One of those kinda moods

As always… participating in Ashley Sisk’s …Sunday Scavenger Hunt =)

such a fun inspirational way to nudge oneself
to photograph a few things outside of ones box if you will…

I did cheat a bit this week (but it was intentional cheating) =)

**ps apparently my google friend connect/follow feature is gone now??**

I heard rumors that was going to happen … I need to consult my help desk …”honey?”

I hope to pay attention to my blog and redo it anyway… I stripped down my template a few *cough* 6-7-8 months ago … in hopes of redoing it… and well… *cough* maybe this Spring??  =)

Natures Own

natures own way is to drop snow on the PNW in March and even April

when we are all more than ready for the sun… *ugh*

I love how beautiful snow is…. I love the magical way it falls…

I love how it blankets the earth in pure white beauty…

but…the sad truth is snow is not exactly my favorite kind of weather anymore

oh and I do love how you can leave an impression behind

footprints, a snow man, a snow kitty, a snow fort…

but even though it is beautiful in so many ways… snow is really cold

and sloppy and wet and generates more laundry!! enuf said there, eh?!

although I love those snowy prints I took this week …

but this is how I really feel…. go away snow

my heart belongs to the beach! =)

yep…I’d rather leave my footprint in sand! oops…

that is my dogs footprint !

(and it is from my archives…I’m craving sun people!) =)

People (archives)

I love the beach… I love the footprints  people leave behind in the sand…

especially my peeps…I love seeing my kids blissfully run ahead

and the trail of footprints they leave as they run… makes my heart pitter patter!

you know?

everywhere we go we leave a footprint behind us for others to see

my mind has been chewing on that a lot lately

life is so  precious folks…

I’ve been reminded that one too many times in the last decade

experiencing or witnessing loss  (esp. when someone is “too young”) really makes you think

about their life… and the footprints they left behind

and then you start thinking about the footprint you are leaving behind

and it stirs you to be more intentional about the way you live

I want to leave behind footprints in a direction I would be proud if others followed

you know?  =)

for me that means I want to leave behind footprints that lead to Jesus

to my loving God whom I surrender my life to daily

I want His love to move in and through me

and leave footprints behind that reflect Him.

In the last 4 months I have watched two friends  loose teenagers…

both who loved God with all their hearts and lived their short lives shining His love

what beautiful footprints those young people left behind  =)

the older I get… the busier I get… being a mama…

it feels more challenging to live like that… passionate for God.

I’m not sure I’m making any sense… alas…

life is precious peeps!

Live intentionally.  Love intentionally.   and for me… Seek God intentionally.  =)

anywho… back to the scavenger hunt… focus… =)

Photographers Choice (more archives ~ my heart was at the beach this week)

if this amateur ‘photographer’ could have chosen anywhere to shot pictures this week

it would have been there… (Cannon Beach OR)…

any beautiful sunny beach would do I suppose…its my peaceful happy place!  =)

the beach naturally draws my heart and mind straight to God.

we just booked a condo on the beach (cheap cheap!)

we get to spend a whole week right on the beach in sunny So. California!

two weeks (a month, the rest of my life) would make me even happier… but…well…

Merlin … *sigh*  =)

anywho… the end of June can NOT come fast enough for this chick!  =)


this house is being uprooted from its original foundation  (built in the 20’s or 30’s)

I love vintage homes… I rented them for years…

I wish I owned a remodeled vintage home like this one!  =)

(one day maybe?)!!

I laughed b/c the lace curtains are still hanging in the windows

I wonder what else is still in the house

as it is being ripped from its foundation… and sitting a few feet above ground =)

that could make a girl start thinkin deep too… (I won’t go there)


Pyrex… my mama mixed and baked in pyrex…

as do I… I love my orange vintage pyrex bowls from my childhood…

I love my pyrex measuring cups (vintage and new)

though the vintage ones you can not read the word Pyrex or the measurements =)

and I love my pyrex baking dishes…

anyway… I needed some therapy baking this week.

so I made the Pecan Scones from Ree’s first Cookbook!

the coffee maple frosting is to DIE for!  =)

Oh..and I converted them to gluten free… with success!!  YUM.  =)

Speaking of the Pioneer Woman (Ree)… she posted a couple of hysterical stories on the confession page on her blog… about running into stairs, violent static cling… that kind of thing…  Reading her blog is pure therapy sometimes… witty and funny that Ree… I really love to laugh and she has a natural talent of generating such laughter !!  =)


Go and see more pictures from the Scavenger hunt …

or Go and read the funny confessions post on the PW… you won’t regret it!  =)

Blessings y’all.


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