12 ~ Twelve ~ A Dozen

My baby turned a dozen years old yesterday

she is roughly 4,383 days old now


*be still my heart*

my baby girl isn’t all exactly a baby anymore

She has turned into an amazing young lady!

A 7th grader now! yikes! where has the time gone?

Celebrating Abby comes easy!  Abby is  kind, loving, beautiful, funny, smart, talented,  musical,  mathematical, witty, quiet, shy, silly,  sweet, cautious, courageous at times, artistic, crafty, clever, cute!, devoted to her family, her friends, and the God who created her! …. I could go on and on and on… I am very very proud of the amazing young lady she has become and of the young lady she strives to be as she continues her journey through life.

(don’t get me wrong… Abby isn’t perfect… just almost perfect! ha ha)

Happy Birthday Abby ~ I love you baby!

on with the Sunday Scavenger Hunt!

Bokeh, Ordinary Color, Fallen, Cracked, Fence,

*Ordinary Color*

brown ~ doesn’t get any more ordinary than that does it?  =)

I love LOVE this pic of my birthday girl!

on a beautiful ordinary brown horse named Jesse

Abby shares a birthday with another young lady from church… so a friend graciously allowed us to spend the whole day with her 2 horses… and 3 more that she acquired for the day…  5 girls…5 horses… one fabulous host…

= the best birthday evah … for 2  girls! =)


LOVE the handle on the “fence”… alright… fine… its a gate…

whatever… there are some fences there in the background!! =)

Bokeh ….


blurrr???  =)

so bokeh isn’t really my thing…

and my camera isn’t that fancy anyway

so do y’all mind if I go with blurr instead??

I LOVE this blurry shot … taken by my lovely birthday girl!  =)


one little tiny tomato has fallen from the branch

i love (d)  tomatoes

but I can’t eat them anymore

(don’t ask)

SO rude.

and tragic.




you get the idea.

the end.


We cracked up laughing when poor Apolla did this…

I think she was adjusting her bit?

she gave me about 5 of those faces…

2 of which I  captured on “film”… =)

so funny!  (poor baby)

September is always my insanity month ~  I could ramble on about all I do… trust me… its better this way… busy times. mostly fun.  Busy with a capital B!

I am happy to report that  my insanity month is coming to an end

and I can relax  “a little”…. =)

how about you?  do you have one  month in your year that tends to be a little ‘extra’ crazy or two (June tends to be insane for me too) … please say yes… someone… anyone?  what month is it and why?

for me it is kicking off school in Sept and one childs birthday

and closing off school and the other kids birthday

with everything else that keeps us busy =)

I  do love September!  Sunny & yet breezy.  Fall colors arrive.  Fall air arrives.  Sunsets are still lovely!  Blue sky.  Routine.  Sweatshirt weather.  No  sunscreen necessary. (amen!)  All things pumpkin. Hot Hazelnut Lattes.

yep. I can end with that. =)

Hope y’all are welcoming the first week of Fall with sunshine too!!



Scavenger Hunt Sunday

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