There is something peaceful about a Blizzard…

Its Sunday!!   Scavenger Hunt Sunday!

Since our week was … well… Extremely EVENTFUL…

I couldn’t resist all the extra pictures!  Enjoy!!

Our week started off with a few inches of snow on Monday

and your Oh so typical

snow penguin with a tasty carrot nose and feet!  =)

seriously… look at MERLIN!! drooling…

Yep… he ate the feet and nose!

day 2 of our week we woke to this…

uh…in Western Washington that is 9 inches past


and the beginning of a really cool snow fort!!

built around 9-10 pm!!

rolled mostly by the daddy…

don’t let those cute kids fool ya!!

day 3 … Wednesday…

this is not unheard of in Washington…

but good grief… not typical either!  we had 21 inches by lunch!  =)

I’m not sure who had more fun… the kids or daddy!!


maybe the kids…

snicker snicker…

ps hubby is 6 feet 1 inches tall… so the fort is/was 5 feet plus plus?!!

7 kids fit in there the next day… probably could have squeezed in a few more?

Anywho… day 4 … we woke to this…

freezing rain… ice covering EVERYTHING…

dangerous… but beautiful!!

I love my cute fence… have I mentioned that lately?

even cooler with freezing rain all over it!

Oh yeah… the **photo scavenger hunt**…  finally! =)

Black and White

and this next one is a terrible shot ….

but check out the layer of ice on the 21 inches of snow!

Black and White x2

those posts half way up are 24 inches I believe…

cool ice layer, eh?  =)

CRAZY week in Western Washington …

actually Olympia was the “eye of the storm”  ** yay us!!**


beautiful doesn’t even begin to describe…

Color again

this was the 3rd freezing rain storm I can remember…

in 41 years… =)  though dangerous … amazingly peaceful…

God never fails to present us with blessings of beauty (and peace) in the mist of a storm.

in our lives… and well… in our world.  =)

A Day in my Life

Every day we walk Merlin and he uses this fire hydrant… every day…

unless of course it is buried under two feet of snow and ice!  =)

sorry Merlin.

I liked this angle too… shiny!  =)


ah… yes… POWER… of which we had none for 48 hours.

We were thankful for candles, the gas fireplace and hot water tank,

the camping stove …and well… the Harry Potter and Hermine wands =)

hours of fun!  Seizing our days in this peaceful blizzard!


frankly with all this snow… we didn’t see much of the sun this week…

especially not at the sunset hour!

the “snow and ice storms” have begun to settle down…

but there is a lot of damage in our city from the snow, ice and falling trees

many homes/neighborhoods are still without power

and I hear we are in for some windstorms…next week … YIKES!

Wind with all the weak damaged trees from the snow & ice

That sky seems to be threatening us… don’t ya think?  **shudder**  =)

I do love a good storm… though  it is sad to see the damage after…

yet so peaceful and reassuring to see the community gather around

and help each other out… love one another… ya know?

funny how a storm can bring beauty and peace.  =)


I hope your week is a little less eventful than ours is predicted to be!



if you are unfamiliar with the Scavenger Hunt… click on the link below and go check it out… Ashley is an amazing photographer!!  and it is fun and inspiring to check out everyone’s interpretations of the weekly prompts!

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