Average Every Day ~ or not =)

I have an odd life.

I like odd.

I have a funny life.

I like funny.

I have a busy life.

no comment. the end.

have I ever mentioned that I love unique things?  quirky things?  out of the box funny and extra~ not~ ordinary?!  =)  like running across a giant knome while driving down a highway in British Columbia. (name that city – anyone?)  anywho… I also love to make up words like anywho… =)   anywho… I was thrilled this week when a few odd, funny, extra~not~ordinary things happened in the midst of my busy week!  Lucky you.. I’m going to share… Scavenger Hunt Sunday style of course! =)

this week we were looking for:  Askew/kiss/simple/plant/fragrant

I’ll start with a kiss =)


this is an archive picture from 2 years ago?  I played with it recently and loved how it looked in pencil sketch! =)

it was  snapped with my cell phone at Olympia’s waterfront… the famous  Kissing Statue! =)


time – is a simple thing right? =)


this guy rarely smells like “dog”… its the Cavalier in him… their fur is more like hair…. *bonus* … anyway.. he went to the groomer this week and he smells like  yummy shampoo right now! isn’t it funny how he wraps himself all over Sammy’s legs in the car… odd… always Sammy… but in the house Abby is his person… or the mama!  =)

speaking of fragrant

these little guys (who were also at the groomer b/c they belong to said groomer… well… they had a different fragrance about them! ha ha ~  Despite their smell.. they are cute… aren’t they??


I doubt the folks who own this really cool, unique, inviting stairway planted any of those trees or shrubs or plants?  … but I love it!  I was going to use shot for askew b/c some of those stairs look askew… ya think??   but… You see my day just kept getting better… you’ll understand in a second! Abby had a soccer game in Montesano  (little town west of here)… and there was this beautiful oldish home on the corner by the soccer field… I was in awe of  (jealous of) this neighborhood/house… many of the cool features of said house/property make me weak in the knees… the clock from my simple shot… was the view from this house!! nice.  And the inviting stairs… lead to this huge white house!!  and you’ve GOT to see what they had in back  with a few other cool toys (boat style toys)… anywho… sit down.  wait you probably are sitting.  take a breath… breathe in and out… are you ready for this coolness?!  =)

How incredibly cool, awesome, unique, quirky, funny is that?!!  note the motorized go-cart style thingy on the bottom! = )

I  realize this has nothing to do with the scavenger hunt… but  I can’t handle NOT sharing this RIGHT now!  =)

I’ve never ever seen anything soooo funny!  alright fine. maybe I have.

but  isn’t this hysterical?!  =)

even better … our good friend … who is also the pastor of our church… well… when we run into him in public places like Costco.. he puts things in our shopping cart… or pretends to run us down with a shopping cart… etc. etc…. so…  we’ve been having fun with this pic in the last 24 hours on facebook… I tagged him with this one… then he posted a pic of a shopping cart attached to a bicycle … then I … well… I posted this one… =)

only it had 6 of us… including his daughter and wife… but since I haven’t told them about my blog yet… I don’t post their pics without permission… anyway… we are sort of having a cool/funny/funky shopping cart war of pictures…  of course he posted a pic of our new youth pastor pretending to sleep in a shopping cart… how did he get 2 pictures of shopping carts on the same day as my giant one??  seriously?!  =)  … who knew finding a giant shopping cart could be so fun!  now if I could just go back and ask the owner if I can drive it!!  =)

OK… Speaking of hysterical…

Askew x2 (taken by my sweet little girl)

askew x2

a good sense of humor runs in the family.

such a blessing for one who loves to laugh.

she took the best shot of the week in my opinion!

Way to go Abby!  =)


Busy week ahead… birthday party to plan, home schoolin, beaver dams to build, youth group, soccer practice, soccer game, youth event, doc appointment, crafting, shopping, etc. and ending with a birthday party!   like I said.  odd life. love.  funny life. love. busy life. no comment!  ha ha… seriously.. its going to be a wonderful (busy)  week.

but I AM going to need a LOT of coffee =)

time to publish this and get on with it… so I can be on time for once!! =)

Cheerio!!  toodles!  TTFN!



Scavenger Hunt Sunday

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