May is my insane month … ;)

Ever since I started home schoolin my son…

May has become my insane month. busy busy busy.

not only is May is my busy month …I have packed in a little too much extra to boot.

whew! (and it is only May 7)… yikes.

I could give you the list .. but I won’t.  just trust me.  busy!! 😉

and my little girl got sick high fever last week and I HAD to go get my cook book signed

(oops May started in April around here … no wonder I feel so busy)

anyway. book signing. in Seattle. by Ree. y’all know Ree, right? =)

this pic is for you KK…

(my sister and I are going to go to Ree’s Ranch together … one day! lol!)

anyway. busy month.

I have high hopes of settling in to a blog routine again

and then life happens. oops. missed a week. again!

so without further ado.  The Sunday Scavenger Hunt… (Tuesday hunt?)

featuring a week in the life of Jenn & co.

the list:   Smile, Keys, Fish, SOOC & Shadow.

Lemme Start with Key

the key to a happy cook

is a really GOOD awesome wonderful cast iron pan


a Really great wonderful fabulous out of this world cookbook!

God Bless the Pioneer Woman – she’s wonderful – the end.

(don’t ya just love my cute little bottle opener too?)

Shadow (?) kinda, sorta…  cheater?

I go to take shadow pictures and somehow I end up with reflection pictures instead.

I love reflections . the end.


can you see that fish jumping behind my son.. on the other side of those rocks?

nope.  me neither.  but I am SURE there are fish swimming around those rocks.

under the water.  I’m sure of it!  (fish fail sorry)

SOOC – unedited

tiny cheat… I did put a border around it… oops!

have you ever roasted a peep?

the kids ate them in saltine crackers

b/c graham crackers just didn’t seem right, you know?

they loved them… I prefer real marshmallows… thankyouverymuch!

it was also kind of disturbing to put a stick in the rabbits ….(never mind)

and then putting the cute little animal looking critter into the fire…

it just felt wrong.

very wrong.

but… don’t listen to me…

you should RUN to the store and find clearance peeps. 10 cents a box.

really cheap entertainment folks!


the fear smile … the one where you realize your not sure if you are smiling or about to cry smile…  you see… its one thing when you come down THAT slide feet first… its a totally different ball game when you go down it face first! lol!


that little girl of mine is just millimeters away from being FIVE feet tall!  (gulp)

so … speaking of smiling

this scene nearly made me bust a gut…one morning last week the cat waltzed over to where Merlin was lying down by the fire place (they are going through fire withdrawls now that the sun is shining) ha ha… anyway she shoved herself right under the dogs nose and then sat there looking annoyed at him like HE got into her personal space… it was SO funny… Merlin had this worried look on his face… I’m sure no one else finds this funny…

but it really really was.

the end.

I must go to be before my pumpkin turns into a coach.. I mean my coach turns into a pumpkin.  looking forward to catching up with y’all.  I won’t be around til evening … busy day tomorrow … I  hope the sun is shining down on y’all too.  makes for a happier busy mom … according to this chick.

Oh … and Happy Mothers Day to all my Mommy blog friends!!



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