Sunny August Days Are almost gone… *sigh* =)

I’m humbly apologizing with Ashley this week… =)  I  posted with SHS last week and then promptly went to the beach (oh wait… Ashley didn’t do that)… It was the “not” visiting anyone’s blog after joining the fun part… *ugh*… I had good intentions of browsing before our trip to the beach… but the laundry…dishes…packing…shopping…etc. sucked up all my time!  oops!  this week I am of course joining in late…but I will visit peeps!  I love seeing everyone’s take on the prompts and catching up with y’all!

so… my week at a glance.. SHS style… as always!

(I wonder if I will ever be a regular blogger again?)… *sigh*… =)


this little maple is growing next to our foundation… it planted itself from a seedling in the “forest” behind our house… ok…. so it is really a green belt… fine … a trail… but… it has forest trees …that scare me on stormy days when the wind blows!! =)  anywho… the plan is to move the little maple when it goes dormant for the winter… see if we can’t get it to grow a little closer to our  greenbelt …aka .. our “forest”… =)

Morning Light

this… this is my most favorite~est place in the whole wide world… (yes I know most favorite~est is not real grammar!)…  I LOVE to see the morning light on the beach… esp. Cannon Beach!… I wish I lived nearer to Cannon Beach OR… and that it was sunny there 24/7 …365 days… ha ha! =)

actually a few moments after I took this shot… a bigger dog was chasing our medium sized Merlin… and Merlin sought cover by running behind me… but the bigger dog in full speed took out my legs and knocked me over like a bowling pin… yikes! .. nearly a week later I am still nursing a huge bruise on my hiney and a sprained shoulder!… made for an interesting trip to the beach… sleeping isn’t easy with a sprained shoulder!  esp. not while camping! it was totally Merlin’s fault… the dog owners felt bad… alas… this too shall pass!  and I have this image of myself looking like a bowling pin forever stuck in my head! I am sure it was a funny sight for others on the beach! =)

even if it it did hurt… one always has to laugh… =)


Ah… summer morning coffee, in a special mug painted on a ladies night out (fun memory)… with a good book… kids still sleeping at 9:30-10 am… priceless…(if only the construction guys building a house 4 doors down could stop hammering!!) ha ha!!  =)


we don’t get the newspaper around here (internet is too easy and free!)… but I was looking for an old photo of Abby and a horse in my boxes of unorganized, severely neglected photos and came across this newspaper clipping … Abby, Sammy and I were looking at a funny exhibit at “daddy’s work” and the newspaper had been there that day… snapped a picture of little Abby touching the “creepy people”… ha ha!  =)  anyway… Abby and I got to ride horses this week =) fun fun… so I was telling her about when she first fell in love with horses… we lived down the road from a horse… I didn’t find the pic I wanted of her with the horse… but that cute one with the funny face was taken seconds after the one with the horse! Oh well… I found a newspaper for the prompt this week while looking! ha!! speaking of Abby…look how little and cute she was! ha ha…  she is about to turn 12… ack… only one more year left and she will be a teenager! yikes!  they grow up so fast! =)


**how cool is this… LOVE!??**  idea stolen though.. not our idea! =)

so on our 14th wedding anniversary… we had this gorgeous sunset on Cannon Beach…*swoon* =)  We go to Cannon beach with the kids every year on our anniversary and hubby’s birthday is the following day as well…(next year we might sneak away alone!! ha!)…anyway… on our anniversary evening… we were trying to recreate a fun pic that we saw on a google plus post my hubby found… anyway… good family fun to try to “touch/hold” the sun and much harder than it looks to try to snap a pic into the sun and get the person’s arms/hands “just right”… here are a few of our attempts!  the only one that really turned out was of me… hubby snapped it!! way to go hubby!  =)

daddy & Abby – snapped by me ~ oh these are all cell pics too… forgot the real camera!!  and what is up with that extra dot & redish spot? 😉

I REALLY love this one =) My man and my girl… (Sammy didn’t want to touch the sun… apparently its too hot)… ha ha! =)

*hubby’s pic of me* he was the closest to making it look realistic… *wish I had sucked in my tummy a bit more!* ha ha ha


Hope you all had sunny skies this week and are enjoying every last drop of summer before Fall sets in… I love, love, love Fall…

but I also hate to say good bye to summer and the beach…

oh how I hate to say goodbye to the beach!! =)

How about you?  are you sad to see Summer come to an end …

or are you sending it off with a smile and a wave… =)

Blessings~ until next week!


Scavenger Hunt Sunday

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