Oh What a beautiful… Week-end! =)

Sunshine. All. Weekend. = Bliss. Bliss. Bliss!

We had a very busy week ~ weekend.

This week will prove to be busier than last ~ yikes!

So a semi- short post for this usually chatty chick.  =)

On with the oh So Fun Sunday (Monday) Scavenger Hunt !

This week we were looking for:  Yellow, Smile, Antique, Splash & Sun

My daughter had a soccer game yesterday about an hour away

it usually happens once a season… not my favorite …traveling for sports…

BUT… the good news is… it was 20 from the Ocean!!

Beach. Sand. Waves. **I hear happy voices in my head~!**


Sammy and daddy flying his new Yellow kite!  8 bucks at Target!

priceless entertainment! =)


en-route to the beach yesterday…we passed by many antique stores, vintage building

while in a moving car… I tried to snap a pic of an antique store sign..

the delay on my camera caused me to get this:

AC DC are “historic” by now aren’t they??  =)

Made Me Smile

He always makes me smile!  =)

Merlin got a bath Saturday after rollin in …. well…. never mind…

Look how curly he gets when he is wet!!  =)

another moment he made me smile this weekend

look closely at his mouth… he tried to eat something yucky in the sand… Oh Merlin!


look at the size of those babies!

we went to the beach after the girls soccer game

it was cute that they all stayed in their uniforms

(her team is called the tsunamis =) kinda humorous, eh?)


the sun cast this reflection on some clouds in our neighborhood last Sunday??

it was purdy.

the SUN also makes me want to live in flip flops for the rest of my life

until it rains again =)

hey what happened to my flip flops???

my ugly feet are the ones with the purple toes

the end.

Have a Great Week folks!



PS.  I am supposed to take my little girl to the Pioneer Woman’s cookbook signing tomorrow in Seattle… but she has a fever today of 101… she was really excited to meet Ree and hopefully get her Charlie book signed… I was really looking forward to having a girly date with my girl!… it won’t be the same if I go without her now!  =(

if y’all are the praying type… please pray for a one day fever… and a cheery happy healthy girl tomorrow!!  she will burst into tears if I don’t bring her with me tomorrow… **sigh**

For More Sunday Scavenger Hunt links to browse…

Head over to Ashley Sisk’s blog.

couldn’t get the link button to work this week??!

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