Things I love about Fall

Getting Ready

to feed my family and our Youth Pastor the first Fall meal of the year!   since he is young and fresh out of college we figured it would be nice to make him a stick to your ribs kinda meal once a month! Abby joined the Youth Group this year and I am now volunteering for the youth group  under his wings… crazy… b/c I could be his mother!  lol!!  =)

Anyway!!  one of my favorite things about Fall is the food.

stews. crisps. mashed potatoes. comfort food. =)  pumpkin pancakes. pumpkin scones. pumpkin pie. turkey dinners (we enjoy 2 thanksgivings in our house. one Canadian. one American.  yum!  I could go on and on listing delicious Fall food … but you get the idea.   Fall = warm, cozy comfort food.

what is your favorite Fall food?? =)


along with the rest of the world

another one of my favorite things about Fall is the bright colors!

this is from my cranberry bush that stands about 10 feet tall now!

I thought it was a dwarf! ???  we’ll see!

Teeny Tiny

so my grapes WILL be one of my favorite things about Fall…

once they stop producing mostly teeny tiny not so edible grapes!  =)

nevermind they were supposed to be seedless… um… not so much!!  *sigh*


I love this picture… the dog on the left is hysterical!  Abby took this picture … of the yellow lab/golden retriever puppies that came to visit friends of ours …while we were visiting with them… we were having “birthday tea” with our favorite Scottish folks in the whole wide world! =)  this was on Abby’s actual birthday ~ they are such loving people who have been my christian/spiritual mentors, parent figures, role models, loving friends, etc. etc.  since 1990 and they extend their love, friendship, grace and knowledge to SO many others! ~ their friends stop by all the time ~ including us!!  they are also like grandparents to my babies … fine…  my littles… alright…fine… my almost grown up and are going to move out of the house before I know it peeps… **now I need more tea!** =)  back to the puppies… I think the one on the left is the one that is part yellow lab… they are 8 mo. and 18 mo. I think??  Abby was thrilled to spend her birthday “tea time” with not only Merlin… but those two crazy yellow dogs also!!  she’s a dog lover that kid o mine! =)


bear with me here… this plane pic is not fabulous…. but I like it… and

there is a connection between this super cool hobby plane

and this fabulous shot (also snapped by Abby on her birthday!) =)

which I absolutely love!!  love how she captured the shake… the way Sammy is reacting to the shake… the boat in the background… the lake… the pilot of the plane… =)  such a dreamy shot!!

I love that Abby’s birthday is in the Fall and the weather is usually LOVELY!

outdoor fun on birthdays are the best! =)

anywho… want to see the connection!??

SO funny!  what a hoot to watch those puppies

as they chased the float plane as it landed and took off !! =)

what a treat to even watch the planes be flown!  our Scottish peeps grandson was there flyin his planes… with his grandpa!

and Merlin… poor Merlin… he ran away … around the house and into the street.. when we took him off leash … so he had to stay on his lead… he wasn’t impressed he couldn’t run with the puppies…silly naughty Merlin!

he wasn’t sad he couldn’t go in the water though… he was actually wondering what on earth was wrong with the puppies for choosing to get wet!!  =)

love this shot too… Abby in the middle of her birthday bliss!

I’m not sure which she enjoyed more… the horse day or doggy day!  =)


the weather is supposed to be fabulous for the next 10 days anyway…

we hope to Seize the Sunny Days ~ as much as we can!

how about you??  what is Fall weather like where you live??

What do you love about Fall in your area?!

Time to post this and browse the land o blog!

Happy Fall Y’all!!



Scavenger Hunt Sunday

now go and see some more fun with pictures on Ashley’s blog!

or better yet… become inspired to play along! =)

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