No need to ramble… I’ll just get on with it…

my life in 30 pictures… for Nov2011 =)


meow… good bye October … hello November =)


our “home school” Fall view … I love our Fall View!  and I love this shot b/c the window looks like a corner window if you look at it just right… kinda? maybe? no?


one of my favorite streets in me hometown…  I walked that street a lot in high school … and I worked on that street 2 times in 20 yrs and many life changes inbetween… and now my Canadian hubby works on that street… its “my street” … ya know?  and Look How gorgeous it is in the Fall… *sigh* =)


here it is again 1/2 through Nov

(my pics are going to be out of order this month) =)


and there it is now at the end of the month…

after a wind/rain storm… *sniff*


Lets talk about my hubby…

I think I might have to admit him into a mental ward soon

poor obsessed hubby


this is becoming a daily routine around here

and nope… he is not trying to start a new fashion trend


nope… not fashion…. you see…

he’s trying to kill the little bugger who is destroying our yard!!


looks kinda cool dusted in snow…like ancient writing?… =)


oh yeah… snow… we had one little dusting of snow

in Novem..bbbrrrrr….


this is what Novem…bbbbrrrr should look like….

beautiful colors… NO snow… NO rain… =)


funky clouds in the sky


we’ve actually had a decent Novem…bbbbrrrr…

for the Pacific Northwest =)


one morning I woke up to funky spider webs EVERYWHERE

how do they do that over night??  my entire back yard was covered in these mass web creations… and long strands from the fence to the bush… bush to fence… fence to bush… CRAZY!


CRAZY… EVERYWHERE I tell you…must have been thousands of the creepy little critters… is all I can figure… **shudder**  ((double shudder))


one morning there was a thick fog…

when the sun was rising…


beams of light were peeking out from behind the fog

and the houses


makes a girl stand in awe … you know?



sunset   =)


beautiful Fall colors


gingerbread pancakes … what more can a girl ask for?  =)


I know ~ I KNOW ~ Yum right?!  =)

I need to perfect the recipe before I share


but round 1 … really was delicious!!

soon… OK?… I will share it soon… I hope…


you see…

I started working Nov 3rd?   Proud bookseller in the bookstore…=) it really is a good thing… my daughter is in heaven knowing her mommy is surrounded by books she can access at a discount now… ha ha ha… I am working evenings and weekends… so I can stay home and home school my little man… and bring in a little extra… we NEED it… =) Now… Life is busier… crazier… more insane… less time for sleep & housework…. and well you know… my lil ole blog!  but I love it… I love you all … I can’t quit… so I forge on… ONCE a month… *yipes* its not enough… I WILL find a balance!!  =)


the monkeys are handling my absence… 25 plus hours a week…

pretty well… they whine a little… =)


the animals… not so much…(look at Merlin trying to lay with the kitty)


ok… fine… the cat doesn’t care…

she’s just mad that the weather is cold & wet…

she’s a big fat baby when it comes to winter weather!  =)


MERLIN!!  how embarrassing!  ha ha ha…

Merlin has been a bit more naughty since I started working…

he’s chewing things again while we are gone…

digging things out of bags, bins, off tables…etc… and CHEWING them!

we thought we were done with the chewing thing… little bugger!!  *ugh*


hm… What else??

oh yeah… THE protesters… they are all part of this giant tent city that has taken over the Capital Lake Park… calling it “Occupy Olympia” or something like that… *ugh*… I will be nice and NOT SAY ANOTHER WORD….its just better that way…


speaking of turkeys =)

I hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving!!

time with friends and loved ones!

anyone else tired of Turkeys??

I mean Turkey?   =)

gobble gobble!

I have many blessings in my life and much to be Thankful for!!

Much much to be Thankful for.  =)

Blessings~ to you and yours ~


**yikes tomorrow is Dec 1st and I have done NOTHING to prepare for the beautiful and fast approaching Christmas season!!**   Is it just me… or are some of y’all a little behind this year too??  (someone please say yes!!)….. snicker snicker!

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  • 1 Lori@ Teacher Turned Mommy yazmış:

    looks like you had a good Nov. hope you have an even better Dec

  • 2 Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell yazmış:

    I could feel the chill in your photos, but they were still beautiful! Merlin must be missing you, or he’s incredibly bored while you’re working. And SO cool to work in a bookstore!

  • 3 beka yazmış:

    i’m jealous of the photo ops that were those webs and all that fog…but honestly, the webs creep me out. that’d be a nightmare to wake up to tons of those. lol. me and spiders…not friends. 🙂

    our leaves turned and fell so fast! darn so. wi. weather. 😛 sigh.

    that’s hilarious about your husband and those lovely happenings in the backyard. love the look of it dusted with snow, haha!

  • 4 he & me + 3 yazmış:

    Omgosh that fog and the sun rays are just beautiful. I also loved all the fall color pictures. Those leaves with their gorgeous orange colors always amaze me. Beautiful again! Yum to the gingerbread pancakes and the turkey. I am so hungry now. 🙂 love your husbands new head attire 🙂 cute

  • 5 Dina @ 4 Lettre Words yazmış:

    Sure hope y’all had a wonderful Christmas, Jenn!