I’ve come to the conclusion

That life will never slow down

I think that as my children grow older

Life will only get busier

I think

I should have been a beach bum!

I kid.  I kid.  (i think) =)

Let’s get straight to it … shall we?

I have had a really busy insane week and I am just too tired to chat.

much   …  (ha ha)

on with the fun & oh so popular weekly Sunday Scavenger Hunt 

(Monday …who’s counting)

the photo hunt  that we all love


Lindt Chocolate Orange Extreme

70 % cocoa powder (i think?)

Oh so yummy!  serving size is 4 squares..

I am happy with 2!

My hubby likes the Lindt Chili Chocolate… yep… chili & chocolate…

I’m more of a mint or orange chocolate kinda girl.


we had a few lovely days/nights this week

just in time to see the full moon…

this is not my best picture of the moon…

but it turned out funky… I like it.

I like how the branches disappeared behind the bright light

even though the bright light was behind the branches.

crazy, eh?


the doc was really “crowded” with sea gulls

and as soon as I turned my camera on more than half of them flew away

over the water  =)

I love it when the water is so smooth you can see the reflection of all the boats!

this photo captured smooth-ish water …but not the smooth-est …



or not so much anymore!  ha ha ha

see all the poop behind them?? (sorry)

there were hundreds of the little suckers

before the click of my camera turning on skeered them away!

how dare they ruin my crowded shot?!


while we are on the subject of  crowded and water

Recently I’ve been blending myself green “water” again

it is “crowded” …er…. packed with protein and vitamins & water!

and I really like them (spinach and all)

I go in and out of my green smoothie phase

usually out in the winter … in the rest of the year

Looks yummy, eh???

no seriously… they ARE!!  =)

This one contains:

Water, spinach, banana, tiny bit of mango juice, greek vanilla yogurt, 3 tbsp almond meal and 1 scoop vanilla protein powder…oh and crushed ice… it blends into 16 oz.  of which I drink 2 8 oz glasses a day.  Protein content is 21 g. Sugars under 13 g. (not including the banana)…

I’m not sure exactly  “how” good for you it is…

but I figure that since its green it has to be pretty good!  right? 😉  lol!

so easily distracted am I…

green smoothies are good for you and yummy… you should try them!

you will like green eggs and ham… Sam I am… =)

sorry I am in that kind of mood again… cheeky!

ok ok.. moving on…


Tiger is 7 years old… he’s been traveling around with Sammy since he was 2.

Sammy was 2.  Making Sammy 9  now & Tiger 7.

Both my littles are animal babies… still … at age 11 & 9

it will be a sad day when they lay down their stuffed animals

and trade them in for skateboards and cell phones


I was going to show you this picture of Merlin for the animal prompt

b/c when he gets his quarterly shave

you can see his cute little Charlie Chaplin mustache =)

He melts my heart that Merlin of mine… (stupid dog)  LOL


I decided to show you the Animal shot of Sammy and Tiger instead…. (wink)

so this post is very late in coming…

I’ve been buried under paperwork this weekend (spilling into today)….

Refinancing paperwork.

Home schoolin paper work (correcting papers)

planning a vacation paperwork. *yay*

resume paperwork.

you get the idea.   busy weekend.  😉

anyway… sorry I am so late to join the party.



9 Responses | Add your Own

  • 1 Ashley Sisk yazmış:

    You caught some great moments this week – love the water shot.

  • 2 Serendipity is Sweet yazmış:

    Fun set of shots! I love that water shot, and chocolate…yum! 😉

  • 3 Heather yazmış:

    Great shots!! That green smoothie looks really good. My older daughter makes them a lot.

    You should do a 10 year later window shot of your daughter, it’d be great!

  • 4 Michelle @ one crafty mama yazmış:

    Great shots for the prompts. The water shot is great and the crowded shot cracked me up. I have been really sick so I haven’t done the last two shs. I really miss it.

    Thanks for the comment on the rice crispy treats. They would be so cute as a shower treat. Have fun making them.

  • 5 Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell yazmış:

    Sammy and Tiger are just so cute. He looks perfectly content and happy with him tucked under his chin. Merlin’s mustache is hilarious!

    And I laughed because you pointed out the poop which I didn’t notice!

  • 6 Allison yazmış:

    Love “water” and “crowded.” That is one of may favorite places to go and relax in Olympia. Great shots!

  • 7 Nancy @ A Rural Journal yazmış:

    About the green smoothies — I’m thinking the vanilla and mango are covering up the ucky green stuff you put in there! 🙂

  • 8 naomig yazmış:

    Ooooh, chocolate. Except chocolate and orange do NOT ever mix in Naomi Land. 🙂 Except for some drop dead amazing chocolate I got from Italy that was made with blood oranges… WOW. Epic good.

    I LOVE your water shot with the boats!

  • 9 Holly yazmış:

    wow…love that water shot. so pretty! okay, so i totally love your funny comment on my scavenger hunt blog and i want to follow you…but there’s no follow button? how can i get your posts to show up on my dashboard?