Counting Down the Days =)

Summer is fast approaching ~  4 weeks ~ 20 school days ~ =)

until then I have a few more trees to cut down

or… um… “use”  =)  May is my planning month for next year.

seek, find, order & photocopy (make large print), cut, fold and file. (whew)

The titles above are a few of my favorite curriculum resources:

LOVE: Evan Moore(science, geography, social studies, math warm ups, grammar rules, etc.etc.)  LOVE: Teacher Created Resources: Math and Grammar Minutes, Social Studies Reading Comp, Science Reading Comp. LOVE: Drops in a Bucket Math & Grammar!  LOVE: Teaching Textbooks!! it is Sammy’s main Math curriculum and we “warm up/compliment it” with the others.  and of course we have found a few other fabulous finds along the way that are eye friendly to my visually impaired little man AND comprehensive for each grade level ~ like those fun Wonder Stories ~ daily Science Question answered ~ like Why doesn’t it Hurt when you get a hair cut? ~ silly scientific questions ~ fun fun! It is so hard to choose b/c there are so many fabulous resources out there! anyway… my days have been consumed getting ready for next year and closing off this year!  Today my little man finishes his 118th Teaching Textbook Lesson and the last Quiz ~ whoot whoot ~ Math Complete!! We’ll celebrate with Blizzard Time! =)

anywho… on with the wonderful, fun, fabulous Sunday Scavenger Hunt!

this weeks list: Trees, Rainbows, Fluffy, Letters and Metal.


this is likely one of the oldest trees left standing in Olympia.  =(

it has weathered many o storms this grand old tree!

I get to see it regularly b/c my hubby works across the street and we carpool him often!  and it is on the Capital grounds and we like to “play” there… =)

I love how green Washington is… even if it does mean a lot of rain. (maybe)


these “Letter” murder mystery puzzles are so fun! my collection is growing!  my little girl buys me new ones every year for Christmas so we can do them together on New Years Eve!! =)


this week Sammy and I went to the Painted Plate … b/c Abby and I went last week for a “Ladies Night Out” with friends/ladies from church.  anyway… Abby and I had painted Travel Mugs for our upcoming trip to San Diego!!  Sammy needs one too!  So Art this week included a rainbow of colors!

and a delish coffee in a mustache mug! =)

Here is Sammy’s final creation ~ he drew it and painted the ship and waves ~ and mama helped paint the sky ~ too teeeeeedious for him to paint around the ship, sun and waves! ha ha! =)


don’t those raindrops kinda sorta look metallic?

no?  really I just wanted to point out we lost our sun this weekend! sniff.

Metal (really!)

for all my gluten free friends… I modified The Pioneer Woman’s Texas Sheet cake on Friday… with gluten free flours… Y.U.M.  =)  success!  I will try to post the recipe this week (I’m so bad at mid week posts)!  and then I turned that yummy sheet cake into gluten free cake pops ~ to celebrate the last soccer game of the season! (Abby’s team tied 2, won 4, lost 2… I think…it is so fun to see the girls skills grow each year and see their happy faces as they play… I love being a soccer mom!  esp. when only one game was a wet one! ha ha!  Dry Spring games are a blessing and man alive were we blessed this season!!!


its a love hate thing finding a cute fluffy deal mole in our yard

these fluffy little creatures have been destroying our yard for 2 years now!

stupid little buggers!  *ugh*

so we sing songs of praise when the cat kills another one!

and another one’s gone, and another one’s gone… another one bites the dust!

seriously… at least a dozen dead moles in the last 12 months and they still keep diggin up our yard…. we have a HUGE society of moles livin on our little plot of land! LOL!

That is how I spent my week folks. It was very productive and fun!

Cutting down trees =). I mean pushing Papers. Paint. Rain. Baking. and Mole flinging. (we fling the dead ones back into the woods behind our house with the shovel…it is such a satisfying way to dispose of the nasty little critters…is that horrible?)

Can’t wait to bounce around and see what y’all have been up to!  Right after I take my little man too and from his Tumbling PE class!  =)

Thanks for stopping by ~ I’ll be around to catch up with ya soon!

Blessings~   Jenn

Next week’s list: Beneath Your Feet, Capturing Movement, Texture, Face Your Fears and Currently. if you enjoy photography… click on the link below to see more of the fun and be inspired to join the fun!

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

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