Spring arrived “just” in time *yay* =)

I was getting worried Spring might arrive really late this year

b/c we have had such a wet, cold, wet, wet winter this year…

did I mention it rained a LOT this winter?  and snowed. a lot.

and it will likely rain a lot more … and snow even… between now and summer…

it is the sad sad truth… it will.   =)

I never thought I would even consider the need to be a snow bird…

never mind … I am TOO young to go there!   ha!

I think I will start this weeks Scavenger Hunt with


anybody know what these fan like babies are??   besides cute?!

It is lovely… just lovely that Spring arrived right on time here in the PNW! yay!

The blossoms, seeds, sprouts, weeds (YES weeds), pollen, the sun,  beautiful SUNSETS

it all happened this week ** m a g i c a l **   ~    **bliss*

speaking of magical… whimsy is magical~ish… right?  =)

Whimsy?? =)  maybe?

this is our view from the upstairs windows in front of our house

they are dirty filthy and still covered in plastic wrap  ..lol… (winter seals)

this pic was taken through the said dirty filthy plastic covered windows…

with my snap and shoot none the less ~ I won’t complain (too much)  =)


Sammy has been  “creating” electricity ( on my well used scratched up kitchen table) =)

with this really cool totally awesome SNAP CIRCUIT science kit

did I mention how COOL it is?  =) Home schoolin …mamas it IS worth every penny!

Sammy spent HOURS on “science” last week… all by himself!  HOURS!!

Abby even begged for time with it b/c she never got to play with cool electricity toys in public school!!  ha ha ha

we borrowed the kit… but we might just have to invest … in the deluxe one!

I won’t go into details… the manual is like a lego manual… EASY step by step instructions on how to build each circuit project to generate light, sound, movement, speed, switches to transfer power, etc. etc. etc.   FUN stuff!

Create!  =)


As a kid I spent HOURS on swings … LOVED them…

my kids… not so much… what??!!

aliens is all I can figure?!!   =)


I DUSTED these WHIMSICAL wedding cake pops that I CREATED this week …

ah ha ha ha … oh dear…

honestly I found this week challenging… anyone else??

Bueler?  bueler?…

First I struggled with … whimsy??

Um… I do not cross paths with whimsy very regularly… and well… my brain just went blank… I tried to take some pictures of Merlin running.. his ears flapping in the wind.. and his tail so feathery flowing behind him… that reminds me of whimsy?

anyway…this is what I got…

“Charming!”  eh?  =)

honestly I did get a few shots of him running with his tail flowing behind …

but it wasn’t as whimsical as I imagined!

I can’t WAIT to see what y’all captured for whimsy!

Then… I figured dust would be a piece of cake (ha ha… cake pop … piece of cake… *cough* cough* never mind)…  I took what I thought were going to be some “great” dust pictures… I doodled hearts and letters on the dusty base of my lamps…and happily snapped some shots I thought turned out pretty good… and when I downloaded them… DARK… not dusyt!  ha ha ha…

so I tried to snap some shots of an adorable tea pot I received as a wedding gift ( many moons ago…) After a couple years use we chipped the sugar bowl …and UP it went to collect dust…I mean protect it…now it is a kitchen decoration!!  =)  (poor teapot)… anyway… FAIL again.

take three… a cute vintage toy solider my hubby played with as a boy… sits in our living room collecting dust …now that our son is also done playing with him… I snapped a few shots of his shoulders… FAIL again… my camera only wanted to focus on the wall behind it! grrrr!  I almost came unglued…

how can dust pictures be SO hard to capture in my oh so dusty house??

WELL…the fact of the matter is… the LIGHTING in my house SUCKS…plus a temperamental snap and shoot camera… double sucks…  the end.

dusty cake pops is all you get.  =)

Can I share one more FAIL with y’all…

one morning whilst drinking my coffee (bliss)

I looked up and saw this… the sun creating light in the raindrops…

It was the first official day of Spring

the rain drops were sparkling like Christmas lights … green, red, blue, yellow…

it was kinda funny… they really looked like Christmas lights!

not that you can tell that from my shot!  =)  Oh well…

the truth is …I grabbed my camera…and snapped the best shot I could capture… from my window seat… b/c it was FAR too early for me to be getting up to get my shoes & coat to go out into the chilly back yard for the sake of a slightly better photograph … I’m not exactly a morning person.  =)

anyway… a little comedy on the first day of Spring… natural Christmas lights on my fence!  =) the days following that wee Christmas light display …we had SUNSHINE & sunsets!!  =)  My daughters first soccer game of the season was played in the SUN!!  This weekend we mowed the lawn, WEEDED and trimmed …and well… ENJOYED a few days of sunshine…

before reality hits… oh yeah.. we live in WET Western Washington… lol!

Allrightygoodthen… time to publish this post and browse the big wide world of bloggers =)

Do tell … what was your weather like on the first days of Spring????.. .

please include your general location too… I’d love to know what the weather was like last week  across the world … esp.  North America….. b/c I’m weird like that! =)

Have a lovely week y’all!



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