Summer is blissfully exhausting =)

its funny how we long for summer all year

we desire  summer 9 mo. out of the year

as if it is the most relaxing time of year or something?…

don’t we??

yet summer comes and I feel like we are WAY busy~er in summer!!

do y’all find that summer is blissfully exhausting too!!??  =)

I might be dreaming… but I am sure we are busy~er than our every day routine during the school year …which feels crazy busy … and every year I fool myself into thinking that summer will be joyfully relaxing… every year my kids get a little bigger and I find life getting blissfully busy in the summer months! So much fun to be had!! Things to do!  people to see! places to go! =)

anywho… note the word … Blissfully… ha ha ha! =)

moving on to… the Sunday Scavenger Hunt ~

hosted by the beautiful new mama =) Ashley!


Eight girls from Abby’s soccer team attended a fun tennis camp one of the dad’s (who is a tennis coach!)… so graciously put on for the girls.. . Abby learned a bit of tennis last year and loved it! so she was thrilled to wake early every day last week and play/learn more tennis!! =) Love it!


All that morning FRESH air… brought out the monkey in Sammy!  He spent  every minute we stayed to watch tennis in the trees… monkeying around!


My lilies in the back have bloomed!


this was a fairly calm moment in the midst of a very crazy, wild, unusually LONG thunder and lightening storm we had on Friday night! Friday the 13th! ha ha!  We were having a ladies night out BBQ & lawn game party with ladies from church… planned in part by yours truely! couldn’t have been a better night for a lawn party!! ha ha!  some of us stayed out on the lawn and played ladder golf.. and had the most amazing view of the lightening ribbons and heard the most amazing thunder!  the storm lasted for hours and hours… what an exciting ladies night out it was! ha ha! =)


This is the last Orca picture I will post from our vacation!!

Can you tell I LOVE Orcas??!!  =)

the amount of water they splashed while playing was incredible!!


OK folks…

don’t pass out or anything… I realize I am out of character…

no “extra” pictures this week!  and I think I didn’t “talk” all that much this time around!  ha ha!  I am too busy blissfully enjoying my busy summer! =)

(ok fine… so  it hasn’t been all blissful… but … mostly!!)

I heart summer.  I heart vacation.  I heart the beach.  I heart family time.  I heart being a mommy. I heart watching my kiddos grow. I don’t heart laundry. I heart sunshine on my shoulders.  I heart BBQ’s and friends.  I heart time to read!  I don’t heart cleaning.  I heart the fairly simple yet seemingly busy life God has given me!  =)  the end.

Blessings y’all!

I hope you are blissfully enjoying your busy or not so busy summer too!



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