Blessings ~ in disguise =)

Mothers Day is bitter sweet for some of us …=)

Moving straight into the Sunday Scavenger Hunt

I’ll explain as I go =)

(whats new there right?) =)

this weeks prompts were

Time, Close Up, With Mirror, Sidewalk and Inspiring


time is precious peeps ~

this is where I go on Mothers Day to give my mama flowers.  she loved lilacs… the ones I left there were hers… I took a clipping the year she died… it is 11 years old and thriving now… =)  beautiful.

I have peace with my mom’s early passing.  She was far from perfect (as if any of us are perfect…ha ha ha) … anyway…I remember the important things… the things she did in her life that inspire me… things that flow through my life with my kiddos… like her love for gardening/flowers, volunteering in the class, for all things artisitic and craft~y…and of course… baking… her old cookie recipes!  when I do those things with my littles … I tell my babies about her… it brings her into their lives a bit…

I have faced many o medical issues …with my mama, my spouse, my baby boy (oops he’s not a baby anymore), with friends and even with myself… the kind of stuff that makes a girl think a lot …  =)  about how Life is so so so precious… time is precious… which is why I named my blog Seizing My Day.   To remind me to live intentionally. to love intentionally. to remind me to surrender myself to God and allow Him to Seize My Day for me/with me…  with hopes to be inspired and be inspiring.

See… this weeks prompts fit right into this theme of my life… =) Time, inspiring, mirror , sidewalk (of life ~ he he), etc. etc. etc.

scattered deep thoughts by Jenn.  some of you write your thoughts beautifully.  mine feel like they come out scattered. bear with me, eh? =)

Keeping in step with Mothers Day … My hope is to grasp the precious time God grants me to be a wonderful mama to my babies. to be a loving wife.  to enjoy & love those folks in my daily path. to love God. to allow Him to direct my daily path and flow through my life and I desire above all to be thankful  In All things…I have learned this lesson well… we can give God Thanks ~ ALL things ~ even the hard things ~ b/c He is the author of our lives…and those hard things work in us a good we can not work in ourselves…going through hard things can be inspiring and life changing.  Emmanuel God is with us. always..even when we fail to live life as stated above… b/c God offers grace too!  =)

Funny thing… our Pastor this week spoke about being Inspired.  which brings me to next prompt (thanks for sticking with me)…

He said the definition of inspired is: to be breathed into.

so Inspiring means:  to breathe into others ~ =)

the dictionary says:  to guide, to direct, to arouse by divine influence.  =)


my husband and I both love to play with the camera (some of us really only play…others are really good… but we won’t talk about how much better he is than I am)… *cough*… anyway… our love for playing with the camera inspires this sweet girl of ours to play with the camera too… (Just as Ashley’s weekly hunt inspires us to photograph outside what we normally would) ….it is fun to see  our littles enjoy things we enjoy, isn’t it? … I often wonder…. did my actions inspire this wonderful thing in my child??  (or not so wonderful thing in my child) ha ha… but lets not go there…  =) you know?

I hope and pray I am (inspiring) breathing into these littles of mine… things that will guide their little lives to … to become bigger people whose hearts are after Gods.


and lets not forget this guy too… =)   His path will be far different than most of our paths… he will and does face challenges with simple things many of us take for granted… but God gave him/us this path… and for this we are thankful and enjoy it as the beautiful path it is… we’ve seen many o beautiful things we would not have otherwise seen being on this path… we have become different folk being on this path… a blessing in disguise… May my response to this path/ life… inspire my little man to accept and love his life… and God … exactly how they are.  =)

Time is precious… I am reminded of that regularly… and every once in a while I feel the urge to sing it out loud.. to tell others… I want to inspire my babies (and others around me)…  it is so easy to fall into a place of busy… to fall into a place of self… to fall into a place of worry… to fall into a place of doubt… the last few sermons at church…the last few conversations I have had with new and old friends… they have all been stirring my mind & heart… back to those things that are most important… surrendering my whole self to what God has before me today and loving it… and being thankful for all the tasks before me… the easy and hard tasks… the mundane and the fun ones… because it is how I see them and how I respond to them that allows the peace to dwell and the love to flow.  and my children seeing how I respond.  can make or break how I inspire them.  (yikes)  =)  I hope this makes sense to someone =)   I’m done  now ~ I was inspired to talk about such things.   I hope it blessed someone!!

on with the hunt… sorry!


walking the sidewalk of life with our littles

the most important job in the world =)

blessing.  to be a mommy.  (and a daddy)

Close Up

just a semi-close up look at a  duck.   =) ha ha.

and its mate.  =)

I think ducks mate for life.

Geese do.

and ducks are in the same family.. right? =)

I think I’ll quack at my husband when he comes home tonight…

and see if he quacks back.  lol.

now y’all think I’m nuts… don’t ya?  =)  silly.  not nuts.  I swear!

Thats all folks.

Time is precious!

Bless and be Blessed this week!



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