Sunday Post (plus one) =)

Sunday’s are busy days for us with church in the morning

typically followed by errands and a little family/dog time

before we head off to our bible study group

so that is why my Sunday Post always happens on Mondays

in case you were wondering!  =)

if I even manage to get one up!

*cough* cough*

May into June is my crazy busy MAD month ~ thus my 3 week absence!

Soooooooo glad to be closing my annual crazy busy mad month!

vacation is on the horizon ~ can you see it?!!  =)

“Hello Beach… I’ll be on my way before you know it!

save me a drink of sunshine would ya…

since its been raining CATS

and DOGS the last couple weeks…”


I am in serious need of beach people!!  =)

isn’t that the cutest umbrella by the way??!!  =)

anywho…. Now that typical life is slowing down…

it IS in fact …

time to get the house & Merlin the dog ready for our Fantastic house sitter

to come so we can spend a  few days in the sunshine and sand!

I think I should do the happy dance… =)

but before I do that … how about a few Sunday Scavenger Hunt pics

since I missed a couple weeks …oops! =)

This weeks prompts were:

Travel, Silly, Black and White, Spots & Paper!

I was going to use that black and white dog umbrella pic for Black and White…

but you see my little girl had a band concert…

where they are required to wear

black and white =)

this little monkey had to stand up for the whole audience to receive recognition for being awarded the “Directors Award” for most outstanding 6th grade band student!  =)  I am so proud of this kid of mine! She has got an ear and a heart for music! I love listening to her practice and I love that she seeks out new things to play and even figures out tunes by ear!! (she must have gotten her music gene from her grandpa who still plays trombone in a symphony band!) he he

As you can see from the photo she was a “little” mortified to be recognized in a big crowd like that! poor quiet monkey!  ha ha ha =)

Spot  (aka Venus)

So… my silly little snap and shoot camera captured Venus cruising by the sun!! crazy!  my neighbor came home with a little eclipse viewing thing… and we all got to see the “spot” … aka Venus… well… except my little man with low vision didn’t see it… so being the crazy mommy I am… I pulled out my camera and against my better judgement… ignoring the warning on the little eclipse thingy… I snapped a couple shots through the shaded lens thingy and captured it!  although a bit blurry… I got it! CRAZY!  and Sammy was able to see what we had just seen …light years away!  lol!  =)  ok ok … so I am being dramatic!  but how cool is that?!!  it actually made me like my snap and shoot for a few minutes (I kid I kid… I am happy to have a camera!) =)  oh… and then my Pastor sent me a funny link on facebook …of a lady who looks A LOT like me… she was reporting on the Venus event in Hawaii!  *sigh* I wish it had been me!  it was unreal… she really does kinda look like me!  funny… they say we all have a twin…

anyway… speaking of silly…


were any of you children of the 70’s??  did you own one of these?  I nearly busted a gut yesterday when I saw this hanging off of a purse in Macy’s yesterday!  =)  my sisters and I had monkey’s like those in the 70’s!!


this bee travels …

from flower to flower

pollinating the world for us…

oops… it used to travel…

he’s not alive anymore folks…

that is a dead bee I put on my honeysuckle flower!

*ah ha ha ha ha*

oh… sorry.

I think I have had too much coffee, not enough sleep and have not been out doors enough in the last 30 days!  =)  what is WRONG with me?!

Honestly… my man found the poor guy dead and showed the kids… and I couldn’t resist the temptation to try and have a photo shoot with him… the poor little bug!

OK… last but not least – speaking of flowers


a kid at Sammy’s home school program painted this flower

on paper =)

it is SO beautiful … this photo does not do it justice!

I have no idea who painted it… (copyright?)… =)

I love it! and  I want one on canvas for my house!

I might try to paint my own version of this flower this summer!

on canvas. not paper!

Isn’t it beautiful!!??  Do you like?

So there you have it folks…

Do y’all have fun plans this summer?  do tell…

where ya goin??  whatcha doin??  =)

is it just me or does summer time make you want to sing too??=)

I just love having sunny weather that makes you want to be outside 24/7!

Yesterday our Pastor did an interactive “quiz” if you will…

intended to teach us how we “relate” to God

it was called a Spiritual Pathways Indicator =)

anyway one of my highest scores was the Aesthetic Pathway

(being in Nature draws my soul straight to God) =)

that one was no shocker for me!!  =)  I heart the beach, the mountains, the sky, the hills, the green grass, rivers, lakes, camping, animals… did I say the beach?  =)!

one day I would love to own a wee little beach house

in a sunny destination

for now I’ll have to settle for vacations!  lol!

time to surf  (all your blogs that is!!)  …



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