce (YUM)

or cheese… garnish with lettuce, tomatoes, or whatever… =)

We made mini burgers b/c we found mini burger thins…

of course I ate mine without a bun b/c of the whole gluten free thing…

Either way… Simple & easy to make and enjoy!!


I am going to run through the rest of my September 365 photos…

I realize in my last pathetic post (it really was horribly written …sigh!)  anyway… my 365 photos are off by 2 … meaning I tried to post 2 weeks of pics… but somehow added 2 extras?!!  ha ha… rather than post by weeks … I need 18 photos in this post to put me at the end of Sept…SOOOO behind! *sigh*

I guess I will do 2 posts next week with 15 pics each to catch up Oct?  =)

here goes…


effective sundial don’t you think?  ha ha ha …

5:00 pm 2nd week of Sept.

not the first time we went to see how it worked and it was shaded!!

anyway… we went back the following day…at 3:30 pm


Hello??  It must be ornamental?!!  ha ha ha…

I think they put it in to line up with the Capital??

alas… it was fun to see how it should work!

moving on…

Have you ever had a “mini” butterfinger blizzard with french fries dipped in it?


YUM… try it… you’ll like it!!  sweet and salty!

Have you ever  eaten Coconut M&M’s?


I bought them this Fall to try…

they are ok… I won’t buy them often… =)

just going to keep jumping subjects here…

Sammy and Abby had a few Tennis lessons this September…


first second Tennis lesson… nice swing, eh?!

(bad mommy forgetting my camera the 1st lesson!)  ha ha ha…

Sammy played great for a kid with low vision… though it won’t come easy when we aren’t throwing the ball directly to him…  =(


and my sweet soccer girl Abby… well.. she took to it like a Pro!!

I did not get a great shot of her that day… anyway…

it looks like she has some sport talentS this kid!!

makes me proud since neither hubby nor I were talented that way! ha ha! =)


Abby celebrated her 11th birthday… how did my little baby grow up SO fast?!

ah…. she is now a young lady in middle school… *gulp*

I love my sweet, smart, funny, talented little lady… she has become an amazing little person with a heart of gold… I am proud of her in so many ways!!  gush gush gush… I won’t go on… might flood my laptop if I do! =)


we gave her a wee camera for her birthday…

a little Cannon snap and shoot

since she’s been asking for one a few years now!

I have been holding out… b/c where on earth am I going to download all HER pictures??  I have enough picture downloading issues of my OWN!!  ha ha…

*cough, cough*


Long story… we don’t need to get into to much… but our sweet little soccer player is on a new team this Fall… of which the hubby is assisting the new coach …verses being the head coach (sadly… I admit I am glad about that!!) anyway… it was sad to see the old team die out… but… the new team is shaping up to be a good thing!  No more Cheetahs =( … now she is plays on a team called the Tsunamis… =) not a great pic but here she is in the new uniform…. on the field.


no more yellow uniforms… that is nice too! We like blue better!  ha ha!

Abby even scored a goal during her first game on the new team!

good first impressions!  he he he…

we have had to do a little traveling this Fall ~ugh~ hate that part!


in late September we traveled to the beach for a game…

y’all know I love da beach!

So … the last of my LONG September 365 catch up pics were at the beach!


Cool …crazy waves …I love how the ocean always reminds me of how powerful and amazing God is… I always stand in Awe of Him at the beach!

oh… and it was not on the Oregon coast… surprised?

The soccer game was in Washington….( not my favorite beach) oh well  =)


the kids really wanted to get out on this tree

they played chicken with the waves to get out there!  =)



I got another lovely picture of my kidlings at the beach in 2011

and I love this one of my little buddy too…


and for my last two pics of September

we can NOT forget this little dude

he rides in the car with us every where we go


he’s getting a little smarter and more mature with age!

bwa ha ha ha ha…

are you bored out of your mind yet?



Thanks for staying to the bitter end!!


My 365 day photo challenge is caught up to September!

I will try really hard to post twice in the next week…

with 15 pics each post… for the 30 days in our lives in October…

I have some fun Fall Color pics for the next couple rounds…

and pancakes…

I made A LOT of  pancakes in Oct!

Yummy flavored pancakes!

Oh how I love Fall!  I often call it my favorite season =) !

Alrighty good then… enough about me…

How about you??  Do you have a favorite season?


now to come see what y’all are up to…

I am still failing in that dept. too!! =)


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