The Drive to the library

After our mini blizzard – snow – ice storm

the kids and I took a trip downtown

to the library

this is pretty much how our afternoon unfolded:

(sweetly fitting into the Scavenger Hunt prompts this week!)

oops… this one was actually snapped the day before our library day =)


a wavy ripple pattern??

this was the day the sun came out after the storm

and began melting our icy snowy world

which is now limited to a few dirty snow piles in parking lots



(artificial hazelnut sweetener plus coffee = artificial high…  Caffeine baby!)

oh how I love me a good cup o coffee =)

even better with latte art !!


boys… seriously!  =)

OK.. so…

I am a bit heavy hearted about the OLD trees in Olympia

that no longer stand alone

they have endured years of stormy, snowy, windy weather

a few freezing rains and an earth quake or two

the Pacific Northwest weather isn’t as mild as one might think

anyway… after the recent heavy snow fall and freezing rain

the old trees have lost even more of their beautiful limbs

here are a few snap shots of the trees from around town

the day after the freezing rain melted   =(

Old (or rusty)  and Stand Alone (or not)

see the poles (they have been holding up this tree for years now)

a few of the older trees on the capital campus have them

take a closer look

can you see all the snapped branches?

pictures don’t really reveal the depth of the damage

that tree wasn’t the worst I saw… but it is one of my favs

heart breaking

I maybe have climbed that tree 20 plus yrs ago

when I should have been old enough to know better =)

its hard to see all the old trees slowly loose their ability

to stand alone

after a little research I found out these trees are about 100 years old

I also learned 20 trees on the Capital Campus will be cut down *sniff, sniff*

this tree will likely be cut down too

this baby is 120 years old!!


this tree stands in a one block grassy area in front of the “old” capital building

half the 120 year old tree fell over

so SAD!!

these pics of this tree do look a bit cartoon-ish to me…

with a little imagination?  =)

it would be rude of me to point that out though… =)

the old trees in Olympia are sentimental to folks around here (me)

do you ever feel like that about your daily surroundings

Mt Rainier has that effect on me too…

my heart goes pitter patter when I see it

and all its glory … smiling at me… you know?

hm… don’t answer that … ok…


a few years back that little “park” lost a bunch of its old trees

there was so much damage they cut them down all 6-10 of them

100 plus year old trees… it was SO sad!

anyway… that one above was one of 2? trees left standing in that “park”


last one I promise … this is down the road from the Capital

the homes and trees alike are from the early1900’s

It is amazing how many “close calls” we witnessed!

every 25 feet there was some kind of fallen tree “branch”

some were smaller than others…YIKES!

Crazy!!  and Sad!

I guess you could call me a SAP

but I love trees!  =)

alright alright

I’m done now.

poor trees.

OK.  OK.

I am done.

really. =)

Ta Ta For Now



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