I have issues…

with time management that is…..oh my stars!

I miss the land o blog…forgive me for being so very NOT present these days

I had issues before I got a temp/part time job… yikes… how will I ever keep up!!??  =)

Here is my last ditch effort to finish the 365 photo challenge (jenn style… 7 pics a week)


someone put my husband out of his misery…

stupid moles


cold game of soccer on my birthday in early Dec… =)


the tree


snoozy christmas dog


home schoolin with volcano art


a winter band concert… with the one in public school

who happens to be the cutest flute player ever…


ladders & shoulders

decorating the outside tree


our neighbors decorated one of the street trees first

I loved it so much we did our own =)


they ended up filling with water

and are now in the land fill… next year we will try to seal them?? =)


Is that Robin hood?  =)

nope …just my little boy

he made a bow and arrow with daddy

it was a project for his medieval class =)


it shoots REALLY well!  kuddos daddy!

I think we will wait another year or two before we buy him that

“bee bee gun”  he asked for on his Christmas wish list… =)


cookies cookies cookies… we love cookies in December ( and jan, feb, mar..etc. etc…) =)

traditional date ball cookies …(only we didn’t use dates this year… I like the dates)


we went to the local-ish zoo…

for their annual zoo lights


moon was almost full that night

no rain… perfect!!  cold and beautiful night!


can you find the moon?

the real moon?


not bad for a snap and shoot on 57x zoom… ha ha ha…


gingerbread (kit)  =)


leaning tower of  tree


Nana sleeping on the warm lights that fell …


every year on New Years eve we usually do one of these A, B, C mystery puzzles…

you read a murder mystery, put together two puzzles that don’t look quite like the box cover… usually it includes a small area of one puzzle..then you try to solve the mystery with the pictures from the two puzzles…finally you read the end of the mystery.  anyway… I found this one in early Dec and  bought it with my birthday money!  and then came home and put two more I’d found that I don’t already own on my Christmas wish list =)  I have a collection of these babys now… good times with my little girl (she loves them too!)… I have most of A-F now I think??  This one made me think of The Pioneer Woman … of course!  Wonder if she likes puzzles?? =)  it was her birthday recently…


my sisters and I have had our picture taken with Santa 3 times in our lives

once every 20 years… since I was 1… =)  this year we cheated a little…

next picture will be when we are in our 60’s… oh my!


so every Christmas Eve we let the kids open 2 presents

(usually PJ’s and a stuffy)

shortly after the kids started ripping the paper from their new PJ’s…

I noticed Merlin…

Looking at HIS tiny stocking!!   HYSTERICAL!!

He’s SO smart!!


we started laughing

and he got even more excited!!

he got 4 balls and two bones from that little stocking! ha ha ha


Christmas morning the kids did their typical thing and got ready to open stockings in front of the tree…while we had coffee… and then there was Merlin again…

** oh the laughter **  poor Merlin!


the kids let Merlin go first!!  =)

and put the poor dog out of his misery!


speaking of misery… we got daddy a few things to help

put him out of his “mole” misery!!  =)


we also got “daddy” Zombie Dice…

he doesn’t love many games … he tolerates them.  which is tragic for me …=)

he discovered this one at a Computer Geek conference he goes to every April

and has been talking Zombie dice since last April…

Now my hubby has his own Zombie dice game …

and we have created a Zombie loving church group … who enjoyed  “eating brains”

and trying not to get shot with a shotgun! ha ha ha … =)


it really is very innocent… don’t let the box fool ya =)  see…


we spent a couple days after Christmas in the land of giant raspberries

I mean… in BC visiting the hubs Canadian family…

and riding the raspberry round-a-bout?  =)

sorry I can’t help myself sometimes…


sometimes I take pictures of things from the car window

so we can zoom in and show Sammy things he can’t otherwise see

it makes him feel a part of the world we so easily take for granted =)

take a look at the size of that Eagles nest..  =)


over winter break we introduced our kids to one of my favorite movies EVER …

and one of my favorite actors… ever…. for ever and ever … Amen.

oops…carried away…  I heart Johnny D.  *snicker snicker*=)

he’s even handsome and funny as a lego character!

ha ha


Merlin spent the week after Christmas chewing on his new bones

he got up to get a drink at one point…

and the bone just stayed there in place

stuck to the carpet…

never a dull moment in our house.  ever.

I love my crazy busy funny life.  =)

Two last things.

1. I am SO glad to be done with my take on the 365 photo challenge

2. I am looking forward to catching up with ya all!!

I am off to read some blogs!  =)

Looking forward to catching up with y’all !!



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  • 1 naomig@the happy sanitarium yazmış:

    Life is just plain crazy, isn’t it? So glad you’re hanging in there. Looks like a fun christmas was had by all!! We will have to do the zoo lights some year. My kids did them in portland with my sisters this year, but I think I’d like to take them one of these years. 🙂

  • 2 He & Me + 3 yazmış:

    I can’t get over the moles. That is crazy. We have been done with Soccer season games since early November…we are just doing winter training and playing in a winter league to stay active. Spring will start another game season. WE missed the lights at the zoo this year. We always love it though. Yum to those cookies. Glad you finished your 365…it has been fun.