Not Ready to Say Goodbye

Summer… come back… =)

this has been one of the “fullest” summers I think we have ever had!!

busy busy busy!

Yet ~ full of fun ~ and I am plum tuckered out! just plain tired! =)

and~  looking forward to routine (a little)

but man alive…  I hate to say goodbye to summer **sigh**!

so anyway…

here is another busy fun summer week SHS style =)

weekly prompts were:

Small, Motion, Rule of thirds, Side Profile and School

speaking of saying goodbye…

we did this Small gesture to say goodbye to a friend going off to college! =)


the whole family have a great sense of humor… so instead of removing them… they loaded his truck on to the trailer and hauled it across the USA to take him to college!  our little small gesture became a giant adventure as they trailed our post it notes across the USA … there were only 3 left on the truck by the end of their long trip… they posted pics on facebook all the way… something we thought would bring a smile to their faces in the morning probably ended up bringing smiles to just about every body who saw the truck being pulled down the highway with a couple packs of post its on it!!  ha ha ha… we wrote funny little goodbye notes on some of them!  too funny!


“daddy” got new light sabers for his birthday last week…

this has been an annual summer event in our house the last few years

light saber fighting in the back yard at dusk… Love!! =)

here is the other kid having a go at daddy too!

I used an edit feature to “boost” them a bit… er… maybe too much!  to get the sabers to really brighten up … the bodies look a bit bright too! ha ha!  its hard to capture motion… never mind in the dark! esp. with my little snap and shoot! sheesh!   =)  anyway… its what I decided on for my motion shots b/c they have sentimental summer memories behind them! =)

Rule of Thirds

not sure if I am getting this right… ??  =)  anyway… it was fun to play with the hose… I intended on using the hose shot/s for motion… but when the light sabers came out… well… I switched gears… does this pass?? (honestly?!!)

here is one more that I thought might fit the bill … maybe?

thirsty anyone? =)  I love watering my plants and or playing with the  hose in the summer… its a calm …peaceful thing…  to stand out in the sunny yard with the birds chirpin and the butterflies and bees flyin about… ya know?… anyway… does this one cover the Rule of Thirds?  ya think?

moving on…

Side Profile

so our little city has this fun annual event called Sand in the City … different businesses gather teams of peeps to create sand sculptures… craft, education & food vendors come out… dancers & singers hit the stage… etc. etc.  it is a fun fundraiser for the local Childrens Hands On Museum… fun stuff baby… we always go on Sunday b/c the sculptures are done and we get to see them completed!… I couldda, shouldda, wouldda used all sand sculpture pics for this post b/c they are all so cool!…  if only they had fit the prompts! ha ha! =)  anyway… this is  a captivating side profile of a really giant dragon… it was cool… he wrapped all around the square… it was long and detailed and fun… love the knight too! =)


So… some of you have seen this before… we are nearly done… this School project has lasted 2 1/2 years I think?!! =)  I got the idea from a Family Fun Magazine article and enhanced it a bit… by making a giant map to put them on!  =)  we have collected from friends, family, family of friends, blog friends, facebook friends, etc… and studied facts, landmarks etc.  from each state along the way!   We only need 6 more states and we can finally focus on Canada!!  ha ha!  =)  anyone know any one in Iowa, Mississippi, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Jersey or West Virginia??  =)  Maine is pending right now!  It is/was great fun and I would encourage any teachers or home schoolin mamas to do it!! the kids love it! =)

ha!  one more… frog and toad …er… just frog in this one… off to school! =)

ok peeps… that is all she wrote… we have one more week before school starts out here in the Pacific North West… and we intend on making the most of it… seizing every moment of summer fun we have left!!

Hope y’all have a fun and safe Labor Day Weekend!!



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