Simply Summer =)

Sunday goes by so fast I can hardly blink sometimes!

Summer is also going by so fast I can hardly blink! =)

I hope to give my blog a face lift and maybe even take it more seriously!  or maybe I will get to that in the fall!

I desire to blog about food, crafty things and play with my photography skills … lol… but time never seems to be in my favor… *sigh* =)  one day at a time… =)

alas… I hold steady with one post a week…recapping our adventures as a family and attempting to challenge myself a tiny bit with the Sunday (photo) Scavenger Hunt (which always ends up being Monday for me…)… Sunday we are so busy with church and then family time and our “life group” bible study in the evenings… all of which are wonderful!  As a young family we had such a hard time fitting into a church (long story-long road!) and now that we have found a wonderful fit… we are embracing it! =)  anyway… a million apologies that I am always late!!

This week we were looking for patriotic, tiny, mosaic, vibrant and view from above.


we celebrated the fourth with a few good friends from church

they set up this old riding lawn mower with a flag on it for the kids to proudly display as they got to ride through the little neighborhood!

my shy reserved one even drove it!! =)  loved it!!

we also found our first geocaching travel bug earlier in the day

have you ever geo cached??

so much fun!  (and frustrating if you can’t find it!)

it is basically an eco friendly scavenger hunt (wink) that encourages hiking!

I am all over anything that  motivate kids to want to hike!! =)

anyway… it was a football themed travel bug and being that we aren’t into football AT ALL (makes me feel so NOT patriotic to say that …lol!)… anyway.. we left it behind.. perhaps we will assist the next one we find!  =)

anywho… and of course we went to watch a lovely fireworks show downtown

it was so moving when we all stood to hear/sing the national anthem!  I would’ve snapped a picture of that… but it seemed so disrespectful…

anyway.. with very vibrant colors shooting into the sky… it was hard to pick just one to share!!


I loved the way this one turned out!!  my wee little snap and shoot that I use has a fireworks easy button that I used!  =)

and this one too!!  I could post all of them really… but I think y’all get the idea!


seriously… how cool is this… George made out of Jelly Bellys!!  =)  while we were touring the Jelly Belly factory in Fairfield, CA… they had many of these Mosaic portraits… so fun! James Dean, Elvis, Presidents, Abbot & Costello, Marilyn Monroe… Harry Potter!  =)  Pretty Sweet, eh?!   ok … so his lips do look a little creepy!! ha ha… we were only allowed to take pics of the ones at the beginning of the tour and/or the ones out in the lobby.  I only captured George and Harry! =)


don’t the humans … I mean …trainers… look so tiny compared to that 9,000 plus pound Orca?!!  what a gorgeous playful creature… *sigh* =)

I realize I am putting two pictures from last week … but can you blame me?  =)  It is SO hard to let go of vacation!!  ha ha!

View from Above

I held my camera above this corn and took a picture of it… isn’t it pretty?!!  and yummy too!  it was grilled… in husk… very cool… I can’t tell you how to do it b/c well… I didn’t do it… and I didn’t ask… but it sure was yummy! =)

I was going to cheat and put in this one…

a View of the above =)   Aren’t summer skies wonderful?!

Hope y’all have a wonderful week with beautiful summer skies!



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