F is for fencing… =)

howdy blog peeps…

I am late late late this week ~  last week we had 7 extra peeps in our house til Monday ~  thus my lack of attendance all together! oh dear!  Fall Routine is settling in slowly this week (kinda sad… I love and all… but…) anyway… by next week I should be right as rain (only I hope it isn’t rainy while I am right as rain… confusing… oh…nevermind)… =)

so… I have to start this post with a “funny” story – or two really!~  and they even fit into the prompts! =)


Cute, eh?  Do you remember a couple weeks ago I had a dog “take me out” like a bowling pin on the beach ??… and I ended up with a very bruised hiney and a sprained shoulder …which I am still in PT for… Yeah…  well… at least I could blame the dog for that one!  We had family visiting last weekend…so we went geocaching and I …um…. tripped on a speed bump that wasn’t painted to stand out *ugh* (while running)… yeah… it wasn’t pretty… lets just say this time I bruised my hip, scrapped up the same arm/elbow, my sprained shoulder took the brunt of the fall again (can y’all say ouch with me please)… and I bruised my ego!  and I did complain and the speed bump got painted the next week.  amen.  the end.

(stop laughing!)   =)

our week got way better!

FUNNY story… really… funny and a lesson to be learned!  So Monday after the fam left… we pulled out the stain to finally stain the fences on either side of our house … they are our neighbors fences …both different shades, styles, wood, quality, etc.etc. .. they both needed staining on our side and we were hoping to “color match” them a bit… with any luck!   (I could tie this one into the scavenger hunt… but I don’t think I will)… bear with me.. it is a funny story worth reading!!  ha ha or skip to the pics and never mind my rambling!   or consider it another F… is for Fencing.

(note the paint sprayer and the drop cloth being held on with ladder golf balls covered in plastic baggies)… =)  Let me start by telling you that our neighbors on one side are friendly, kind, sweet, lovely, perfect and we have a good relationship with them… on the other side… not so much… grumpy, hard to please, never happy, negative, vocal, older, set in ways, etc. etc.  (and he wasn’t happy I didn’t pick “his” color to paint)… anyway… we started on the side with the lovely neighbors…turned out to be a good move!  last year they had sprayed the stain on their side and it worked beautifully for them b/c our house is 10 plus feet away from the fence… so we followed their lead and did the same… I was even nice enough to ask them to move their garbage cans so we  didn’t spray stripes on them… (insert uncomfortable laugh here) yeah… well…. three fence panels in I made a joke that I think the sprayer actually hit their house… it was a JOKE….( or not) …you see… hubby looked through the fence to “tease” me back and realized we were in fact… spraying their house!!!   *gasp* (insert really really sick feeling here) YEP… we did in fact polka dot our neighbors house with stain!!!  you see their house is only 5 feet away from the fence!  (seriously blonde move here folks!)  ack! yikes! thoughts that ran through my head at the moment we discovered this tragic mistake…” RUN far far away, hide, maybe they won’t notice, pack, move and then sell our house via a 3rd party”… ” nah” … we told the truth right away… and spent the next 4 hours trying to scrub the stain off said friendly understanding wonderful perfect neighbors house! (small blessing it was on their side and not the other side!! lol!)… end story… scrubbing got some stain off… they had paint left over to cover it up…but… they did accidentally use the wrong paint to cover it… and had to paint twice … so hubby went over to help scrub the wrong paint off..  its been a long week…luckily with a lot of jokes and laughter…   just sayin… drama is over… everyone is happy… the end.  (oh and the grumpy one ended up liking the color we chose and went to buy the same color after loosing his cool with me twice over my color choice!)… good times.  the end.

I’ll never paint another fence in my life. ever. the end again!

ps if you ever spray stain on your fence… use a drop cloth as shown above! =)

moving on…


a flower. the end.


any guesses to what this is?   take a guess… and then see the end of my post!!

Starts with the letter…. F

F is for Fountain!  I love this shot.  the end. =)

Upside down

I love otters.  I love how they play, swim, eat and sleep upside down.

(so I actually just wrote above “U is for upside down” to be silly)

and realized it really WAS funny…rude funny… oops… those two letters should not be used so closely in one post!!

(oh dear!)… I need therapy. the end.

Anywho…. Want to see what monochromatic was???

P is for Peacock.  the end.

Speaking of  P…. I need to … nevermind.  =)

Seriously… I should sign off… I’m about to head to “Australia” with my son… in Geography class anyway!  Stay tuned next week for more SHS… maybe a fun craft I’ve been working on… a pumpkin recipe … and/or more funny stories… if you are lucky!  My life tends to bring them regularly. hiccups that is.  mistakes.  little side “trips” in my day.  just call me MRS. Charlie Brown  I choose to laugh.  makes life a whole lot more entertaining to respectfully laugh at these things… don’t you agree?!   got any good hiccups to share? please do!!   =)

Hope y’all are settling into Fall routines peacefully and without any major hiccups like polka-dotting your neighbors houses or accidentally getting speed bumps painted around your town !!  =)

PEACE ~ over and out~


ps next week I Scavenger Hunt SundayWILL be ON TIME!!  =)  maybe even early!

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