October and still sunny!

Happy Thanksgiving Canadian friends!!  =)

My hubby and  my littles are Canadian… well… the littles are dual…  every year we celebrate 2 Thanksgivings!!  It is odd for me to celebrate Thanksgiving before Halloween… takes some getting used to!  =)  Two holidays with turkey, mashed potatoes, cashew stuffing, Pumpkin PIE! ~ oh my! I can’t wait for pumpkin pie tonight!  and let us not forget focusing on being grateful!  he he he … seriously we aim to be Thankful 365 in this house… aiming at keeping our cups overflowing rather than 1/2 empty! another reason why we love Thanksgiving around here!

“Be joyful always: pray continually; Give thanks in ALL circumstances, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.”

I Thessalonians 5:16-18

I love these verses because although sometimes it is hard we can always Thank God … even for the hard times in our lives… because they work together for the good… they really do!  and I am thankful our joy is found in Jesus … not our circumstances.  boy howdy do I know that first hand in my own life as beautiful truth ~ it is hard to surrender those challenging circumstances but so worth it!!  =)

OK ~ I’m chatty today ~ on with Scavenger Hunt Sunday, eh?!


so this isn’t a real shadow… more of a painting of a shadow  =)  this is a fun modge podge craft we are going to do this Friday with our once a month Ladies Night Out group at Church.  I LOVE this craft!  modge podge old books, recipes, etc. and then paint black on it.  easy peeasy!


I imagine this guy has keys to a hot rod in his pocket… =)  this is a funny mural on the wall of a car repair shop downtown… it makes me smile every time I pass it… (at least twice a week!)

sorry –  I blew it on keys…

but don’t you think my imagination earns me points?!  ha ha ha


Remember my lil grape shot a week or two ago?  Well… I realized the little ones just aren’t going to grow… so picked all the grapes from my vines this weekend… and this is my “grape harvest”… note how tiny most of the grapes are!  maybe in another year or two I will get real bunches of grapes???? I hope? =)   These awkward funny little guys make for a fun picture though!!   =)


I made pumpkin spice cookies for our Canadian Thanksgiving weekend!! Although they already had pumpkin spice and cinnamon… I rolled them in  Cinnamon Sugar to add a little extra touch.   They aren’t exactly homemade… they are straight from the Betty Crocker Pumpkin Spice cookie mix… those cookie mixes are to die for … everybody loves them… no fail impress your friends cookies!!  no kidding… I always get the most compliments on Betty’s cookies (rude really) ha ha!  with that said… After trying the pumpkin spice… I prefer to buy the Molasses cookie mix… and use canned or home made pumpkin in them… YUM!!  with all that said… so tragic they are not gluten free!!  Betty… wink wink…could you make gluten free cookie mixes please – esp. the Molasses mix?!!


Do y’all know who this is??  well …apparently… the infamous Kasey Keller grew up in my home town… (and I probably watched him play soccer once or twice when I went to high school soccer games back in the day… weird!!)  and he is probably pictured in my high school year books playing against the Oly Bears soccer team (too bad I threw away my year books!!)  hind sight! Anywho… now that he is retired from the Pro’s…. he’s doing other stuff… =)  like signing bobble heads at our local Auto Mall (among other more important sports promotions I am sure!!… never the less…  we are happy he stopped by our local area where his roots were sewn)… my sweet young shy little soccer player got to meet him this weekend at the local auto mall… Last year we  were among the thousands who attended his final home game for the Seattle Sounders …in the last 10 minutes  he had an amazing 3-5 minute action packed fin~alley where  San Jose was kicking on goal over and over… and he would leap, block, save, leap, block, save… it was so much fun to watch!!   Though Abby isn’t a keeper… she was excited to meet him and get his signature! =)  Thanks for visiting your home town Kasey Keller!!  Oh… and my sweet little girl had the sweetest kick on goal this weekend!!  and she scored a goal this weekend… lots o fun soccer memories this weekend!  =)

Allrightygoodthen ~ Thanks for stopping by my lil ole blog ~

time to get back to “Australia”… with my home schooler!  My little man is in 4th grade this year… I’m finding instruction time is growing as his subjects get a bit more detailed and/or well…  complicated!  Did/do any of you other home schoolin mamas find that you spend more time explaining, instructing, working with them as the concepts get a bit more complicated and in depth??  I am assuming this is normal… and as he approaches later middle school/high school he will be more independent again?  Do tell seasoned Home schoolin mamas??  I should really do a “home school” post one day! =)

Have a lovely week!!


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