Spring is bursting from its seams!! =)

Arriving really late to SHS this week  =)

(I missed last week all together…*sigh*)

this weeks prompts were:  Life, New, Pink, Obvious and Fragrant

Spring is in full swing this week and the weather was glorious!

making for a wonderful spring break!!

Blue skies plus sunshine (and birds, and frogs,  and green grass and flowers) =  *bliss*

we had a little rain at the beginning of the week…

but the rest of our week/weekend were full of all the lovely things of Spring!

so we extended our weekend and spring break an extra day

and headed North to visit family and friends in BC, Canada

(they had beautiful weather this weekend too! … lovely!)

thus my late arrival…


p.s. every year I take pictures of my kids playing in/under the Spring blossoms…

so I am going to slip in a few (a lot) of extras this week! =)

(pale) Pink

Everywhere I turn I see PINK right now!

even Merlin added some pink

how rude Merlin!

Fragrant (and pink)

Fragrant (and pink)

Fragrant (and white) =)

The blooming trees & flowers put a song in my heart =)

I heart Spring!

speaking of songs …


the frogs (toads??)  have sprung to life this week/month too!

and they sing their little hearts out every night!

its a soothing sound to me…

Can you sleep when the frogs are chirping away at night?  =)

this frog (toad?) was the size of my hand…

and I Do NOT have small hands!  =)

seriously he was one BIG dude!

He’s Canadian!  it isn’t the frogs I hear every night

now that we are opening windows again!!  *bliss**

I don’t even mind the birds chirping away at 4-5 am either!  =)


the kids decided Merlin needed a “new look”

Professor Merlin at your service!

this isn’t the first time they’ve tried this look on Merlin

but he went more public with it this year

SO many people stopped to comment =) ha ha ha

(this one is pink, fragrant and new and life… and obviously spring)

I couldn’t think of anything else for new!

when all else fails recruit Merlin, right? =)


is it obvious who Sammy is trying to imitate here??


how about this one?

any ideas?? =)

Jack Sparrow ring a bell…

“CAPTAIN” Jack Sparrow?  =)


I think they look more like zombies too… LOL!

my kiddos have been obsessed (esp. Sammy) with Pirates of the Caribbean

and imitating Johnny Depp (*swoon*)


Spring weather makes us all a little silly in my house

Sammy wore those glasses in most of my “annual” blossom pics this year

at least he was smiling or happy in most of them! sometimes it is about the memories

not the quality of the photos, right?  =)

Oh… I totally forgot!!

I did have something wonderful for “new” this week!!

a NEW Cookbook!

at the beginning of the week I acquired a copy of the Pioneer Woman’s new cookbook!!

as soon as I got my hands on MY copy of her cookbook…

I promptly made this

Coffee Cream Cake

not to be confused with Coffeecake…no no no!

it is rich…

it is COFFEE flavored goodness

Coffee in the cake, coffee in the frosting…serve it with coffee!!  =)

it is rich

it is amazing… delicious… yummy… tasty… sweet… wonderful…

did I mention rich?!  =)

next time I make it I am going to convert it to gluten free…

because… well… lets just say because I have to… =)

If I had a lot more time on my hands I would attempt to be a food blogger…

I LOVE food!  I love to cook… and I love to take pictures

I just wish I had a lot more time on my hands and a better camera …oh and better indoor lighting in my kitchen… *sigh*  =)

I keep saying I am going to face lift my severely neglected little blog

and start food blogging more… or just blogging more in general…

time management is not my for-tay =)

one day… perhaps… maybe… =)

ok ok..

I better post this and link up before midnight rolls around!

Looking forward to catching up with y’all.

I’ve declared today my lazy catch up on blogs day!

Hope y’all had a wonderful (sunny) Easter Weekend!



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click on the link below and be inspired!

Next weeks prompts are:  Simple, Grain, Transportation, Stitch and Bubbles!

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